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Shirdi Sai Devotee Ronakji From India Says:

Sai Ram! I started believing in Baba from approximately 6 to 7 months ago. I started Mahaparayan 3-4 months back. I just told Him one thing when I started believing in Him that, “I trust You Baba, please let me never lose my faith in You.”

Now comes Baba’s leela. I offered Him sweets from my first salary. I am in the design department in which I am actually interested but suddenly one day, the director called me into his cabin and ordered me to change my department or else to leave the company. It was a Wednesday. The next day, I didn’t go to the office and in the evening, I went to Baba’s temple and prayed to Him to again transfer me to the design department. Next day, that is on Friday when I was sitting in another department, suddenly I was called by the design department’s HOD who again offered me to join the design department with a condition that I should come on Sunday to get training regarding one project. I agreed but due to the rain, I didn’t go to the office on Sunday.

So, on Monday, the Director called me into his cabin and also called HR and told HR to put me on a notice period for one month and told me to find a new job within that period.
I was so worried and constantly thinking why that was happening with me and was praying to Baba. After 2-3 days, when I returned home from job; my mom suddenly acknowledged to me about the sweets I had offered to Baba. It was for the diploma which I had cleared and not for my job’s first salary. My mom did not know about all the issues at my work. So, Suddenly I felt that I should offer sweets again for my job’s first salary.

As mentioned, I am a part of Mahaparayan group from last 3-4 months so during all of these incidents, on next Thursday it was 8th August and I got my second salary. On the same Thursday, I read chapter no. 36 in which there is a story of two friends. One of them had committed to offer his first salary to Datta Prabhu but then forgot so Baba had called him to Shirdi and took exact Rs 15 of dakshina which was his first salary amount. Now Ideally my salary is 15,000 but due to 3 leaves and security charge I should get exact Rs 13,000. But HR gave me Rs 13,048. At that time, HR gave me extra Rs 50 note and asked me to return Rs 2. I was surprised of receiving extra Rs 48 in my salary.

In the evening, I went to Baba’s temple with sweets to offer and gave sweets to pujari so that he can offer sweets to Baba. I sat down in front of Baba praying to Him and suddenly I felt that Baba was asking me that, “Can’t you offer me sweets by yourself?” so I offered sweets to Baba by myself and again sat down at same place. Again, suddenly I felt Baba was asking me that, “Can’t you give me dakshina from your salary?” I was having full salary in my pocket which I had received same day morning. So, when I suddenly realized I was having 50 Rs. note in my pocket which I had received extra in my salary. I gave that Rs 50 note to Baba. Due to all of these happenings, I have strong belief in Baba that He will not make me lose my job and see what happened. Due to His grace, in a few days Director accepted my apology letter and called me and gave another chance to work with the company.

I have always felt that Baba is always with me and listens to me in every situation. I must say to everyone that He is always with us and is guiding us so have faith and patience in Him. Love You Sai…!

Om Sai Ram
Ronak Prajapati

Baba knows all. He has His own ways of communicating with His devotees and getting things done as He likes. This leela clearly shows be it a small or big thing if we pray wholeheartedly Baba comes to our rescue. Everything depends on our faith. Our future too is shaped with our faith and belief system. So undoubtedly have faith in Sai that He will not let us come to harm and bless us with the best possible things as per our karmas, faith, love and devotion to Sai. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

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Pooja Garg

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