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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Says: Hi Team,

Today I want to tell you how I felt while reading the Satcharitra daily chapter.

Chapter started with a devotee having TB disease. While reading only I was thinking in those days if one got TB then that person was dead as there was no medicine same as this corona virus now. Baba cured him so he will cure mother, father also. And after that story, one devotee is cured from motions, another devotee from some health issue. So, the chapter was all about Baba curing devotees i.e., chapter 13. I stopped worrying and left everything to Baba to cure me and my family, my friends, and the whole world.After that randomly I started seeing videos of “Abhigyan Anand ” who predicted about Corona virus in August 2019 only. My friend sent this video to me in February. But I didn’t care thinking that he is still a kid and it’s all fake. But today as my mother was seeing the same video I wanted to see again. Everything he told became true. I wondered at the age of 14 years he has immense knowledge on astrology, Bhagavatam and our Puranas.

After seeing his videos, I felt blessed to be born in India, in a Hindu family because other religious people might not get interest in the topics of astrology, satvik guna, not harming any animal or living being, dharmic life, when they don’t have interest to think of these things how can even they be ready to read Ramayana, Bhagavad Geetha, etc. to know the value of God or His teachings, as all these keep us mentally connected with God. Abhigyan told that nothing can harm us when God protects us either it is invisible virus or visible harmful thing. God alone protects us so keep doing good karma which will come back to you in the form of God’s blessings. Whatever I saw in the videos it just made me stronger and reminded me that Baba is there to protect me and my family so no to worry and get panicked.

I also decided not to give meat food to my children and husband after getting married in future. Just last year I stopped eating chicken, the only meat I ate in my life because I felt just like loving, caring, protecting dogs and rabbits, all the other animals were also the same. When we can’t kill dogs and eat daily, it should be the same for all the other animals too. But it’s just our mind and ancestor things that we limit our love and conditions only to dogs, cats, birds as pets. I just thought of killing dogs and eating chicken. It was horrible to me. Then I felt maybe God also might be feeling bad when people kill the animals. I am hurting God in this way and a living being too. I felt bad and sad just with these thoughts in my mind.

Later even if chicken was in front of me I couldn’t eat. People started scolding me for not eating chicken. I even tried and even though there was nothing wrong with eating I couldn’t even put it in my mouth. And about the eggs, I just feel like killing the new baby when it’s not even entered into the world. I mentally became like this and stopped eating egg and chicken. Slowly I stopped using cosmetics also. I searched cruelty free brands and bought those cosmetics only. Yes, my one purchase might not affect the business but I didn’t take part in any cruelty. When everyone stops using cruelty free things, they will stop producing those things. Just like natural products now, we can see how people are so much interested in natural products in all categories like food, cosmetics, etc. Already many are going vegan life and cruelty free products.

I started walking on that path and that’s it. There were times when there was only chicken to eat in my meal. I kept myself starving and didn’t eat. Actually, I tried eating but I couldn’t when I even touched the chicken piece. I myself wondered how I changed like this. Later my family used to make vegan food for me alone and they used to eat chicken. I thanked God for giving me food.

Later I felt so many times to eat chicken but I asked Baba, “Can I eat it as You also allowed non veg to Muslims? Please guide me Baba.” 

After some days, I got a dream. Baba was there, a big plate of chicken 65 was there between me and Baba. Baba was smiling. I was overjoyed to see the delicious chicken pieces. I took 2 pieces to eat but I ended up not eating and thought of little chicks while holding chicken pieces and kept the chicken pieces back on the plate. I took that as an answer from Baba not to eat chicken and get control on myself even after 2 to 3 years or lifetime.

I decided I will not eat non veg. I don’t want my kids and husband to eat non veg but I’m born in a non veg family, I should not take away the favourite things from family especially food. So, I decided to let my kids and husband eat non veg food from outside because I cannot cook any living being just for my selfishness to have taste. This decision I took last year.

Today after seeing Abhigyan videos, I suddenly decided that I will not allow my kids or husband to eat non veg with strong determination, which I was not able to decide from 1 year. I decided to educate my kids and husband how bad and sad it is to kill animals and eat them. I will show all the possible videos of harming animals and make them realise they have the right to live and earth is also their home. If my husband wanted to eat non veg then he would need to go outside. I will not allow any non veg into my home. This feeling became strong in mind and heart.

I understand why Brahmins become angry when they hear about non veg. As a kid in the past I thought why my Brahmin friend reacts weirdly when we eat all chicken so nicely. They don’t understand the taste of chicken I guess. But just thinking of killing one life and eating it for sake of taste is the worst thing we all do. People have started realising and are going for vegan life already. I wish everyone would understand that animals are also just like human beings who are living on Earth, every living being is created by God and they have the right to live. We are no one to kill and take away their lives.

I wanted to tell just that Baba is there to protect us from Corona virus by His words, His will, His blessings but I somehow ended up telling no cruelty. Please do not panic. Baba is there to protect us from every small health issue to a big virus like Corona. Same as Chapter 13, from small fever, motions to TB disease. We just need to have faith and say to Baba, I have no one other than You to protect me and my family from Corona virus. He will remove Corona virus from you or family or friends in His own ways and bless you with a new life again. Even if anyone is worried, quarantined or suspected or suffering from illness just keep praying to Baba and He will come to your rescue and give a life. Chant Baba’s name. Sai Rama Hare, Sai Krishna Hare, Jai Sai Sai Hare Hare. Karma will be back to us. So, keep doing good deeds which will only protect you back. Thanks.

Jai Sai Ram.
Anonymous Sai Devotee


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Life is an echo as karma bounces back. What we give will come back to us. Let us not give any pain to any creature or being but give love to all and life would not be the same again. Realizing other’s pain is consciousness and living and practising Baba’s teachings is following the Sai path. When we chant God’s name or “Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva” with all the bhav(feeling) it will act like a shield around us. No problem or any virus is bigger than our Sai. Chant Sai Sai as much as possible and Sai will help us sail through this difficult pandemic time too. Love You Deva.
Jai Jai Ho Sai.  
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1222
26 -March-2021 

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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