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Sai Baba Never Leaves His Devotees

Sai Baba Never Leaves His Devotees

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Ashrita From India Says:

Dear Poojaji,

I am attaching herewith my Mahaparayan experience with you. Please acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

Om Sai Ram! I am a Sai devotee from the Mahaparayan group, India. I have been a Sai devotee since my childhood. There were many experiences I have gone through in my life which makes my belief in Baba stronger day by day.  I would like to pen down my recent experience which proves that Sai Baba is always watching His devotees and ready to help them too.

My younger brother is a very nice human being but as he was growing up he came in the bad circle of friends and started drinking. His drinking habits made my parents’ life miserable. They were unable to sleep and were always stressed out. Because of his habits, there were roadblocks in his marriage.  We all lost hopes that his marriage would ever be possible.

I joined the Mahaparayan group in June 2019 and I was sure that Baba will make his marriage possible. After 2 months, one fine day, an unknown person called and enquired about my brother’s marriage. They asked us to come and see the girl which happened to be on Thursday. And on next Thursday he got engaged. His wedding day also happened to be a Thursday. From that day onwards his attitude towards life has changed and has started respecting parents and all the family members. All these events happened in just 3 Thursdays.

As his marriage date was approaching, there was a demise of my close family member and we were not supposed to do any auspicious events before marriage. But fortunately the wedding date was after 11 days of demise. Priest advised to do all the pre-wedding ceremonies on the marriage day itself. We were all tense about how the pre- wedding ceremonies would be possible on a wedding day. Baba has foreseen this and that’s how the muhurat was kept in the evening instead of morning. With Baba’s blessings, we could manage all the pre-wedding functions on the wedding day itself. Everybody was surprised that the 3 days of pre- wedding ceremonies were done on the wedding day itself.

On the 3rd day after marriage, one old fakir came to my parent’s house and enquired about the wedding ceremony and asked whether the wedding went on smoothly (Shaadi acchi ho gayi kya). I can surely say that Baba Himself came and enquired about the wedding and He blessed the new couple. My brother’s life has totally changed and now he takes care of his parents and wife responsibly. All this could happen only because of  Baba’s blessings and He never leaves devotees’ hand.

Om Sai Ram.

Sai Devotee Ashrita     

#MP-Experience 1713

Blessed With Sai Ansh 

Blessed With Sai Ansh

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Jayshre From India Says: 

Om Sai Ram, 

I, Jayshre Gupta, am very thankful to Sai Baba for such a beautiful blessing, a miracle in my life. Yes, after 8 years of marriage and lot of struggle, I am blessed with a baby boy. I would like to tell all devotees those who are waiting for this miracle to happen in their lives too, to please keep faith in Baba. Everything is possible with His blessings.

 I am thankful to Pooja Garg too, for giving me this opportunity to join Mahaparayan and Sai Satcharitra and Stavan Manjiri daily Parayan. Also she gave me Baba’s prasad of coconut which she got for me from Shirdi. 

Also, I did Sai Guruwar vrat which I got to know from my sister.

Thank You Sai Baba and Pooja for this Miracle to happen in my life for which I waited for so long. My baby is Baba’s miracle and blessing too.

Shraddha and Saburi (faith and patience) is only the key to my happiness.

Sai Devotee Jayshre      

#MP-Experience 1714

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Marriages, promotions, jobs, studies, finances, success, love,relationships, children, happiness and all our concerns are no big deal for our merciful Baba to grant us. But to deal with our Karmic account is a big and tough deal for us. If we seek Sai’s shelter and know Him as our Guru then He will surely guide us and our faith, surrender and devotion to Sai will definitely abate the force of past actions. If Baba would be pleased with our extraordinary surrender and devotion then He may even grant us what is not in our fate. So just believe and surrender in total. Everything will be taken care of by our Universal Father Sai! Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊
 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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  1. Om Sai ram baba. I and my husband are trying to have a baby for 18 years. Bless us sai that we shall share our miracle one day as well. We know that it will happen in your time and not ours but we are getting older Sainath. Please have mercy on us. We are going to start the Monday shri Sainath stavan manjari and the Mahaparayan, also the Sai Guru war Vrat. We love you Sainath always and forever. Jai Sai ram

  2. Puja di I am also a Sai devotee .Join Mp from 2018 October. Still not conceive from last 11 years of marriage..plz give me Baba’s Coconut from Shirdi so that I can conceive ..plz help me di.One more major trouble is having False Court Case against myself which give me so much mental tensions.Plz reply me how to come out from this case and give solution to my problem Puja di.Ya sai.waiting for your reply.

  3. Om sai ram
    Baba please bless my son to get a suitable job as soon as possible.since last three years he is without job please please Deva bless him he is in trouble and could not think what to are only Deva who can bless and help to my son.
    Shri Satchitanand Sainath Maharaj ki jai

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