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Shirdi Sai Devotee Namrata Bansal from India Says:
Sai Ram to all the devotees! Would like to start by thanking Baba for showering all the love and walking by my side, Pooja Gargji for showing and leading my path to Baba and the entire MP (Mahaparayan) Team. Though I have always been a firm believer in God or the Creator, but I have explored and touched new levels of spirituality after becoming a part of Mahaparayan. There has started this weird communication between Baba and me that I believe will be difficult to explain but should be enough to state that my faith in Baba kept increasing with each miracle that He showed. And truly, it is He Who pulls the devotee towards Him when the right time comes and I am immensely gratified to be one of them. The experience that I am about to share is of the year MP 2017-2018.

We started with the Mahaparayan on the occasion of Dasshera 2017. My mother and I finished our first Parayan reading by 11:30 am and we headed to our office for Dasshera pooja. While we were doing preparations for the Pooja my son Ayaan suddenly injured his left thumb. We all rushed to see him and realized that his thumb was almost detached from the hand and was bleeding profusely. We rushed to the hospital.
No words can ever express my state or pain. Was constantly questioning my karmas as my 2 years old son couldn’t deserve that any other way. Was questioning Baba too as to where I fell short in my devotion and how He could let that happen? But at the same time was also praying all throughout.

It was a Saturday, 30th September, 2017. 1st October being a Sunday and 2nd October being Gandhi Jayanti most of the doctors were off on a long weekend and it was a task to get the best doctor. But by Baba’s grace finally after 4 long hours we got the best hand surgeon Dr. Jindal in Pune to operate him. He had to undergo a major surgery. It was so serious that there was a possibility that his thumb would have no movement for life. I was all blank, rather my entire family was in deep grief and I couldn’t believe how the Dasshera happy mode had in seconds changed to a time that I can call one of the worst days of my life.

The surgery was successful but the doctor said that chances were 50-50 and we were to take utmost care. It was only 15 days later; that the doctor confirmed that his thumb would be completely fine and had recovered very fast. The joy when I saw his thumb move a little for the first time, days after the plaster was removed is inexpressible! Tears of joy they were but they were also tears of gratitude, tears of the pain that was taken away, as my life would never be the same again, had not my son been completely fine.

When I read the allotted chapters that Dasshera morning, Baba was like all the other Gods I worshipped since childhood. This incident brought faith and gratitude within towards Him. I don’t know what was written in our fate that day but I know that Baba pulled us under His loving abode just when trouble was at the door and blessed us. I felt guilty for questioning Him in pain. Today I know that what happened was in our fate and inevitable. The situation could have got a lot worse and I am sure Baba only minimized the problem to the least possible. Once my son recovered, my faith in Baba was reaffirmed and in gratitude thus, started my actual and incredible bonding with Baba. As I am writing, I have tears again, of Faith and Love for Baba that just keeps concreting with each passing day.

MP that year if I remember correctly, concluded on Dasshera again. The mandir in my house was in the balcony for some reasons and this fact disturbed me a lot. But soon a new mandir was made inside (without me really doing anything about it), and it was on Dasshera, 2018 that I did the first pooja in the new mandir. I was very happy. As till then, it was something that I used to feel terrible about and helpless too. I know again Baba had read my heart and granted me that bliss!

My Mahaparayan journey that year, started and ended in ways that will forever be memorable. Also, there are many other Sai-incidences that took place that year during Mahaparayan Thursdays, one being that Baba gave me darshan on 28th December, 2017 and somethings that kept me worried got sorted one by one all through the year. A trip to Shirdi that was promised by my father-in-law to Baba almost a decade back had remained pending. But Baba called us the same year finally and a trip was planned and executed on 31st december, 2017 and we along with almost 60-65 family members went to Shirdi. Taking Baba’s darshan then was definitely special because doing Mahaparayan for 3 months had developed a sense of devotion and love towards Him by then. Was also my ‘Thank- You’ trip in a way!

To describe what Baba and MP mean to me now and how both have blessed me are beyond my capabilities! Doing MP was by chance then, doing it now, is by choice. So much so, that I have made sure almost all my loved ones are a part of MP (including my 4 and a half years old son who is now a part of Baal Parayan). Though in my heart I know, I am no one to add people to MP and this ‘Mahaparayan journey’ is divine and it is only Baba Who chooses Who boards on it and when He wants us to! Would like to share a picture that is very close to my heart and which Mahaparayan seva keeps reminding me.

Mahaparayan is truly a blessing to mankind. It is a way to reach out to Baba, to stay close to Him, and to learn the right way of living. Once again, I thank Poojaji and the entire Mahaparayan Team for all the beautiful things that have happened not just in my life but to all the devotees who have experienced these ‘Sai Leelas’.

May Baba keep His loving hand on all of us always and lead us further on the path of self-realization.
Wishing more power to the MP team and all the Glory to our dear Baba always… Jai Sai Ram! MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

In complete Gratitude Sai Blessed Devotee,
Namrata Bansal.

Namrataji, The Editor of this very Divine Mahaparayan blog is another gem added by Baba not only in the Mahaparayan seva basket but also in my life! Your dedication to serve Baba is commendable. This is just the beginning and it’s a long way to go for spreading His light in every corner. Baba has chosen you for it because of your good karmas. 

Baba is the protective shield around His children. One call of love and Baba comes running to His devotees’ rescue. Blessed are we to have Sai by our side with one heartfelt call of ours to Him. If 10 stones are coming towards us due to our Karmic account Baba will make sure that He takes on to Himself as much as possible and what comes on to His children remains the minimum. Why fear when we have the protection of the greatest Saviour, the Doctor of doctors, The Supreme Master – our Sai Baba! He is the greatest healer and steady faith and devotion to Him will heal not only our body but also our mind and soul. Just trust Him undoubtedly. He can do anything. None can be like You Deva in the entire Brahmand. Really we are extremely blessed to be Your Kids. Love You Deva, Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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    • Om Sai Ram! I have no complaints or regrets. My sufferings were temporary & lessons learnt are for life. Baba instilled in me 2 values He holds dearest… Faith & Patience. Jai Sai Ram!

  1. falling short of words.this experience had a message to me personally. I thank Baba our saviour. Thanks namrata for sharing at the right time.i thank my sister in law for making me a part of the MP team and everyone who is working tirelessly to make MP happen.Millon thanks to Baba.

    • It is only Baba who has got you reading this experience at the right time when you needed to! This is beyond my capabilities. All glory to Him! Om Sai Ram!

    • Whatever happens it happens for a higher cause that we are unaware of. I had my share of learnings from this painful experience. I thank Baba for my share of pain & happiness! Om Sai Ram!

  2. Baba ! Please take care of my matrimonial life with Ritu.I love her too much. Save my matrimonial alliance with Ritu ��

  3. on sri sairam.
    I have joined as member in MP satpurusa sai in the month of january, 2020. I thankful to my sister for joining as a member in this goddess program. I have just completed three weeks in my scheduled chapters. I have received miracles in 1st two weeks program. During the 1st week, on the next day of my 1st reading, I have received a diary from shiridi samsthan without any efforts done by me through unknown person. In the next week parayanam, while I am reading, one person came to my home and asked my son to give some money to provide annaprasadam at baba temple. my son who is 14 years doesn't know and rejected him. Later, on completion of my weekly task, I had asked that, then replied the same what he did. later, I had enquired at temple they said that they had not sent to houses for anna prasaad. As such, I think it is the blessings of my baba to my parayan. I feel much happy with these miracles of baba.
    this is my real experience. Now, I have to travel in this mahaparayam with utmost devotion. Also, praying for baba, to show good way in future to my son in studies and profession in view of lack of knowledge to me how to approach in further studies.

  4. 🕉 साई राम 💓 🌹 🙏
    I have been associated with Baba since my childhood. I exactly don't remember but I think I had first gone to Shirdi when Baba called us 1967.
    Since then it has been a long journey catching the finger of Baba. There have been lots of ups and downs in the past and Baba stood besides us every time showering His much wanted Blessings.
    जय जय साई राम 💓 🌹 🙏

  5. Om Sai ram… cannot express my gratitude and thanks to Baba, have many many experiences and blessings showered by Baba, no words to express.. he is with all who trust and believe in him. Om Sai ram

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