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Shirdi Sai Devotee Anupamaji From Australia Says:

Sai Ram! In my childhood, I used to make tiny models on Krishna Janmashtami. This year 2019 Feb-March I started getting these thoughts “why haven’t I ever made anything such for my dear Baba yet?” Then my ideas, thoughts started expanding. “How about if I build a small Shirdi in my house?”

It is my deepest desire to reside in Shirdi forever, till my last breath. Every night my head used to burst with so many creative ideas and excitement that I could hardly sleep. But I kept procrastinating, as I didn’t want to rush and create anything shoddy but the best. Baba wanted me to make this Shirdi as alive as possible. Then as these thoughts kept growing stronger and stronger every day, and the desire to create, as usual Baba started to manifest.

Through messages on my whatsapp and FB accounts, He encouraged me to start soon. For instance, never before I saw anyone putting up small Shirdi models in whatsapp status. Very clearly Baba was showing me a rough idea how to make it. Interestingly, a lot of times, after getting up I checked my phone and there was Baba’s message or answer to my thoughts/doubts I had the night before, mostly through some good soul’s message or post. Every night I kept thinking about starting this model but somehow, I wasn’t able to start. Then one fine morning I got this message, “You have the ability to create, don’t doubt yourself” and like “Start now, there will never be the right time to start. As you go, tools will be provided!” It literally gave me goosebumps when I read “tools will be provided”. Then a night before Gurpurnima I saw Baba and Ganesha in my dream. Seeing Ganesha means green light so I thought I could start the work now.

Then, Baba made me start the model exactly on Guru Pournima day this year. I bought a hard board 23 inches by 33 inches, wrote ‘Om Sai Ram’ with haldi and chandan on it and started with Dwarakamayi first. I usually worked on the model at nights as it is very quiet and peaceful and the moon at night helps me with my creativity and imagination. I used to light a lamp in my temple, sit in front of Baba put on Sai Bhakti Radio on my phone and work on it till late at night. A lot of times I felt Baba was watching me build this model and helping me. During the making, Baba literally did keep providing me tools, ideas etc. HE IS THE ULTIMATE DOER NOT ME! THE CREDIT DEFINITELY GOES TO HIM.

For instance, to make the water feature, I wanted the smallest water pump and not a very expensive one. I struggled a bit for that. Then one fine day after checking with all the shops for a month, I entered one last shop. Before entering I was talking to Baba in my head, “now this is the last option Baba, help me to get the tiniest pump and in my budget”. And just before entering the shop I checked my phone and the time was 1:08 pm. I always feel His very strong presence around me, whenever I come across 1:08, 444, 555, 333 anywhere. I smiled after looking at the time 1:08, and yes, finally I got what I was looking for and very cheap too.

It took me 4 months to complete this model and the total cost came around 120 dollars. Most of the school craft material came in handy from my son. Whenever I used to go to buy some material for the model, Baba manifested every time. Mostly through car number plates, like Sai 108, O Ma, 333…as if Baba saying,” you are going good beta but don’t go overboard with the expenses for the model”. And it instantly used to put a smile on my face and goose bumps too. Feeling Baba’s presence throughout the making.

In the model I’ve tried to show the old Shirdi when Baba lived there in physical form. There is Dwarakamayi, Shirdi Station, Chavadi, Baba’s horse Shyamkarna, Snake and frog story Chapter 47, Khandoba temple (Aao Sai), Lendi baag, Banana tree, Baba’s paalki, Dhuni, Water well, Grinding stone mill, Gurusthan, Handi, Baba’s brick, Chillum. Mostly I used card boards to make the structures, wood saw painted green for trees, real tree small branches for tree trunks, cement and thermocol to make the water feature, sand from the beach to make the ground, acrylic colors, ice-cream sticks and toothpicks, battery tea light candle to make dhuni, actual fire tealight candle for cooking in earthen stove, used clay to make water well, pots, earthen stove, chillum, Baba’s brick, diyas and rosary at Gurusthan, and also for Dwarakamayi rooftop, my fish tank stones to make railway track, tiny bulbs from fairy lights for the lamp at the station and in Dwarakamayi.

                                                                         Mini Shirdi Model

 I also would like to mention that last Thursday Baba made me cook khichadi on my mini Shirdi earthen stove (picture attached) How? Here’s it. I lit 1 tea light candle under the earthen stove, took 1 spoon rice, 1 spoon lentils, added ginger salt pepper ghee together and the khichadi was cooked with heat of a tea light candle in half an hour. And sorry for not being modest here but I have never in my life tasted such tasty khichdi. All His leela! And guess what? Baba manifested that evening, in the form of a bird chirping loudly, in my backyard to eat that khichdi prasad.

                                                    Khichadi Cooked On Tea Light candle

We, as Baba’s kids, can never get tired of talking about our dearest Baba Sai.
Many many thanks and my bestest wishes and blessings for all Baba’s children.

                                                             Video Of Mini Shirdi Model

Sai Daughter,
Sai Anupama Khanna Arora

Baba’s ways are beyond our intellect. He has His unique ways to bless His each devotee. Baba is just not in Shirdi but everywhere similarly His Shirdi is just not in Shirdi but where ever there is true and deep love and affection for Baba; be it our home or our heart! Baba our Creator made you create the mini Shirdi to make you feel in Shirdi always. He knows the desires of His children and fulfills them in His ways as He loves His kids very much. Happy Valentine’s Day Deva Love You So Much ! Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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  1. Wow!!!! Hats off to you. It feels so divine to see your effort, dedication and Bhakti in this mini Shirdi. It feels beautiful and real. You are blessed by Babaji and thankyou for sharing such a beautiful creation amd hard work. May Babaji bless you abundantly.

    • Thankyou so much for your encouraging words 🙏Baba bless you too abundantly 🙏 Just noticed the time that you posted your comment 😊 11:08😊

  2. Om Sai Ram🙏, Anupamaji hats off to your creativity. I am blessed to see this beautiful Shirdi. Thanks a lot for sharing those pics and video. If not wrong, you have posted your experience previously too on this site.

  3. Sairam!it is so nice to see you take so much interest and put so much efforts. It is beautiful and made me so happy. Thanks for sharing the photos andv It brought a smile on my face. I would be so happy to meet you. May Sai bless you Anupama. Om Sai Ram

  4. Your love for Baba shows in your thoughts, actions as well as the final product – your mini Shirdi. You've expressed it beautifully too. Your khichdi preparation is awesome. Stay blessed dear !!

  5. ఆత్మ ఆనందిస్తోంది. ఇప్పుడే షిర్డీ వెళ్లి బాబా ఆవరణలో విశ్రమించాలనే కోరిక ప్రజ్వలిస్తోంది.
    సాయీ శరణంటి దేవా. అన్యధా శరణం నాస్తి త్వమేవ శరణం మమ.
    సదా సాయి రక్ష రక్ష మహేశ్వరా♥️

  6. Om sai ram 🙏 Anupamaji it's nice.. thank you for sharing your experience and video of mini shirdi..your are blessed by baba

  7. Beautiful and such divine experience you shared. May baba shower his blessings on you forever. Thank you so much for sharing your precious and beautiful experience. Om Sai Ram 🙏🏻

  8. Om Sai Ram🙏♥️♥️.This is so Beautiful .Thankyou for sharing this.May Baba bless us all always🙏😌♥️♥️.Om Sai Ram🙏😌♥️♥️

  9. Om Sai Ram . You are really blessed by Baba for such a wonderful mini shirdi model.. Baba is everywhere and fulfills all desires of a devotee

  10. I have never visited shirdi. But after seeing I feel blessed. I hope baba will make me to visit shirdi soon with my husband.

  11. Such surrender and love can only come to a pure soul, you are truly blessed.
    Your khichdi preparation brought smile on my face. I am sure it tasted divine!
    Baba sitting with a small child on his lap is very beautiful,seems like you are that child!
    Be blessed always 🙂

  12. Very beautiful mini Shirdi🙏🙏🙏really i would like to congratulate your work it's mind blowing.. Stay blessed always.. Om Sai Ram 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Wow Sòoooo Beautiful Shirdi Created by you. One can feel your Love , Dedication n Devotion towards Baba. May Baba Bless his each n every Child.Om Sai Ram

  14. What an amazing Shirdi Baba has made through you Ji ! I felt like I was in Shirdi. Truly blessed soul you are !
    Jai Sai Ram

  15. Baba's blessings will always shower you like this forever. Your love and hardwork towards mini shirdi and baba is really appreciable.

  16. After reading your message ji I felt like baba answering my questions through you n ur art no words for few minutes I felt am watching baba in real…no words to Express my love on saibaba n at ur art….omsairam ….n many miracles should happen in your life…

  17. Superb madam, Really I got tears after reading your message and your creativity was fantastic…Baby will always support devotees

  18. Really amazing… You are really blessed to do this all by ur own. .hats off for the efforts..thoughts and creativity.omsairam

  19. This is amazing! Wonderful model of Shirdi indeed, this is something so unique and surreal! You must be one of the most ardent devotees with Shradha and Saburi both. Baba is always beside you!! Om Sai Ram.

  20. Sai Anupamaji,Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience with us and you expressed it beautifully.Every word I am reading I felt that's exactly me writing it . Felt like we share similar Divine feelings towards our beloved Sai.This is SAI LALITHA from canberra .Would love to talk to you more on Sai Leelas. Pls give me your number.OM SAI RAM 🙏🙏🙏

  21. What a beautiful story. I enjoyed so much reading this. I could see your efforts in this beautiful model. You are a true devotee of Baba.

  22. Excellent experience. Baba only show path to us at every instance of our life. Thank you for sharing wonderful experience.

  23. Wonderful experiance. Baba only show path to us at each instance of our life. Thank you for sharing a nice experiance.

  24. Sai Anupama Ji,
    You, really are a blessed soul. I do love to do one … if Baba's gives me permission… do let me know where to find those miniature things – if you don't mind me sharing.

  25. Omsairam.. wow..u created beautiful shirdi. It is not mini. I feel as real shirdi which I read in sai charthira… baba's blessings always thr for u and ur family ..thanknu for giving such a model.

  26. The hard work you have taken shows your true faith in BABA. That made everything possible and beautiful. This is the best example to have faith in BABA WHO will take care of everyone. Thanks for sharing your experience which will definitely help others in many ways. OM SAIRAM.

  27. Anupama ji
    Om Sairam… Amazing.. Lovely.. Ur are really blessed. Thanks a lot for sharing, I seriously don't know what to type .. Baba is around us . Om Sairam

  28. All I can tell is WOW😍👌 It shows infinite Love towards our Sairam
    It’s mesmerising and I felt the same joy n happiness what I feel in Shirdi

    I wanna watch this mini Shirdi n video again n again
    I am feeling so very happy after seeing this miracle and my eyes are filled with colourful joy

    Jai Sairam 🙏
    Wonderful effort and kudos to ur great work 👏🏻😊
    I have ever seen this before

  29. It's really nice to have a wonderful guru like to lead us to cherish the happiness that you have felt so far to be experienced by all of us.

  30. After seeing this I rem where baba gave me opportunity to make as small village with grinding wheat concept. During navarathri we used to display the dolls. In last oct 2019 made small village as shirdi, though I had other things in my mind like dwarakamayi but could not bring into reality. So made whichever possible. If you are ok, I can share the share that video and pic ma'am.

  31. After seeing this I rem where baba gave me opportunity to make as small village with grinding wheat concept. During navarathri we used to display the dolls. In last oct 2019 made small village as shirdi, though I had other things in my mind like dwarakamayi but could not bring into reality. So made whichever possible. If you are ok, I can share the share that video and pic ma'am.

    • Om Sai Ram Sai Lakshmi 🙏🙇‍♂️ Sure please share with me. Remember Baba is the doer and He gives different tasks to his different devotees 😊🙏🙇‍♂️

    • Thankyou Sai conscious soul🙏🙇‍♂️ These numbers are angel numbers… Whenever you see such numbers (they are no coincidence) … That means that universe's energy or your guardian angels are protecting you and are beautifully aligned near you through these numbers. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram 🙏🙇‍♂️

  32. Thankyou every one 🙏🙇‍♂️ Baba bless you all abundantly 🙏🙇‍♂️ So happy you liked Mini Shirdi. Baba is the doer 🙏🙇‍♂️🙏🙇‍♂️🙏🙇‍♂️

  33. Its a beautiful thing …which you experienced …baba is with you in fact with all of us …model is so divine …God bless

  34. I can't leave here without writing comment sister no words to say you are so creative, you did that with heart that's why sai Dwarakamayi Looks so beautifully��,you are so blessed we also so blessed after seeing mini shiridi sista☺

  35. Today I was blessed to watch your video. Just after listening to kakad aarthi I watched this. In absence of covid I had mad sankalp to visit Shirdi in June 2020. Baba blessed his darshan through you. Thank you

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