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Shirdi Sai Devotee Shwethaji Says:

Om Sai Ram, I am Swetha Raj, part of Mahaparayan. I would wish to brief my Sai’s Experience. By Baba’s grace and blessings and all the Gods in heaven, we are blessed with a cute little daughter Nidhi Swara (4 years 4 months now). 6 months ago, when she was around 3 years 10 months, she had back to back viral fever every month. This was the 3rd time she got a fever in a period of just 2 months.

I looked after her very well, gave her medicines on time, hygienic food and everything was taken care of. But the fever was on and off. This day of my Sai experience was the 6th day of fever. I was totally broken and my tears were just flowing from my eyes seeing my baby suffer. She had also lost weight and was very weak.

Just opposite our pooja home, we have placed a sofa. I sat on the sofa, saw Sai’s face in the pooja room and tears just started flowing from my eyes. I saw Sai’s photo in pooja room for more than 30 minutes, and I cried with so much pain in my heart seeing my baby in fever. Opposite to the Sofa is the main door of the house and window. My eyes were full of tears. Suddenly, I could see someone peeping from the window glass. I felt someone wearing a white dress was peeping from the window glass.

I rubbed my eyes, went to the door and saw but there was no one outside. I came back, sat on my place again and saw Sai’s face in pooja room. Few minutes later, again I saw someone was peeping from our window glass who was wearing white dress. This time, I felt it was my Sai waiting outside. I went outside and found no one. But I said “Sai, I know, You are here. Please come inside my home.” Saying so, I came back and sat on my seat again.

As soon as I sat on my seat. The light, the vibration, the positive energy, the aura of our home changed into a whirlpool of positivity and happiness. My daughter Nidhi got up, started playing as before. We all were suddenly happy. Everything became normal in just a few minutes. That day I felt, Sai is not far from us, it’s just that we have to call Him wholeheartedly.

The same day, I prayed to Baba to keep my baby always in good health and bless her with happiness. And I gave up eating one of my favorite food for life by Sai’s Grace. Sai is always keeping an eye on my baby and He is blessing her in every step of hers. Sai Kripa.

Om Sai Ram
Shwetha Raj

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Shwethaji is another gem added by Baba in Mahaparayan’s basket for Seva. Just she could not see her daughter’s pain how could Baba see His daughter Swetha in pain? So Baba Himself came to assure that He is there and well aware of everything. He is most merciful and ever loving. We may feel He is absent but He is right there everywhere helping His devotees as ever at one wholehearted heartfelt call. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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  1. He is always there, have faith and your prayers will be answered. when we offer bhog ( prasad) and he accepts it the way it is, we have to accept whatever he gives us. It's all about faith and trust.

  2. My name is Bandhana Kalyan part of maha parayan main dil se maha paryan team ka dhanavad karti hu or pooja didi ka bhi dhanavad karti hu jinhone ne Mujhe mahaparayan se judne ki parerana di main baba se 2008 se Judi hu main Jb se baba se Judi hu Baba ne Mujhe bahot Kuch diya hai baba se Jude k baad Meri life me bahot sare experience huye hai abhi haal he me baba ka experience huya hai Meri life me mere husband k office me crona ka test huya tha jis me unuki crona ki report positive aagayi hm sb bohat tension me aagaye ki ye kya ho gaya inko report positive aane se pehle he baba ne Mujhe sanket dediya tha k Kuch hone wala h vo sanket ye tha ki main hr Thursday ko baba ko ishnan krvati hu us din bhi main baba ko ishnan karvaya or jase he main baba ko chandan ka tilak lagane lagi baba ki murti mere haath se peche ko gir gayi main bht dr ki ye mujh se kya ho gaya fr mene baba se mafi bhi mangi ki Mujhe maf kr do mujh se galti se ho gaya jb main baba ki tasveer ki taraf dekh rahi thi to Mujhe baba bahot udaas nazar aaye ye baba ne Mujhe pehle he eshara kr diya tha k Kuch hone Wala hai jis din mere husband ki report positive aayi us main saari raat soyi nhi main baba se parathna karti rahi k baba inko thik krdo jb raat k 2 baje Meri ankh lagi to sapne me baba ne Mujhe ek bhikari k Roop me darshan diye mene baba ko aata diya or baba ne Mujhe ek rupaye ka not diya fr mene baba k charan chuye or baba ne Mujhe dono haath Utah kr ashirwaad diya usiwakt Meri ankh khul gayi to mene dekha subhe k 4'clock baje huye the mene baba ki kakad arti suni or rote huye baba se parathna ki k mere husband ko thik kr do baba ki itni kirpa huyi ki mera husband bilkul thik rahe unko Koi b problem nhi aayi unhone Koi medicine tk nhi li mai baba ka dil se dhanavad karti hu jinhone ne mere pure pariwar pr apni kirpa banaye rakhi Om sai ram

  3. You are blessed swethraj ji tears rolled reading your experience with Baba's miracle, yes his assurance that he will come to everyone's rescue when we remember him wholeheartedly is sure
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Yes, absolutely true that He is omnipresent and omniscient of our needs and omnipotent in solving our problems with a kind heart… Om Sri Sai Ram 🙏

  5. AumSaiRakshaka Saharanam Deva Baba is a selfless miraculous Power. He responds to our faith in many subtle ways. We have to pay attention to His signals. Complete surrender is the only way.

  6. Tears flowed down my eyes after reading this miraculous experience by Sai devotee. I too when broken down in confidence and hope, I sit in the Pooja room gaze at Sai Baba, talk to Baba and ask him for answers. Baba with his beautiful smiling face & love filled eyes looks back at me saying "I am there, be rest assured", when I feel this assurance, when I hear these words from my Sai, my hope and confidence is restored. I prostate myself to Lord Sai & All the GODS and start facing life with courage, confidence & hope.
    Bow To Sri Sai Baba Peace Be To All

  7. சாய் அப்பாவின் நாமத்தை சொன்னால் போதும். எல்லா நோயும் ஓடி விடும். ஓம் சாயி நமோ நமஹ ஸ்ரீ சாயி நமோ நமஹ ஜெய் ஜெய் சாயி நமோ நமஹ சத்குரு சாயி நமோ நமஹ

  8. Yes. Heartful call, Sai definitely receive and reactimmediately. I myself experienced many times, still experiencing. Ome Sri Sairam.

  9. Oh great yes ur 100% right dat Baba is most merciful and ever loving who has confidence on him my self also fulfilled my wishes whatever I asked Baba Om Sai Ram Mahaparayanam is gift given by Baba thnx to group admissions

  10. ఓం సాయి శ్రీ సాయి జయ జయ సాయి.సద్గురు శ్రీ సాయినాథ మహరాజ్ కీ జై

  11. Similar experience had happened with us too regarding my one an only daughter She suffered from Dengue fever and there was no hope for her survival She was just 2 years old ..But by Baba's blessings She could recovered …2 months she took for the recovery But Merciful Sai Blessd her…he Saved my daughter's life …I feel blessed to Have Sai in my life ..Love u deva 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. you you came to my home in the form of photo..i was waiting for this photo from January 2020. atlast today that is thursday i received the gift from you. i am blessed to have you in my life appa..

  13. Om sai ram.Baba ke bare mein kya bolun.woh to subko apana bacha samjhte hen.Ek baap jaisa apne beta ko palan karata hey Baba bhi hum subko aisi karate hain. Ananta kori brahmanda Nayak raja dhi raj jogiraj parambrahma sainath maharaj ki jay.

  14. Myself, Prathaban.J served in Indian Army, on one occasion Baba came in form of 15 years young Boy and saved my life from 08 way layed Rowdies at around 11:30 night. without a single scratch or wound.still Baba's blessings are with our family.Thank you Baba.

  15. Shwethaji, Sai was waiting just outside your home, and on your call He came in.
    So, always have Shraddha and Saburi and hold him tightly.
    Please visit Shirdi. Om Sai Ram!

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