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Shirdi Sai Sri Laxmiji From India Continues:

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7. I heard one of our relatives’ sons left home. They have been waiting from 5 years. It broke my heart. Didn’t know how they were handling the pressure and pain for 5 long years. I felt like Baba only pulled my relative to Shirdi to bless her with his son. I wanted to buy Sai Satcharitra and make them read for their son. But Telugu Sai Satcharitra books were not available. I felt bad. Then at one shop I saw Nav Guruvar Vrat books. I made them buy and told them to do the puja for their sons’ return. Baba had His ways to go to them. For them, it was easier to read Nav Guruvar Vrat book than Sai Satcharitra. That couple was telling in the village that we shall go to Shirdi even by begging. And finally, Baba brought them to Shirdi through us.

Her mother felt happy listening to my Baba’s experiences. They got hope and longed for Baba’s blessings. I told her not to worry and her son will come back as Baba will send him now. Unknowingly, I gave her hopes on Baba and told her Baba will give you whatever you ask and that He knows a mother’s pain. So, you are here in Shirdi and very soon your son will come back to you. She was very happy listening to my words.

Hope their son who is 12 years old, returns home soon. I felt happy when my mother told me that my relative felt like Baba was only talking to her when I said those words to her. I don’t remember what I had talked to her then. Don’t know which words made her feel like that? I’m happy that they got little hope on our Baba and that’s enough to get their son back with Baba’s blessings.

8. In the room, we planned to visit Trimbakeshwar, Nasik, Shani Shingnapur. But seeing my mother in pain, we told them we will take you all only to Shani Shingnapur and return back home tomorrow only. I sat in the room and completed 2 Mahaparayan chapters and 1 daily chapter. I felt relieved. I was thinking of their son and Nav Guruvar Vrat and suddenly I remembered my Nav Guruvar Vrat. I cleaned Baba’s photo with a yellow cloth before coming to Shirdi. I had already offered yellow flowers to Baba at Samadhi Mandir, and all I had to do was read the book. I opened my pdf and completed it also by Baba’s grace.

9. Before completing, the train uncle and his sister came to us, asked mother to join them for VIP darshan and Shej aarti, as 4 more people could go. When we left for aarti, we got stuck at Dwarkamai as the pallaki was going on. Luckily, we had seen that also by Baba’s blessings. In the train uncle’s sister was telling us that they would be seeing palaki. I had asked her at what time it would be there and she had said 9.15pm. I planned to see pallaki as it would be only on Thursdays and then go for Shej aarti.) Mom and they planned to visit Trimbakeshwar and Nasik. My mother said she would sit and wait somewhere during our darshan. All my relatives were farmers, they didn’t know anything. But this kind uncle took them also. When we went, guards called us first to stand in the queue and we went. Two men behind us laughed at my relatives saying some nonsense, looking down at them. I felt bad thinking Baba will take care of them when time comes. It distributed me a lot. Later I convinced myself saying Sai Ram Sai Ram and told myself that I have to be happy that Baba pulled me here giving me this gift. These negatives should not affect my happiness. We went inside and stood in the queue in front of Baba. I felt really blessed that on my birthday once again He pulled me here.

10.First time, I had come for Shej aarti and that too on my birthday. Aarti started, pandit was just beside me. I felt, oh common, let’s sing along with pandit for Baba today. And I started singing. I wonder even now, from where did I get that much loud voice. Before starting aarti, security left everyone, so all the behind people came in front to occupy the empty space. One aunty who was behind the pillar couldn’t see Baba so she was asking the girls to come back so that she would stand there and see Baba. But those girls said no. It continued the whole aarti time. The girls couldn’t see Baba, pray heartfully because of that aunty. In fact I felt happy(for us) that they couldn’t see Baba like all of us in the mandir, even after standing right in front of Baba they couldn’t pray completely and peacefully. But now I am feeling sorry for the girls and aunty who couldn’t concentrate on Baba. At last in aarti, the last 4 lines which should be sung for one time, were sung for 4 times continually as the drums guy was in full josh, pandits turned the mike sideways which were facing Baba’s statue to drums man. I was thinking why are they turning to the side when Baba is in front? Pandits sang the last 4 lines again and again and again, oh God it was wonderful, that drum man was straight opposite to me, I was also singing with josh and he was smiling at me. I got shy and was surprised. I looked at Baba and said, “see he is smiling at me, help me.” He continued drums for the last line,

purale mano ratho jata aoula stala,
 tumasi jagu apu ammi apula stala,
 shuba shumaba karme harva ya peeda,
 tukha mane didhale uchischante bojana, naahi neevadile ama apula binna

please hear the fast beat of these lines, even while singing at our temples also we will sing with joy, but here I even felt like dancing to these beats, la la laaaa la, pandits were also smiling and not stopping the aarti lyrics of these lines for his beats that time. Haha, so heartfelt music and all our singing just made my day. It was just for 2 to 3 minutes but it would be a lifetime memory for me. Every second was worth feeling, seeing the pandits smile, encouragement, drum man’s enthusiasm, joy, glowing face and my speechless feelings. Now I realise, the drum uncle was looking at me only, I was looking at his hands and his face and was singing loudly. He was looking at me and smiling and looking at his hands playing the drums. Oh God, thank You for making me realise now at least. When we came out, that train uncle was surprised seeing the mosquito net for Baba for the first time through the window outside. He felt excited also. His sister asked us shall we come back and stay at night which was our previous plan. I planned to take all my relatives to kakad aarti to show them what they do to Baba. But because of Nasik Trimbakeshwar trips we had to start by 5 am in the morning so we cancelled kakad aarti as we were going to shej aarti. But when I said it is the queue line where we had to sit or sleep on the floor, my uncle said that there was no need. So I took them to Dwarakamai, they closed dhuni but we sat in the hall. One dog came to me, I unwillingly touched his head and started massaging. I started laughing and realised Baba came to me. Got much, much excited and did more massages. Dog was trying to lick my hand and asking me to do more massage but I got a little scared as it was my first time to touch street dogs. Dog sat near me, haha I felt very happy, and I said sorry papa I don’t have anything to give to eat when the dog was looking into my eyes. Then only one uncle who gave prasad to all of us before, came with some rice to feed one old man. I asked him for some rice and tried to feed the dog. But the dog didn’t eat. I asked dog, eat Baba please eat. I did massage little more. Dog stood up and went to train uncle, he also unwillingly touched the dog, he offered rice and the dog ate. We were all surprised. Uncle offered little water also. Dog had it. One more aunty came and tried to feed biscuits. But the dog didn’t eat it. Aunty tried to made dog eat forcefully keeping in dogs mouth. But dog refused moving his head left to right, right to left. Haha we all laughed. I felt like I should not laugh. She was trying very hard and asking the dog, “Baba eat na, please eat na.” But she made us all laugh. I saw one man took one cloth and cleaned the floor. I thought Don’t know when I will get a chance to clean Dwarakamai. We decided to leave, unknowingly I took that dog’s rice water plate and threw it out of the Dwarakamai in a dustbin. While walking to the dustbin I realised and became happy that I did at least this much.

11. When we came to autos, I said our hotel name and they asked how many members. I said 6 members. He said, “Ok then 3 in auto and other 3 in another auto.” Just another next time, everyone started laughing at him. I mean his auto friends. So loudly and like fools they all were seeing the auto fellow. I remembered the morning scene, for 7 members they said one auto and we had to adjust and sit on each other. We didn’t like it but we had to go. Now instead of saying one auto, he said two autos and missed the chance of getting extra money. So all his friends were laughing at him for his excitement and loss which made us go comfortably. Baba again had blessed us.

12. Next day, to Trimbakeshwar, we all thought it might take a minimum of 5 hours for a free darshan and uncle had to wait for us as they would go by paid ticket. But to our surprise, there was no waiting hall which was closed, that too in kartika masam. It was a big wonder for us. There were no people also around 8 to 9 am. We all rushed, we were stopped after seeing Nandi, we had to wait just for 10 or max 15 minutes and that was it. We never expected this way of darshan even in dreams. I thanked Baba for my mother’s health also. After sitting for some time, one Pandit was asking for abhishekams. My mother told me to do it in my name. Pandit took me and did abhishekam puja, made me read basic words, when I said wrong he made me tell again, haha, he was kind and patient enough to read slowly all the words without any hurry so loudly. We didn’t have money also at that time. Mum took money from relatives and gave it for the abhishekam puja. For some people it might be nothing, but for me it is so much of blessing to be in that temple, and doing puja in karthika masam at Trimbakeshwar. It requires God’s blessings and Will, which I got. Pandit gave the teertham, water which came at Shiva linga. He called my mother also and made her drink. He mentioned also that it was from Shivling inside. I had it without leaving a drop, haha. We all went to Nasik and had good darshan. We thought we would reach by 6 but we finished our darshan by 1.30 only. So we asked driver to take directly to Shirdi without lunch as uncle and sister wanted to see Chavadi and go inside Dwarakamai, but driver said, “You eat or not its upto you but I will stop as I have to eat.” So I decided to eat. Later my relatives, uncle and his sister also ate food. It was good food. I liked the taste which I didn’t have till these many darshans.

13. We reached Shirdi temple, as one more VIP darshan was remaining. We went again as they asked us to join again. This time I took my mother with me as she didn’t come for aarti and had sent others for aarti. We had good darshan this time, this time Baba made me touch His Samadhi which was pending from 7 long years. It was another gift to me. I don’t know how to tell how big a blessing it was for me. I always felt bad that everyone could touch Him but I was not able to touch His Samadhi. This feeling was killing me for 7 long years, for others it might be a simple thing again but for me it was a gift and Baba’s blessing. First I touched in the corner when the person before me was touching Samadhi. Then again I moved front and bowed down, kept my hands on Samadhi. Thank You so much Baba for allowing me to touch You.

14. I was planning to stay for dhoop aarti and then go to the railway station as our train was at 7 o’clock. I told my mother to take them all to the station then and that my uncle and sister would start after sometime. They left, I took them to Dwarakamai and there was a big queue as it was aarti time. I said that it was impossible to go because; if we go we might come out after 7 only. But that sister wanted to go anyhow and she did not understand that situation. Suddenly she thought that we can show that donation slip and we can go. She showed security and security allowed us but without bags. We asked shop people to keep but no one took and told us to go to gate 2. There was no time. They asked me to wait outside and that they would come in 2 minutes. I said ok. When they went inside, I felt that even I didn’t climb the Dwarakamai steps this time, why Baba You are not allowing me inside. I was seeing all the shops where to give bags. I just went to one shop and asked one young brother to keep bags. He said no. I asked more and requested him that time was not there. He said that he was not responsible if anything was lost. I said nothing was there and only clothes were there. To this he said that still he couldn’t accept. I felt very sad and had lost all hope. Maybe seeing my sad face he said, “Ok keep here. Give bags, but when you will come again?” I said immediately after aarti at 6.30pm. I kept bags and ran like a kid to Dwarakamai (haha). Now I am getting tears thinking how I ran like a small baby to his mother which I never do or did or can’t even think like that. Then there was another security was there who didn’t know anything about donation slip. I explained to him but he didn’t listen. I looked inside but couldn’t see my uncle and his sister, somehow security said, “Ok go, go.” Then I went inside, I searched for them and saw them climbing steps to Dhuni. I didn’t even know that uncle’s or his sister’s name to call them. I asked the guard to call them. Uncle saw me and told the guard that I was with them and the guard allowed inside to Dhuni, came outside and sat in the Dwarakamai Hall. Guard called the sister and told her to wait after aarti to give prasad. Aarti started, I again sang loudly the aarti, I wanted to do it in Chavadi like yesterday but Baba made me do it in Dwarakamai. Time was running and I had to remove money from the ATM also. We were not having more than 60 Rs. in hand to reach Hyderabad. We had to collect bags also. We were thinking why aunty was not giving. When we decided to leave, one uncle then said, “Wait, wait, sit and don’t go.” I felt Baba was stopping and it was better to wait and that He will take care of everything. We decided to stay for more 10 minutes and then leave. That time only the Pandit brought the prasad plate from Samadhi mandir. After offering to Baba, one man started distributing Prasad. All of a sudden I don’t know from where people came and it became a big crowd and they were pushing us away. I got scared that I may not get prasad. But finally I got it and ate it. What a blessing Baba it was! Really I am thankful and grateful to You. We then came out and went to collect bags. I thanked that brother, his first words were, “Aaj Baba ne mere roop mein aapko andar bheja (Today Baba in my form sent you in .” I thanked him so much and told him that next time I would buy in his shop because then I had to go as I had a train at 7 pm. He said, “Kuch nai, koi baat nai, darshan acha se hua na, bas theek he, Jaao jaao late ho raha hai (Not a problem. You got a good darshan that is important. You better go as it is getting late).” In a hurry, I couldn’t even say thank you properly.

15.Then this uncle and his sister made me wait outside Chavadi telling that they would come in 1 minute but they didn’t come out and sat inside. What should I say? They were not thinking of time and prayed to Baba to please send them we had to go. Sister came out and I went directly to Baba’s photo when there were 3 to 4 people. I bowed down and saw sugar Prasad. I just took some and had it. We started walking. I decided not to go to the ATM as there was no time, but this sister was asking if we should buy anything. It was 6. 35 pm. Opening my mouth at that time I told them that we would miss the train as we were getting late. She stopped again and took money slowly and donated. Ok fine she could come but she was talking to that person. Oh God, then we went to auto. He said 100 Rs. for 3 of us where it is 60 Rs. I understand that 200 Rs also could be given but this uncle went off. Another auto fellow said you decide whether to miss the train or give 80 Rs. Then uncle sat in the auto. If there was money with me I would have given but I had to be silent. Auto driver stopped at an ATM and told me to take money but I didn’t want to miss the train and said, “it’s ok, let’s go, let’s go to the station as the ATM is on the other side of the road. 5 minutes I will need to cross the road, to take money 5mins, again we have to go to the station. Train may start and we might miss it.” So we went on. At the station, they gave a 500 Rs. note. The driver was asking for change. I gave my 60 Rs. which was left and asked to see for 20 Rs. They searched and gave 20 Rs. We went and boarded the train. I kept my bag at my seat and went looking for my mother; thankfully she too just came that time there only. Then the train started. Mother took some money from relatives and bought fruits and snacks for me to eat in the train. I completed my daily chapter also without forgetting in the train by Baba’s grace.

By Baba’s grace, everything went well. When we don’t plan things and leave it to Baba. He plans and that plan can beat and overcome any other plan made by humans or any being. All we have to do is just leave it to Baba and wait. He will arrange everything at the perfect time.
I love, love being played by Baba like this like I am His robot toy. And Baba plays with me by making me move here and there and do things according to His wish. Before I used to be a robot for maaya. As I left to Baba, asked and said to Baba that I want to be like this in Your hands, I want to be Your toy where You move me here and there. I am happy to be Your toy or robot but please don’t leave me. May be Baba has accepted my request so from a few months all was going like this only with surprised events. All of a sudden we went to Shirdi, bought Satcharitra which was pending from years. Team added me in the daily parayan group when I bought the Satcharitra book. From that 1st parayan till today I continued 11th parayan, which I had told Baba that I will do 11 parayans, went again to Shirdi exactly after one that too on Thursday on Ekadasi which one day trip made me realise completely that I was a robot toy in Baba’s hand. And again in one month exactly I was in Shirdi for my birthday again with beautiful blessings again. This time Baba said that I was His very important person. But still, before only when I was a normal devotee Baba blessed me for His aartis and so many things. I always thought of these VIP darshans and how lucky they were. I also thought why these partialities and why these money differences were there, if Baba was really there then these things might not be encouraged. I had both positive as well as negative thoughts about paid ticket, VIP darshans. Baba cleared all those doubts this time, as people donate a big amount. It is kind enough to give Baba darshan for them. From the sansthan side they are doing good, it’s all in the people’s mindset who look down on others. The train uncle and aunty were ok and kind enough to call us for darshan at the same time there were people who looked down and talked badly on my relatives in front of me thinking that I am from the train uncle’s side but they didn’t know that I was from my relative’s side. Baba only takes care of the negative things and words. According to Baba’s wish we were in Shirdi, we had good darshan in less time, got Neem leaves, aarti in front of Baba. I feel very, very blessed that so much has been given by Baba.
I only wish that I don’t forget these miracles in my life.

I want to tell all the devotees not to feel bad that you couldn’t go to Shirdi or be blessed. Baba tested me also for so many years; it took years and years for me to be like this. All you have to do is a simple thing that is to take His name just like how you breathe. I was always controlled by maaya, losing interest in everything, everyone, just feeling to die and didn’t know what to do while I was alive and was just waiting to merge into Baba. This way I came out of maaya. And whenever I say I want to die simply for no reason just like that take me to You Baba. He makes me realise that I should live by making me read experiences or chapters which say we should not die. Now my life is better with Baba after taking His name. Normally I unknowingly take Sai’s name if I get scared, happy, or see any God, by default Sai name comes out of my heart. In the beginning I used to feel bad, and say sorry to other Gods. “I didn’t take Sai’s name purposely and it just came like that. Don’t feel bad that I didn’t take Your name.” Then I used to take that particular God’s name. I didn’t realise that I was a devotee of Baba. It took years for me to realise that Baba is always with me. He made me read Vishnu Sahsranam, Ramayanam, Bhagavad-Gita 4th chapter, Aditya Hrudayam stotram. When I miss or forget Vishnu Sahsranam, Baba reminds me by giving an answer to recite Vishnu Sahsranam. He is always there to remind me and take care of the things.

16. Today morning when I returned home and used wifi, I saw my friends celebrating their birthdays with a friend’s cake. It made me a little sad but now I am back and strong enough to tell that nothing is more important than Baba and His blessings. By writing these experiences, I realise more how blessed I am and that this cake, friends are nothing in front of what Baba gave to me and how He blessed me. This has been happening for 6 years. For my every birthday, one new batch will be ready to join me; my mother calls them. To tell the truth Baba called all of us. I know that. Sometimes I feel while they are celebrating with friends I am always with unknown people whom I always meet for the first time in my life and again I don’t see them. I don’t know how and why I am being with unknown people every time without being with friends and family without any celebrations. All these little things disturbed me a little but all those are nothing when I see Baba’s face. Now that feeling has become stronger, every year it just becomes more and more than I never expected. Baba blessed me more and more when I left and fought with everyone that I have to be Shirdi and that’s it. It just started with one visit, when Baba came to me on my birthday in the photo frame form; I was thankful and grateful to Baba and wanted to go to Baba as He came for me. Then I said, “Without Your blessings I can’t come so please let me come.” It was a great miracle to go that time with many beautiful blessings. I prayed to Baba to please let me come next year also. Then next year I felt, I don’t know how my husband will be in future, he might not allow me, don’t know he might plan some surprise for my birthday and I may not come. So till I get married please allow me to come and be with You. I want to be thankful and grateful to You for whatever You have done to me that year, for giving me life one more year. It was just a small thing from my side which I could give to You. It was my first thought and step to Shirdi and Baba has taken hundreds of steps for me to pull me to Shirdi to arrange all the things needed.

Saying ‘Thank You’ is nothing to whatever You have done to me Baba. But I have only that word to say. Thank You Sai Amma. Thanks a lot.

Om Sai Ram
Sri Laxmi

Thank you Laxmiji for sharing your post as it takes so much efforts to write in depth and share for others too. Loved your gesture of praying Baba to make you His robot. I too would like to be one fully programmed and run by Baba only with lots of faith and patience as He desires! 🙂 

Baba’s leelas are endless and every devotee of His can write a book of their experiences. His innumerable devotees with His infinite leelas keep adding to the ocean of Baba’s Miracles. Reading them, sharing them will only wash away our karmas just as strangely all of sudden I had a very bad pain in my hand to not let me sleep. I prayed Baba to heal it by the time I finish editing the long post only to make me realise that editing the posts of Baba’s leelas too reduced my karma to some extent. Baba’s leelas are like pain (karmas) killers and immunity(faith)boosters. We are really blessed to have Baba as our Guru Who is the most benevolent and ever concerned than anyone else for us and will definitely take us to our ultimate goal. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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  1. Om sai ram I all waiting for your blessings hope you forgive me for my mistake and guade me and guide me to right path

  2. Love you Baba. Thanks so much Sri Laxmi Ji for sharing beautiful leelas of Baba. May Baba bless you always for more Shirdi trips.

    Jai Sai Samarth!

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