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Baba Always Protects His Devotees

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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Shareen Says: Om Sai ram to all the devotees. Baba always protects His children, never for a moment He’s away from us, He always thinks about our welfare.

Since the beginning of May 2020, my father has been experiencing blood in his stool. He went to the doctor who said that it looked like a case of IBS( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) accompanied with extreme stress. Stress because my Uncle (father’s younger brother) was hospitalized and was on ventilator diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and he finally went to be with Baba on 20th May.

The whole episode came as a big shock to my father for he lost his younger brother who was like his child. However, when the blood didn’t stop in the stool, we consulted another Doctor who said that it was Ulcerative Colitis and asked my father to get a Sigmoidoscopy and biopsy. The sigmoidoscopy also showed Ulcerative Colitis and the doctor prescribed the medicines for a month. Today the biopsy report came in as well and with Baba’s infinite grace the report shows no evidence of malignancy and shows ulcerative colitis.
Fellow devotees, this is all Baba’s sheer grace. All this while, when we were waiting for the reports, I continuously prayed to Baba to please keep the reports normal, (diagnosis should be treatable through medicines) as my father couldn’t take another blow. Along with Sai’s name, I chanted Hanuman Chalisa too. Baba has always been there for us and will always be there for us. Om Sairam!

In another incident or I should say miracle, I was sleeping and I must have changed my position or taken a turn and immediately got up because I hit the corner of my eye to the bedside table’s edge. It hurt of course, but I thanked Baba as He saved my eye because fellow devotees, on that same bedside table there was Baba’s small murti (statue). Baba protected my eye, if it was not Him then I could’ve seriously injured my eye, but Sai didn’t let that happen. Thank You, Baba!

Sai Devotee Shareen

#MP-Experience 1390

Baba Always Listens To Our Prayers

http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2012/07/Submit-posts-to-article-directories.html MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra | experiences.mahaparayan.com

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Says: My humble Pranam at the lotus feet of our dearest Baba. Thanks a ton to the great devotees of Baba, who are behind this site. Baba, please help me to narrate Your loving grace to me. I would like to be anonymous.

One day I found that in the lower part (sole) of my son’s feet, there was a lot of skin peeling. Especially below the toes, it was severe. It was not like a foot crack, but something different. It looked scary and horrible. Skin dryness was not possible during the summer. My husband said that maybe due to sweating, moisture got accumulated and the skin peeled off, but I was not convinced because I had never seen his feet sweating. Now also since schools are closed, he is not wearing shoes, socks and hence sweating was also not possible.

During the lockdown situations, it is not very advisable to visit the doctor also. I checked for Cetaphil cream (which is very effective for skin problems) in my house, the one I found was expired. It is natural for a mother to get worried, but then why to worry, when we have the doctor of all doctors, mother of all mothers – our ever merciful Baba with us? A few days back I had ordered Vaseline petroleum jelly to apply on my hands, after vessel cleaning. That one reached, this one was not the transparent one, but the one little yellowish color. Baba made me apply Vaseline on my son’s foot after soaking his feet in salt, soda, and lemon water for some time. While applying the jelly I used to chant Baba’s name in my mind. I also promised to share this grace of Baba with all the members of my Sai family. I used to do that treatment for him every other day. After about 1 week I found out that his foot healed almost 90 percent. I am so happy and grateful to Baba.

My other experience goes like this. One evening I prepared some vegetable pakora for my family. I also had some. Usually, I don’t like pakora much, so I took little. For dinner, I had just 1 roti and slept. Around midnight I suddenly woke up, due to an uneasy feeling. I felt like throwing up, with some pain in the stomach. I went to the kitchen and had some water. At the same time, I was worried for my family members, because all ate that pakora in ample amounts, what if they would also suffer like me? But with Baba’s grace, all were sleeping nicely. I was feeling more uncomfortable, felt like any moment I would throw up. I didn’t want to disturb their sleep. If I vomited, then definitely my husband would wake up, which I didn’t want. So I prayed to Baba to cure me without vomiting and that others should not get disturbed. I am very scared of vomiting because whenever I get vomiting due to an upset stomach it is very painful, tiring, accompanied by head reeling and burning throat. So I prayed continuously for Baba to stop the vomiting, whereas I was feeling everything I ate was coming up and near my throat and anytime I may purge out. I also prayed to share this experience if I didn’t vomit. I was chanting Baba’s name and slowly I felt all the undigested food going down from my throat downwards. After some time it all came out through motion and I felt so relieved. I slept nicely after that, and no one got disturbed. The same night Baba also came in my dream in the form of a huge book. The book was like a box, the cover page was made of metal with Baba’s photo in sitting posture carved on it, along with the face of Satya Sai Baba. I opened it and found that it was a book with many pages inside it. The book is filled with Baba’s leelas, songs, mantras, etc.

When I woke up late in the morning, I felt very happy about the dream and thanked Baba a lot for saving me from a sure case of vomiting and the pain and trouble associated with it. I was feeling all fresh and fine. Like this, Baba’s love, care for us is beyond our imagination.

Anonymous Sai Devotee  

 #MP-Experience 1391

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Baba, help us peel off our doubts, throw out all negativity, shed our fears and anxiety. May the moisture of Your love heal our soul so that our devotion and faith never go dry. There is so much power in the name Sai itself that only the name uttered with full faith is sufficient for us to cross any hurdle. The name Sai is like an ointment which when applied with faith and patience can heal any deepest wound be it physical or emotional. Remember Baba, surrender to His feet and He will ever soothe us with His love, care and mercy. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!
– Pooja Garg



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  1. hi to all sai devotees and a big big namaskar to my beloved sai baba …actually i am not good at writing but still i am trying to write my experience with the blessings of our beloved baba…i was with MP2939N1 since 2020 …since my childhood i was a devotee of baba with the inspiration of my grandmother … baba …the name itself gives a vibration and confidence to survive in hardships .all we need is saburi (patience) and hope in baba he will definitely gives you what we need and what is good for us .
    I had many experiences with baba ..he always gives me reply in one thing or the other way. You know…. he will answer to the silly question i always used to ask him .It made me feel like baba is always with me even if i forgot him he never leave me a single second in my life so far and i know he never leave me in future also ..
    Now i want to tell about my COVID 19 Recovery with our baba blessings .The day i know i am positive i really lost hope in my life My CT scan report showing 10/25 and i am asthmatic too so really lost hope on every thing i wish for in future ..my husband tried to get the medicines but he failed .on 26 April 2021 morning i woke up and all of a sudden i decided to leave to my mothers home i convey the same to my husband he said OK i took my child and went to my home town without any medicines . I don't know why i had taken such decision because my home town is a village since we doesn't get the medicine in a city like Visakhapatnam how come in a village??…without hope ,without medicine i reached their ..you know… even i didnt chant baba's name also i lost every thing from my mind but baba is with me he never leave me. His miracle makes me survive.My sister lives in Hyderabad she is also worrying about me and my situation she don't know that i am traveling all the way to my village from Visakhapatnam without medicines .on the way she called me and i said all this to her she was surprised and said be careful. the same day almost 1900hrs she had tried for medicine in Hyderabad itself with no idea of availability and how to send to me …And now our beloved baba's play come in picture surprisingly she got all the medicine and she went to a bus stop again with know idea how to send it to me she requested one of drivers their and in that pandemic situation that particular driver I can say he himself is a baba had agreed to take that medicine and handover it hear in my village .The next day morning medicine is in my hands i started using it but still I don't know how will I recover but u know…. all the days in my quarantine room only me and sai baba was their and i had so many talks with him in leisure had lot many experiences .finally i got through the situation successfully with his blessings …JAIHO SAI BABA
    Like this i had so many experiences in my life ..I can say my life itself is the blessings of baba..jai bolo sainath maharaj ki ……jai

  2. Thank you dear Baba and dear Poojaji for the nice messages shared and the titles," Baba always protects His devotees", " Baba always listens to our prayers" " Dont be afraid" ," Have faith and patience, I'll take care of you, My child ", and the experiences of 2 devotees, which I could relate to.
    Today, I cried and prayed to Baba, saying that I was in the worst state and asked Him to comfort me as He never fails a devotee in the hour of need.
    I go to a Baba temple twice or thrice a week. There are many idols and pictures of Baba in that temple ,out of which, there is a medium sized idol of Baba with a lovely, calm smile.
    While crying and praying to Baba today, I suddenly prayed to Baba saying, I am trying to be positive- remembering the smile on your face in Your idol in the temple. Please bring a smile to my face before the day ends today.
    When I was praying, the clock struck 4. ….and made the sound 4 times…..I was still looking at His eyes and face and praying, not aware of the time, at all. I felt that it was a definite positive sign.
    I then, went to the hospital to see my uncle. He was not on drips at that time.Food was given through drips even yesterday. I was told that he ate a little today. There was slight improvement.
    On returning home, I thanked Baba as I felt that Baba was reassuring me that my uncle would be fine and that I have a reason to smile .
    I now, read the day's Mahaparayan experiences and the second experience, had the wordings," Give all your pain and problems unto Me ….and take away, SMILES and peace in return. Now, I feel that Baba is confirming His assurance that I have a reason to smile.
    Thank you so much, Baba.
    Like Poojaji has accurately pointed out, " Please help me Baba, to peel off all negativity, doubts, help shed my fears and anxiety, I was thinking exactly of that hours ago, that , that is what I needed.
    Also, by posting another devotee's comment posted in the comment box, " Baba will answer even my silly questions", I feel that what I believe to be Baba's assurances are indeed His assurances and I am not imagining things. Other apt things
    were also mentioned.
    These will help me sleep peacefully tonight and I will make it a point to remember this when I wake up , first thing in the morning, tomorrow.
    I have given a little Udi to my aunt and asked her to give my uncle atleast a few particles of it in water or the 1 or 2 teaspoons of food that he eats; I have faith that the Udi will help him eat. I am also taking it on his behalf like the stories in the Satcharitha.
    Thank you Poojaji for reading this and for your help, when I need it the most.
    Thanks for making me feel comfortable by posting a long message posted by a devotee under enter your comments.
    Its not necessary to post this comment.
    You may share any post from now on and need not take the trouble to post experiences that I can relate to, to uplift my spirits.
    I very much appreciate the time, trouble and efforts you have taken for me and your timely help during distressed times.
    I will keep you informed of the positive developments from my side as assured by Baba.
    May Baba bless you and your loved ones abundantly.
    Om SaiRam.

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