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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says: Sai Ram everyone. I am one of the members in the Mahaparayan group. Please keep me anonymous. I am extremely thankful to the whole team for their divine work. May Baba bless you all. I want to share my experience regarding how Baba pulled me towards Mahaparayan.

I am a regular reader of site devotees’ experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba and through this site I got to know of global Mahaparayan. I was in two minds whether to participate or not. It was July 2017 and I had just finished my masters and returned home. I was studying for competition hence was confused about whether I would be able to do justice to the chapter reading or not. But again, we humans always forget that every action is a divine grace of Baba. We hold the sense of doer ship but it’s all the leela of our sweet Baba when and what work should be assigned to us. So, I filled the form on its last date. Within two days I got the call regarding participation. I was really happy that time.

I was happily reading every Thursday and enjoying Baba’s company. Time passed by, year 2018 came, I sat for my two major examinations with high hopes (not hopes but should say ego) and failed miserably. I left my favourite dish rice from 8-9 months because I really wanted to pass these exams. Meanwhile my health too was deteriorating. I was having whole body pain, felt extreme weakness, felt like fainting and skin too had become pale and white. Also, at the same time my school friend lost her dear one and one of my best friends passed the same exams with flying colours. I wasn’t even having job in my hand and was desperately trying everywhere. All these happenings left me shattered. I thought my career had ended and so went into the depression.

Before all this I was a very happy and positive person. People used to enjoy my company because of my jovial nature and goal-oriented nature. I was never afraid of anything and was a very strong person mentally and physically. I suffered a lot since February 2018. I was not able to sleep, used to have nightmares and lost interest in everything. I was afraid to meet people and was crying every second. It was a horrible period. I used to complain to Baba, that why it was happening with me when I was enrolled in Your global Mahaparayan. Everyone was posting positive happenings in their lives since start of Mahaparayan and here I was facing the worst. During this period I used to wait for Thursdays because group parayan used to give me some peace. Everyday I used to wake up crying and go to sleep crying. But I was sure of one thing, that Baba was testing me and was removing my bad karma. So I held on with Shraddha and Saburi. I decided to see a doctor and was diagnosed with severe deficiency of Vit D and Vit B. They prescribed me some wrong medications (i.e. high doses of vit D tablets) and my health became worse. I suffered severe constipation, reduced my food intake to minimum and lost several kilos in just a few weeks.

It was then in this miserable state I decided that no matter what; my only hope is Baba and He will definitely help me. I stopped all those medicines and started sitting in the sun during morning daily for 20 minutes. Daily in the morning the first thing that I used to have was Udi with water. I started to go for a walk and started applying everywhere for a job. I didn’t want to go far from my parents and wanted to have a job in my hometown itself. My field of study doesn’t exist much here but still I was trying everywhere keeping faith in my Baba. I also took back my vow of not eating rice and started having it regularly. Daily in fact several times a day, I used to ask Baba on question and answer site regarding my condition and always used to get positive response.

Amidst all this someone suggested me an ayurvedic doctor and I went to her. She wrote me some capsules and tonic for deficiency. I started having them daily. I could see some improvement in my condition but it was really slow. One day I was asking Baba on question answer site regarding job and got the answer “you will gain from land and trees”. I couldn’t understand and proceeded with my work. Within few days I came across vacancy in my hometown for contract research position in eminent government research institute. The desirable qualification was similar but not exactly of my field. Still I mailed them regarding eligibility and they responded positively. I applied, got called for the interview and secured the job in September 2018. Baba’s word came true! I truly am gaining from land and trees because the institute mainly does research work on trees and land. Wonderful thing is that I am working in my exact field of study which was impossible to find in my hometown. I joined it but I was still struggling from depression and anxiety. I was daily begging Baba to cure me.

Time passed by and year 2019 came. I again sat for the same competitive exam with preparation and failed again. But this time I was not sad or angry. I accepted my fate and decided to invest my energy in other exams.
I realised that Baba was healing me slowly. I was eating well again and was able to sleep better, my crying reduced, health was again building up, I again started to enjoy those things which I had left due to depression. My fear of meeting people was reducing day by day. I am writing this in July 2019 and Baba has cured me tremendously during this period. I am sure I would again become the same person that I was before.

I have learnt a lot during this phase. Baba has taught me patience, love and compassion towards every living being and reduced my bad karma.
I now understood why Baba pulled me towards Mahaparayan. He is Antaryami (omniscient). He knew my past, present and future and accordingly directed me towards this initiative. Baba knew very well that I was going to face such struggles and tough times and hence supported me through lovely devotees and their prayers. I want to say that this Mahaparayan has given me a lot of strength during this period. I am sure I’ll be cured fully once my bad karmas get over.
I want to advise everyone how important it is to maintain your vit D levels. Please do sit in morning sunshine for few minutes and have adequate fruits and vegetables in your diet. And remember Baba never wants any of His child to go empty stomach or leave his/her favourite dish. He only wants pure love, faith and devotion from us. Keep holding Baba tight and all your worries will be resolved. I request everyone to please pray for me so that I can regain my strength like before and can move on in my career. May Baba bless you all.

Om Sai Ram
Anonymous Sai Devotee

Mahaparayan will do only good, there is no question of bad happening. But sometimes if something goes wrong we should try to understand that all our good karmas will not make them happen, infact they will reduce their intensity. Good will only bring us good and same is when we come under Baba’s shelter. Due to ignorance we may not always understand Baba’s leelas and hence we should not blame Baba and instead be thankful to Him for His presence in our life; else who knows what worst could have happened? Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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