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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee From India Says:
Sai Ram All, I’m a Sai devotee from India. I will reveal my name when I write my second experience (when my mannat (wish) is fulfilled). Since childhood I have been religious. I have prayed to Baba on various occasions and have also done the 40 days continuous diya for wish fulfillment before Baba. Ofcourse, this would be during exams! I wasn’t spiritual then.

My faith in Baba grew earlier this year when I experienced something very devastating-My wedding got called off. I was in a state of shock. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that a long and committed relationship like mine would have to pass through such times. It was but natural that I had lost all hope in life. Nothing made sense, my existence too. I was miserable. My health too got affected. I just wanted reconciliation with my fiancé.

It was then that I connected with a friend in the South who reminded me of the 40 days continuous ghee diya to Baba and she also told me to give up something that I really liked. I gave up eating chocolates (trust me, I don’t regret it) I know my Baba is going to fulfill my wish and it will be then that I will start eating chocolates again!
One day while lighting the diya to Baba I was very upset and I cried and cried and asked Him to give me a sign whether or not to hold on. That very evening, my fiancés ring which my parents had placed an order for came from the jewelers. I took it as a sign! And I told my family members, I will get married to my ex-fiancé, maybe not on the dates we fixed but according to Divine timing!
Of course I got to hear a lot from my family members- things like have you lost your mind? The boy is not coming back! Move on…etc.

Miraculously, during the same time I had reconnected with some old friends and one of them was a staunch believer of Baba. I told her of my situation and she asked me to read the Sai Satcharitra within 7 days. I didn’t have the book so she gave me hers and along with that she gave me a small idol of Baba from Shirdi. I completed reading Baba’s leelas within 7 days.
Simultaneously, I lit the ghee diya for 40 days – somethings take time as Baba says have patience and faith. True to His saying, I was at work when suddenly I thought of texting my ex-fiancé (I had called and texted him a few times previously and had got no response from him) but something inside told me that I should…and I did. It was a Thursday! And to my surprise he did reply! My happiness knew no bounds.

We started texting occasionally from then. We even spoke a couple of times for a few minutes but nothing was moving forward as such. I asked him to meet me on his birthday for some time but he refused, he said it was too early for us to meet and he wasn’t ready. I called him again and begged him but he refused. Things were just not moving!
I got impatient again and I cried to Baba while praying to Him asking for a sign to hold on, that he was the one for me. That very day, I bumped into his family members at a mall. We exchanged greetings and that was it. I again took that as a sign. But when I tell people of all these incidents, they always tell me that it’s just a coincidence and nothing else and should move on and look for other prospects.

In fact, the same day at night post the mall, something else happened. A common friend of ours told me that he met my ex- fiancé and asked him that now that we have started talking why don’t we all hang out together like before but that he replied “Well she wants to get back not me so it’s going to be tough for both of us”. When I heard this my heart broke, all my hopes came crashing and I decided not to continue any sort of communication with him since it was a lost battle.

In the meantime, a colleague of mine who is also a Sai devotee got to know about my situation and told me to pray sincerely to Baba as He will never deny prayers of a sincere devotee, he even got me Udi that he had got from Shirdi. I put it every day after bath. It’s Baba’s blessings and He protects me.

For a whole month, we didn’t communicate. He anyway never took the initiative. I told myself that no matter how tough it was, I had to move on. Baba can never see His children sad, same in my case. The day I joined the Mahaparayan group, I miraculously received a text message from my ex-fiancé asking how I was and if we could speak. I was excited but I didn’t want to speak to him since in my mind I had already decided that it was a lost battle. So I messaged him saying I was out and maybe we could speak some other day (in my head I was thinking he will obviously not bother messaging or calling me the next day) but to my surprise he did and again asked if we could speak. I called him and we spoke for around 20 minutes. Again, nothing serious but just as good old friends.
He kept communication and the same person who refused to meet me agreed to meet me.

We met not once but a couple of times after that (it was all initiated by me but he never refused).
Again, Sai Baba shows His presence in small miracles. On a Thursday night my ex- fiancé messaged me himself asking me to meet him for ice-cream! I looked at the message and then I looked at Baba’s idol in my mandir. He always shows His presence.
Yes, my relationship is still not healed, we speak as friends and he wants nothing more than that at the moment but I’m happy. I know Sai Baba is working things out for us to get back together as a happy couple.

There are days when I am very low and wonder- will I ever be back with him and then I ask Baba to give me a sign and He sends it- maybe not at that very moment or even day but in a couple of days. I see manifestations in the form of a text message or a call from my ex-fiancé.

 The other day, again on Thursday, I was returning from work feeling very restless and, in my mind, speaking to Baba asking Him for a sign again to hold on and the next moment I saw a sticker behind a vehicle which said “Just Wait”.

I was happy. I know Baba is with me and He is guiding me and preparing me to become a better person before I get back to my ex-fiancé. I have faith and Baba gives me patience.

 To non-believers and even for some believers these signs are mere coincidences and people tell me that I’m wasting my time but I know these are signs to me from Baba!

 I’ll write again (soon) on how Baba got restoration into my broken relationship. Till then hold on to fa ith and patience and trust Baba!
Om Sairam- Peace be to all.

Jai Sai Ram
Anonymous Sai Devotee

Whatever is destined to happen will happen. Baba’s ways are beyond our intellect. There is no doubt when we will trust Baba and surrender to Him then He will do only that is best for us, sometimes even more than our expectations and thus giving us something which is not in our fate. He will undoubtedly take the best decision for you. One just needs to have that kind of faith in Him. Baba will fulfill His promises.
 Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.

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Pooja Garg

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  1. jai sairam im also waiting for my relationship with my fiance.Till then hold on to faith and patience and trust Baba. jai sai ram .

  2. He is always with us guiding n holding our hand never ever leaving our side we simple people keep asking him for signs but to tell u thruth we are really asking as v doubt him.we should just do our karma n he will guide us

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