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Shirdi Sai Devotee Srinandhiniji From India Says:

Om Sai Ram! My name is Srinandhini and I’m part of Mahaparayan and few other initiatives. I’m thrilled to share that today (27th Sept 2019) I received a call from Baba’s own daughter Pooja Garg ji about an experience I had impulsively shared with her on Whatsapp on 28th March 2018 (1.5 years ago) and Baba made her read it today. She then asked to mail it so that could be published on the blog.Talking to her today is Baba’s gift to me for Navaratri. Sharing it verbatim here so that its spirit is retained. Kindly bear with this extra long post and edit where required.

I am part of MP-48, 365 parayan, Wednesday AASM and have registered for Saturday group of Vishnu Sahasranamam chanting. I thought I will share this leela of Baba with you, Poojaji. I know you must be very busy with all the organizing so may not have time to read my message too. But as we know, it’s all in Baba’s hands. I am having this huge urge to share this with you hence going with the flow now.

On the night of 10th March, I had a dream in which I was chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam with my office people. Some of my team members were searching for the book and the correct line in it but I was chanting by-heart happily. The priest in front of everyone complimented me on the pronunciation and encouraged me and I felt very happy. On waking up, I felt even more happy as this was the first time I got a dream like this, though I had been listening to the recordings and chanting right from college days on and off. Then, when I came to know about this Parayan starting, I felt wow! Baba is so kind and merciful… Really felt like hugging Him. Then I doubted whether I could commit. So, I decided to ask Baba in Q-A site and when He gave a positive response, I felt He will definitely make it happen and registered myself for Saturday. Meanwhile, Baba pulled me to Shirdi and I had beautiful Shej Aarthi darshan on the night of Gudipadwa! I had come to know it was such an auspicious day only after landing in Pune. Felt so blessed. Have mentioned how Baba beautifully arranged the trip later in this experience.

Actually, the story starts much earlier. On 4th March I got a forwarded message via Whatsapp about the power of Vishnu Sahasranamam. I got goosebumps on reading it and shared it with a few close people. Sharing it with you all too as follows –

Whatsapp message story :
In the famous Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu, a long line of devotees would patiently wait for the delicious prasadam, even a few centuries ago. A poor Vaishnavite used to be the first one in the line and was notorious for demanding prasadam not only for himself, but for his entire family consisting of sixteen children! Every day he would fight with the temple authorities for a huge amount of prasadam, even as the devotees standing behind him had to make do with a tiny quantity. Exasperated, the authorities resorted to pushing him out of the temple. He would wail, “My sixteen children would starve if they do not get this prasadam, please have pity on me!” One day, he decided to bring all his malnourished children to stand in the line. As usual, the fight with the temple authorities started on that day also. Sri Ramanuja, who happened to be at the temple at that time, asked the authorities what the commotion was all about. They told him about the demands of the Vaishnavite, and said that they would not mind giving him extra prasadam if only he was willing to do some service to the temple.
Turning to the Vaishnavite, Sri Ramanuja asked him what was preventing him from rendering some service to the temple. He replied, “Swamy! Look at my children! They are under-nourished and sick most of the time. All my time is spent in taking care of them. Moreover, unfortunately, I have not studied the Vedas or the Divya Prabandhams (hymns by the Azhwars) and so cannot join in the temple Parayanam. What all I know is a part of Vishnu Sahasranamam only! What can I do?”
Sri Ramanuja then asked him to recite the Vishnu Sahasranamam to the extent that he knew it. The Vaishnavite hesitated and then began the recitation. “Vishvam Vishnu Vashatkaro Bhuta Bhavya Bhavat-prabhuh; Bhutakrit Bhutabhrut…” That was all he knew in Vishnu Sahasranamam! Only up to the sixth name! The poor Vaishnavite was overcome by self pity and exclaimed, “That is the only part I know, Swamy!” Sri Ramanuja looked at him reflectively and said, “You recited the sixth name, Bhutabrut. Now onwards you must go on doing the Japam of the sixth name, in this manner: Bhutabhrute namah. If you do this, you don’t have to seek food; food will come to you, to your place! Will you do it?” The Vaishnavite eagerly nodded.

From that day onwards, he was not to be seen in the temple. All the commotion during the prasadam distribution time stopped altogether. A few days later, when Sri Ramanuja went to the temple, the temple authorities came to him. They had a different story to tell now. They said, “Swamy! A strange thing is being observed nowadays in the temple. Though a substantial quantity of prasadam is offered to Sri Ranganatha as usual, when we take up the distribution it is found that a considerable amount is missing! This has started happening after you told the fighting Vaishnavite to stop coming to the temple. Our security is tight but still this is happening. We feel that the Vaishnavite may be responsible. Somehow he is managing to steal the prasadam!” Sri Ramanuja was stunned to hear this. He asked them whether they knew where he stayed. They said, “That is again strange! He has moved out of his house.” Sri Ramanuja asked them to search for the Vaishnavite and bring him, as he would like to see him. All their efforts were in vain to locate that person.

A few weeks later, Sri Ramanuja had to cross the Kollidam river that surrounds Srirangam, for an event in a nearby village. Suddenly, he saw a person running after him, calling out, “Swamy! Swamy!”. It was none other than the Vaishnavite who stopped coming to the Srirangam temple for prasadam. He fell at the feet of Sri Ramanuja, weeping profusely. When he managed to talk, he said, “Swamy! By your grace, that boy is delivering the prasadam, both times everyday! All my children are no more sick or under-nourished. I have moved out of the place near the temple so as not to get into trouble with the temple authorities. I am eternally grateful to you. I am also doing the japam, ‘Bhutabhrute namah’, constantly.” Sri Ramanuja was overwhelmed. “Which boy? What did he say his name was?” asked Sri Ramanuja. The Vaishnavite replied that the boy introduced himself as The Servant of Sri Ramanuja!

Sri Ramanuja realised now what was going on. Sri Ranganatha Himself was delivering the food to the Vaishnavite, every day, both in the morning and in the night! The Divine Name ‘Bhutabhrut’ means One Who Nourishes the entire Universe!

This story moved me so much – I realized the power of each name in the set of 1000 names! Every time I have been unsure of food, I have been mentally chanting “Om Bhutabruthe namaha” remembering Baba. Imagine my joy when I read in your parayan post that each name will be focused on, so that all the devotees will learn the meaning! Baba has been giving so many indications Pooja ji. I’m feeling extremely blessed to be part of the VSP parayan.

You know what? I haven’t met you or spoken to you earlier and have only seen your name in various places but you have come in my dreams too! Let me tell you about that.
I just mentioned to you that Baba brought me to Shirdi last Sunday and I had blissful darshan, this was the second time for me. The previous time in 2015 August was my first trip, again arranged by Him, but it was totally rushed and I missed a lot of places to see. This trip last weekend was magically arranged by Baba all of a sudden, only 2 weeks before.

However, much before that, on the night of 20th February I got a dream in which Baba took me to Shirdi. I entered Dwarkamai and saw everything including the place He leans on against the wall. I was very happy. Also saw Ganesh idol. Then I went to the Samadhi Mandir with my mother. Waited outside as evening arthi was going on inside and the door was closed. Then I went in after the aarthi and the Samadhi was covered in dark maroon cloth and there was a big white idol of Sai Baba behind some net / grill / cage. It’s door was slightly open and I quickly slipped my hand inside and touched Baba’s forehead from behind.

Next scene in my dream was that my grandfather was driving an orange sports car and I was telling him about the Shirdi trip. Then when we reached the beginning of the road, I saw a big Goddess procession coming behind us and in front of it there was a big idol of Baba coming along with it. Abhishekam was taking place of Baba with something in brown colour like sandalwood or Vibhuti.
Then next, I met Hetal ji and Gowri Oberoiji in a room along with mom and I was completely thrilled. I don’t remember what we spoke but I remember mom telling in playful exasperation how much I trouble her!

Here ends the dream. Next day you won’t believe – in the live darshan of Samadhi Mandir on TV, Baba was wearing the exact shade of maroon that He had worn in my dream! I was thrilled beyond words. MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

As I narrated the dream, everyone told me He’s calling me to Shirdi. I again didn’t know how to go, researched some tour operators etc then finally myself and mom went by booking everything ourselves and He arranged everything so beautifully that I felt as though our every small need was taken care of by our mother Sai. As indicated in the dream, our trip started with Lord Ganesha (Ranjangaon Ganpati temple) and also ended with Lord Ganesha (Pune Dagdushet Ganpati temple). Feeling so blessed! Thank you, Pooja ji for all your seva! May Baba bless you and your family loads! I feel closer to Baba than ever before and pray He is with me always.

Sorry for the long post. Have attached the picture of Baba wearing the dark maroon colour dress that He wore in my dream.
Thank You Baba, for nudging me to share this experience today. Please be with me always.

Om Sai Ram

Nothing happens without His will! He shows us the path to walk on so that we get rid of miseries of the world and reach our real destination. Just as Baba had forced Vishnu Sahastaranam on Shama, even today He guides His devotees and makes them read Vishnu Sahastaranam. Not only me but many have experienced this. Such is the power of it. It will also destroy our sins and make us pure with our thoughts too. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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