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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Mahua Biswas From India Says: Om Sairam! Myself Mahua Biswas, a staunch devotee of Sai. I was quite young when I watched a movie based on Sai Baba’s life on television for the first time. At that time, Baba was yet another form of God for me Who magically could light earthen pots with water. I even hadn’t seen Baba’s photo before I started watching a TV series based on His life. Gradually, Baba became my everyday saviour. As a kid, I used to pray to Him for small troubles that I used to face. He was my ‘go-to God’ when I lost even my pencils and erasers. For some reason, I had this incredible faith in Him and an assurance that He is there to solve my problems.

I remember once my father brought home a few packets of incense-sticks that had Sai’s pictures on them. This was when my sister and I were delighted to have Sai Baba’s photos for the first time in my life. We cut those pictures of Him from the incense-stick packets and worshipped Baba in our own way. Being small kids at that time we didn’t know any of His mantras or formal worship rituals and adored Baba in our heartfelt ways.

Once I came to know that one of my cousins loves Baba a lot. In fact, her entire family was Baba’s devotee. They had a big photograph of Baba in their house where Baba was in a posture of blessing. I and my family joined the ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ at their house and felt blessed. I came to know about Udi from the chief performers of the ‘Bhajan Sandhya’ that evening. Back home we started performing Baba’s ‘arati’ from the ‘arati’ book we bought from our cousin’s home. I have never asked Baba for anything. I and my sister used to sing the songs in our own compositions from one of His book of ‘arati’ lyrics compilation I had procured from the local market.

I craved to have Baba’s murti at home. Finally, I bought Baba’s murti to home way back in 2005 while I went to Jabalpur to attend one of my cousin’s wedding. I wanted to have a crown for Baba but I couldn’t find a suitable one. To my utter wonder, I found a crown in my suitcase while unpacking after I returned home from Jabalpur. My joy was beyond any limit when I found it to be a perfect fit for the Baba’s murti I had at home! I and my sister felt more connected to Baba after this.
Sadly, all of a sudden my mother fell ill in 2014 when her blood sugar level rose to almost 800 and had to be immediately hospitalized. She was into a coma due to this sudden escalation in her diabetes level. Coincidentally, our doctor was also Baba’s follower and he assured us of his best treatment procedures. He had Baba’s Udi on his forehead. I was sad and being sensitive towards Sai Baba, I told Him that I wouldn’t talk to Him ever if He doesn’t cure my mother this time. My father also prayed to Sai and promised to get Him a crown once Maa recovered from her illness.

After a fight beyond imagination in the ICU for 4 days, my mother recovered and was discharged from the hospital on the 7th day. The entire week Sai Baba used to give us darshan (appear in front of us) through TV and various other means. Interestingly, a white dog used to come and watch us all night at our house for those 7 days. We were lucky to be immensely blessed by Sai Baba.

Later in 2017, my father fell ill once in the middle of the night and we rushed him to the hospital with the help of our neighbours. I had kept Sai’s blessed rice grains touched on my father’s forehead and chanted Baba’s name till we reached the hospital. It was the same doctor this time as well. My father had a sudden fall in blood sugar that caused him to be unconscious that night, the doctor said. With Saiji’s grace, my father recovered and came back home.

Due to some personal reasons, my sister was going through some emotional distress in 2019 when she discovered the Saiyug network on the internet. She watched several testimonial videos of people who narrated their experience with Sai Baba and came to know about ‘MahaParayan’ from there. My ‘MahaParayan’ journey started on 6th June 2019 which incidentally happens to be my birthday as well. Gradually, I was blessed to get the opportunity to serve as the Class teacher from 11th July, the same year. Next was my opportunity to serve as the Vice-Principal.

My father fell ill again in 2020 with an inordinate rise in his prostate level this time. We consulted the same doctor who advised an ultrasound and further referred to an urologist. The urologist further prescribed a biopsy which I wasn’t much in favour of. I trusted Sai Baba and believed in His miracles. I told the same to our doctor. Unfortunately, my father’s prostate level was still at risk after a month when our doctor strongly insisted on the biopsy. I still didn’t lose my faith in Sai Baba and kept on praying to Him to lower my father’s prostate levels. For the next one month, I kept on praying to Saiji and put His Udi on my father’s forehead. This time my father’s prostate level was nearly normal and ultimately reached a secured measure in the next month. Our doctor was delighted to see the results. Sai Baba has always protected us. I have been blessed to serve as the Principal of MahaParayan last month. As per my promise to Baba, I have shared my experiences of bliss and gratitude with you all.

Om Shri Sainathaya Namah! I love You, Baba! Please keep on blessing us always. 

Om Sairam!
Mahua Biswas

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental . . . !  

Firstly Happy Birthday Mahuaji! Its seems Baba is sending you special blessings on this birthday of yours. You are Baba’s blessed child! 

This post again is a proof showing that Baba is executing and directing the Mahaparayan as well as the Mahaparayan blog. On Hetalji’’s SaiYug network blog we had received this experience and as per sequence it was to be published on 1st or 2nd June (I am honoured and blessed to be the Editor of that blog sice 2016). Then some inner voice guided me to schedule it on 6th June since it would not make much difference but would definitely mean so much to that devotee to see her post up on her birthday. So on SaiYug network from where MP was born, we do publish there MP experiences also if received and it had this post scheduled for today. We had something else for this MP blog today as scheduled by the MP blog Editor Kavita Kumar. But when I took it for final publishing and read it, I realised that since it was not related to Mahaparayan it should be published on Hetalji’s SaiYug network blog. I also remembered that it was already published on Hetalji’s blog on 26th March (one can read by clicking this link and there the first experince). 

Long story short, I got all the answers and could connect the dots, asked Baba through chits and it was ‘Yes’ for this post to be scheduled for this MP blog. Blessed are Baba’s ways and His inscrutable power is beyond our imagination. So Mahuaji starts her MP journey on 6th June 2019 which happens to be her birthday and with cherry on the cake Baba gets her post published on her birthday 6th June on the Mahaparayan blog in His own ways! Beautiful Sai-incidences! So aren’t His timings and ways perfect and beyond the ken of our mind? So rest assured that He takes care of all our happiness and does everything possible that would make our lives blissful and spiritually evolved. Surrender, believe and get relieved! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

#Experience 1293

Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !


  1. Omsairam ��. Baba please turn trolls and negatives to positives. May that soul grow higher in life and may his career flourish to a great extent so that his 7 years struggle becomes fruitful. Omsairam ��.

  2. Happy Birthday to you 🎂🎈. Baba's blessed child you are ! Baba's blessings in abundance to you on your special day.

  3. Om Sai ram. Always in my thought and breath. Praying for your Grace on all my dear and near ones and my Shraddha and Sapuri will strengthen more with your Divine Blessings.
    Om sai sri sai hay jay sai Ram ������������������������������������

  4. Sai 🙏🙏🙏
    Happy birthday mahua ji
    Sai please help Varsha get engaged by the end of this year 2021 to a good boy
    Please baba 🙏
    Please give Varsha to cope up with good positive strength and vibe about the match
    Please tell Bujji to call me tomorrow
    Please take care of Pooja in her career to do well and physically help her to loose weight
    Please sai bless the world 🙏🙏🙏

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