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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says:
Om Sri Sai Ram! Please keep me anonymous. With Baba’s blessings, I am going to narrate some of Baba’s Udi miracles. I am ever thankful to Baba and this Mahaparayan team. Always feel grateful and blessed to be a part of this.

One day, I found some white spot on my son’s feet. I was very scared to notice this unusual spot. It was also not because of the shoes. Immediately I prayed to Baba and applied some Udi at that place. When I saw the next day, it was a little faded. And after a few days it had almost gone. I was so relieved and thanked Baba a lot.

Another leela goes like this. One day while opening the gate, which was jammed (because of not greased properly). I applied a lot of force by my hands, since no one was around to help me and I had to go out urgently. The gate did open with a lot of difficulty, but something happened just below the thumb in my right-hand. I got a lot of pain afterwards. Pain killer spray didn’t work. Gradually, I wasn’t able to do many things like squeezing clothes/ lemon, preparing dough etc. Couldn’t carry any heavy thing with that hand. Even cutting vegetables was difficult for me. I resorted to my Baba’s feet and applied some Udi in that place, before sleeping. Then miraculously, the pain subsided to a great extent. Gradually, the pain vanished. Now, I am able to do everything without any pain.

One more Udi miracle that I experienced recently goes like this. Recently my son suffered from a bacterial attack and was on medication and rest for around 10 days. He had hardly recovered. One day he again complained of sickness, fever was also there. I became very sad and worried seeing his condition, as he had already become so weak. Apart from that, my husband is also not very caring and cooperative. He is happy when everything goes smoothly, but if some adverse situation comes, then he is not the same person. I prayed continuously to Baba and applied Udi on his forehead and gave him little mixed with water. After some time when I checked, fever was not there, he also started feeling better.

Baba, Your leelas and grace is endless. You are ever merciful. You are only taking care of me always. I am indebted to You forever. Om Sai Ram.

Anonymous Sai Devotee

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 Baba is the best doctor and His Udi is the best medicine. With Baba Who is the Doctor of doctors and His Udi which is ‘The Panacea’ ; we need not fear anything in life. Baba’s Udi takes the form as per the devotee’s faith; be it a Doctor, a Guide, a Saviour, a Chef, a Healer and what not as we have seen past so many innumerable experiences. We can never thank You enough Baba for Your priceless gifts of Udi, Mahaparayan and above all to be Your devotee which in itself is a blessing full of bliss. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Pooja Garg 
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  1. Jai I would like to write my baba's udi miracle my husband's was suffering from fewer and cough and doctor told it was corona symtoms f
    Every day I and my husband mix udi with water and drank with baba's blessings we both got negative and baba saved us from this and I thank baba om sai ram🙏🙏🙏🙏

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