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Baba’s Miracles In My Life

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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Priya From India Says: I have been a staunch Sai bhakt for over 30 years and have always felt Baba’s presence in my life. I would like to share my latest miracle.

On 29th March 2019, I was traveling with my husband on Qatar Airways. En route from Doha to Budapest, after the lunch service while I was stowing the lunch tray away, due to a faulty spring on the tray table, the table slammed down on my finger. The tip of my finger got chopped off, my nail got fully ripped off & there was a big hole in the front and my bone was completely exposed. I was bleeding profusely. We were 2.5 hours away from landing. My husband immediately asked the crew for first aid and for someone to treat me.

To our horror, in gross violation of IATA rules – Qatar did not have an equipped first aid on board nor did they have the mandatory trained crew member for medical emergencies. The first aid kit was dismal. It only had a little gauze and some tablets but it did not have any antiseptic to clean even a basic wound. The staff did not know how to handle any medical emergency. All they could do was to provide some wet cold towels to clean the wound. It was a nightmare. To make matters worse they refused to announce a Doctor on board. All through this I was in shock and my heart was sinking with fear. I only kept repeating Om Sai Ram and surrendered to Sai. I honestly did not think that I would survive and felt that I would bleed to death. I really don’t know how I was managing the pain and blood all around me. My focus was only on Sai Baba.

My husband finally yelled at the crew and after some discussion the crew found a doctor. The doctor was very kind and I felt Sai had come to treat me. The doctor was shocked at the dismal state of the supplies and somehow managed to bandage me. She told the staff that I would need to be taken to hospital immediately on arrival as the wound was severe and to keep a doctor ready on ground and to make the necessary arrangements. I just kept praying and chanting Sai name. I knew it was Sai treating me in the form of the doctor and tried to stay as calm as I could.

Finally after doing her best the doctor returned to her seat and I never saw her again. The crew assured my husband that they had informed ground staff to make the necessary arrangements. But once we landed there was no doctor on ground. 3 paramedics came on board who took me to their emergency room at the airport. They opened the gauze soaked with blood and only cleaned the wound by pouring betadine over the gaping hole of flesh and exposed bone and said they were not equipped to treat me and that I needed to go to the Trauma and Emergency Centre at the main hospital and get full medical treatment and advised me and my husband that there may be a possibility that I needed surgery or amputation.

My husband quickly contacted our doctor in India and sent him the pictures of my injury and he started guiding us. Qatar once again did not lift a finger to assist us. My husband left me with the paramedics and rushed to get our luggage. Then he went to arrange a taxi to take us to the hospital. The paramedics gave a note and wrote a small synopsis for the Doctor at the hospital and gave us the address. We were shocked, tired and I was petrified, traumatized and in tremendous pain. I was in a strange country with no proper access to medical facilities. I just kept praying to Sai. We got zero assistance from the airline.

My husband found a taxi, got our bags and helped me into the taxi. The driver on seeing my condition asked me what happened. Once we explained what happened, he was so sweet and helpful. He made a quick phone call to his wife who was a gynaecologist and informed her what had happened and she explained to him where exactly we should go and he in turn guided us. As the hotel was close by, we felt it would be better if we stopped at the hotel and took someone with us to help us translate and assist us at the hospital as we were in a country where not everyone speaks English. So we went to the hotel and immediately the hotel organized a car and driver who could speak English and rushed us to the hospital. The previous taxi driver also gave them all the information. The hotel taxi driver rushed us to the emergency unit, came inside the hospital, explained my case in Hungarian to the receptionist, gave her the medical note from the paramedics and requested her to treat me ASAP. I just knew that Sai was appearing in different forms and assisting us. There was no other way we could have gotten all this help when the crew on board and on ground at the airline did not even lift a finger to assist us when it was clearly their primary responsibility. It was just Sai Baba helping us in a strange land appearing in different forms.

Finally I got the correct medical attention almost 5-6 hours after the actual incident. The doctor was shocked when he saw the injury and the trauma that I had been through the past 5-6 hours. He immediately gave me a tetanus shot, did an MRI to see the extent of the crush injury and suggested an amputation of the finger tip as it was very bad. My husband flatly refused. The doctor then put a splint on my finger to immobilize the fracture and bandaged me up. He told us that the fracture would need minimum 2-3 weeks to heal and to stay in Budapest for next few days and to immediately see him if I got any fever, swelling or infection.

Our doctor in Mumbai too was monitoring everything. We left the hospital mentally and physically exhausted. On reaching the hotel, I immediately applied Udi and did an online darshan of Baba and surrendered to Him and went to sleep. The next few days my husband and our doctor were closely monitoring me and when our doctor in Mumbai felt it was reasonably safe for me to travel, he insisted that I get back to Mumbai for further treatment. Qatar once again refused to assist us to plan our return journey. After many calls with Qatar we managed to get back to Mumbai.

Once I reached Mumbai, my doctor immediately arranged for an orthopedic consultant to check me, open and clean the wound which had not been opened due to the fracture. I was petrified they would insist on amputating my finger but luckily the doctor felt we could try and save my finger but it would be a long journey. The next 6 months were traumatic. My finger got gangrene. Many times we came close to giving up but my doctor kept pushing me and helped me through the entire process. I knew my doctor was Sai and He was treating me Himself. Every time I went into the doctor’s clinic I used to read the Sai Satcharitra on my phone while waiting for my turn. Finally the day came when I fully recovered. My nail also re-grew and my finger re-formed on its own. It was really a miracle.

No one who saw the pictures post my accident could believe I would heal without any reconstructive surgery but with Baba’s miracle and treatment I healed completely through a journey based on Shraddha & Saburi. Today my finger is an inch shorter but unless you look really closely you cannot see any deformity except that it is slightly bent. I am eternally grateful to Baba for saving me, treating me and holding my hand and healing me. It is only through Shraddha and Saburi that I have fully recovered with Sai’s grace.

Sai Devotee Priya

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Baba Recovered My Father From Illness

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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Lakshmi From India Says: Om Sai Ram.

I’m Lakshmi from Bangalore, a devotee of Sai from the Mahaparayan group MP-1431N1. My sincere thanks to Pooja Gargji who initiated Mahaparayan making it very successful and also thanks to my sister-in-law from Australia for helping me in joining the group.

My father, an ardent devotee of Sai, fell sick with high BP and his left kidney was damaged. Dialysis was the only option left. It was a very tough time for him. I prayed to Sai if my father recovers from illness then I would post my experience in the Mahaparayan group. I did 9 guruvar vrat also. As my 5th week vrat completed Baba showed us a way. One of my cousin called and said that there is naturopathic medicines for kidney failure. My husband took him to the doctor and naturopathic medicines worked well. He is recovering now. I wholeheartedly thank Baba on behalf of my father and family for rescuing him from this illness.

Bow to Shri Sai Peace be to all

Sai Devotee Lakshmi  

 #MP-Experience 1423

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When we hold on to Baba’s finger with Shraddha and Saburi then the biggest of the storm cannot harm us. Baba, our merciful father makes sure that He does the best possible for us owing to our Karmic account. Let us amputate the negativities and doubts within us and stand firm in devotion for Baba. Good actions, good thoughts never go waste, they undoubtedly lead towards goodness when most needed! Baba will clear all the obstacles very soon and miracles are bound to happen.Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!
– Pooja Garg



Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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  1. Very touching experience Priya ji…As Poojaji so aptly put it..we just need to hold His finger every breath, every nanosecond of our lives and He shall take us through🙂
    Jai Sairam

      • Yes Everything is possible with Baba's grace. But this is also a reminder not to travel through Quatar aiways. Travelled twice. It was a bad experience on all fronts. Right from the line where check in starts until you are actually on the airport. Super bad experiences with Quatar

  2. Om sai i could not belive the fact tht qatar as country who boast for it medical development couldn't assist… but as sai never leavea his devotees who surrender to him

  3. Om sai ram.bolo shirdiwale sacchidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.saibaba aapki leela aprampar hai.baba ji phle mein bht happy rehti thi lakin baba ji ,ab situations ne mujhe bht negative bna diya.baba ji life mein sab acha ker do or mein phle ki tarah positive or khush rehna chahti hu plz help me baba ji

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