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Shirdi Sai Devotee Barshaji Says:

Sai Ram everyone! I am Barsha Pattanaik of MP-55 group. With Baba’s grace, today I have got this opportunity to share my Mahaparayan experience with you all. Before sharing the experience, I want to thank Karthikeya ji, Prem ji, Soumya ji, Pooja Garg ji and Hetal ji for making me a part of this auspicious group. I am a very ardent devotee of Baba. He has been there with me from my mother’s womb. I feel, may be before that also. Like He said to Shyama that He has many “janmas” (births) relationships with His devotees. Everyone is connected with my Baba because of “Rinanubandh”. And so am I.

From past many years I have been so much into Baba that He has become my lifeline. There aren’t enough words which can describe Baba’s leela. But then, I have a lot more to say about our journey with Baba and also about our love life in the coming paragraphs.
Baba has been the be all and end all of my life. Every aspect of my life revolves around Baba. He is the wire puller of us. I came under His lotus feet in the year 2015. Before that, I visited Shirdi for the very first time in the year 2010 with my parents. But at that point of time, I was not an ardent devotee and was not much aware of His “leelas”. That time, I visited Shirdi just like any other normal visiting place. But my Baba was aware of His special devotee very well.

And then comes the most amazing and blissful moments of my life. As you all know Baba has everything pre planned for His devotee. He will pull all His devotees with strings on their legs like sparrows. In the same way Baba pulled both of us towards His lotus feet. In the year 2011, our journey of love started immediately after a year of my Shirdi visit. For the very first time we meet each other on a very epic day i.e. 15 of August, on Independence day. It’s very funny but Baba’s ways are always unique because Baba wanted us to become independent in love. As love in the true sense means ‘letting someone free from bondage’.

On the first meet, we were total strangers to each other. We didn’t even look at each other’s faces. We are two different people from different castes and States. He is from Uttarakhand and I am from Odisha. But Baba made us for each other and that’s the reason He united us from two different parts of the country. After the first meet, slowly we started talking to each other and knowing each other. We started knowing more and finally, we were in a relationship for 9 years. It’s a lucky number for me as it’s Baba’s favorite number. In those 9 years we have faced many peaks and valleys. There were many understandings and misunderstandings but those hurdles made us even stronger. The biggest hurdle which we faced in those years was the disagreement from our parents as we are from different castes. He is a Brahmin and I am a Rajput. There were lots of problems related to caste. But every time Baba was the Saviour for us. As Baba’s devotees, we knew that this couldn’t be the reason for our separation.

Baba always says to His devotees that they should have “SHRADDHA and SABURI” to get their prayers answered. Same was in our case also. Baba tested our faith and patience on Him and our love for each other, till the time we surrendered totally on His lotus feet. During our struggling time Baba has shown us many positive indications about our relation. One of the indications was when we went to Shirdi in the year 2018, that was the most blissful and most surprising trip planned by Baba for us. There Baba blessed us by accepting our relationship and confirmed our marriage. After that trip we developed unwavering faith on Baba. And then everything started getting solved slowly. Then suddenly one morning in the month of February, he called me and said that his mother wanted to talk to me about our marriage. That day I was in total shock.

I knew that one or the other day this was going to happen but in such a calm manner, was never expected. Because of Baba’s grace, his mother accepted our relationship and the negotiation between our families went on smoothly. Finally, at the end of the day with Baba’s blessings our marriage date was fixed on 6th of December 2019. So, 19 days ago we got married with Baba’s grace and mercy. Everything happened very smoothly in our marriage. Even though our families are from different cultures and customs, there were no misunderstandings between them.

All these things were possible because of my Baba. I’m very grateful towards my Baba. Baba please bless us with a happy married life with a great understanding. Please keep showering Your blessings on all of us. And to all my devotee friends I want to say please keep unwavering faith in our Baba, He’ll never leave anyone of us in pain. He just needs Shraddha and Saburi from us. With these two things, He can make impossible things possible for you. May Baba bless all of us with a good and healthy life. Baba make us walk on Your Path and follow Your teachings forever. Jai Sai Nath!

Sai Devotee

Barsha Pattanaik

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It is only on account of Rinanubandh that we come across any being in this birth. So we should practice to understand that it’s His will and try our best to treat every being considerably. Baba the most merciful Guru, Deva ever will certainly guide us to sail through the relationships and thus help us cross this worldly ocean. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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