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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says:

Sai Ram! Pranams at the lotus feet of Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai Baba. Baba, please grant me the ability to comprehend Your interventions in my life and be able to relate those experiences for others. Life continues to be tough, with many lows but I also pray with greater intensity and feel Baba’s presence much more.

In the middle of 2018, my husband was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and Baba has been our constant companion since then. All my experiences connected with that journey I will relate in a separate post. It would require Baba’s grace, and courage and clarity on my part, to talk about those emotions and experiences. I hope to do it soon enough with Baba’s support. In 2018, Baba made me part of the Mahaparayan group and subsequently, also of the Sai Chalisa and Sai Koti groups. He was preparing us and enveloped us with His protective grace before the challenges unfurled in our lives, plunging us into confusion, chaos, and turmoil. He took care of us and how! He continues to be with us, in a very tangible, intimate way!

Last week, on this day, a Friday, my younger son left for Colorado, to join other MBA students at a ski resort. The others had left earlier in the week but since he had a full day of classes on Thursday, my son left very early on Friday, hoping to get to the ski resort by noon or so. His flight landed on time in Denver but the shuttle to take him to the mountain resort was delayed by three hours as the weather was bad. Finally, the shuttle arrived and he boarded it, thinking that he would get to the resort in less than three hours. It took more than six hours! And when we checked the weather in that area, there was a blizzard going on and several road closures. My son messaged that the shuttle had stopped enroute because of road closure. He was the only one from the MBA group traveling that day at that time. We were truly worried, looking at the weather reports and my son’s phones had poor and intermittent service. He would not give us clear answers and I was in a panic.

We did not know how far or where he was with reference to the resort. After about six hours, he sent a cryptic message that he had got down from the shuttle, was at a train station, and not to message him as he was trying to figure out what to do and that we didn’t understand his situation. As long as he was in the shuttle, I knew he was with some other people but now, he was alone and seemed unreachable. All along, I was praying to Baba to protect him and to help him reach his destination safely. My husband and I were imagining the worst and my son was not giving us clear answers, maybe because he was not clear himself about his course of action. I had the name of the ski resort town he was going to and after praying to our Baba, I sent a message to him, asking him how far he was from the town and if the trains are running, could he take a train to the town. The response I got surprised and relieved me! He said he was already in the town and the train station was in the town. He was trying to figure out how to reach the AirBnB accommodation the students had booked for themselves. From being in a state of complete panic, I could actually breathe now! At least, we knew where he was now and we could call the State Troopers to get him out if necessary.

Within a few minutes he messaged to say that he was in an Uber and that it would be a fifteen-minute ride to go to the house. Baba protected him during this very difficult and risky journey in a terrible blizzard in the mountains and I could not be more grateful and thankful to our merciful, loving Sai. On the way back, the weather was more cooperative and within three hours, his friends and he reached Denver airport and we picked him up from the airport that night. He spent a night at home before he left for the university the next morning.

Everyday, every moment, Baba is my constant companion. I don’t believe in anything or anyone else, or engage in any elaborate pujas or prayers. In my very being, there is just faith in Baba and that He will get me through this phase of life too! There are challenges galore in my life at this time but I know that with Sai by my side, I am quite invincible! Pranams Sai. Thank You for everything!

Jai Sai Ram!

Sai Devotee 

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No matter how much problems and challenges galore we must remind our challenges and ourselves as well that our Baba’s grace, love and His shield around us is greater than all of them. Whatever is destined to happen will happen but the shield of Guru’s love can ward off the calamities. Sometimes we may not even know fully what worse could have happened but it’s only Guru Who knows all and would look to our welfare day and night. Let more and more faith and love be born in our heart for Baba and He will always be around us to protect and love us even more. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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