My Experience With Sai’s Leela

My Experience With Sai’s Leela

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says: Om Shri Sai Ram! I am an anonymous devotee of Sri Sai Baba. First of all I would like to thank Poojaji and Sri Vidhyaji for organising such a beautiful platform for spiritual growth. Rajeshji invited me to this group, who was a stranger to me and I thought that Baba Himself invited me to this group to solve my problems.

I am working in a financial  organisation and I joined this Global Mahaparayan group in the month of February 2020. By then I was in a great depression/confusion stage and I am not in a position to know how I would get rid of the problem. Later I received Mahaparayan invitation from Rajeshji and started doing parayan with great devotion. Every Thursday I used to experience Sai leela with regard to progress in my problem and then I slowly started picking up my confidence.

One day I read the experiences of Sai devotees in our group regarding the power of Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat. Later I started doing with great devotion and love towards Sri Sai. On every Thursday, with the  help of Baba there was some progress in the problem. At the end of the 9th Thursday, surprisingly Baba solved one of my problems. I was tested by Baba and at last, He only solved that.

Apart from that, I experienced Udi Leela many times. Baba will test our devotion, love and patience and then surely He will solve all our problems and He will give us more than our expectations at the appropriate time.

So I request all the devotees of Sri Sai that He will not leave our hand till we are out of our problems, so please do Mahaparayan with love and leave the remaining work to Baba. He will surely complete the task.

Note : Please apologise if my experience is not in a meaningful manner and also if it’s a bit lengthy. Please keep my name anonymous.

Thanks & Regards

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Sai Devotee       

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Sai Baba Took Care Of My Family During Pandemic

Sai Baba Took Care Of My Family During Pandemic

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee  From India Says: Please keep anonymous. I am from Pune, India working in a research field. Thanks Pooja, Hetalji and team for all your efforts in publishing all these experiences which work as an oxygen for all human beings who read these experiences. My post is about how Baba is taking care of my family in COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, all my experiences I have requested to publish on Saiyug network. But from now onwards I request to publish it on Mahaparayan platform as Mahaparayan’s other initiatives such as 365 days parayan, Lesson for Life- The Universal Prayer, Weekly Naam Jaap, VSP daily 200 names, BMP every Thursday 1 chapter at 4am and finally the Mahaparayan every Thursday 2 chapters are one and the same. All these I consider as Mahaparayan only as these guiding me and showing a way how to deal in our daily routine life so that at the end, we attain Moksha which is everyone’s ultimate aim. 

Please don’t disclose my identity. I have become very habitual to Sai as I am experiencing a lot of experiences of Sai in my daily routine. My day starts with Sai and ends with Sai.

My today’s experience is about my daughter and how Baba saved her and my family from COVID-19. My daughter used to go to her friend’s house to play, not daily but at least twice a week. On one of the Mondays she went there, played with her two friends and came back in the evening (she had spent almost 5-6 hours at the friend’s house). 

On Friday, we came to know that my daughter’s friend’s father tested positive for COVID-19. I got tense but did not reflect the same on my face. Next we came to know that one of my daughter’s friends also tested positive. On Saturday, my daughter was down with chills and weakness. I got more tense, including my wife. We prayed to Baba and as usual gave Udi water to my daughter (Please note that we used to give Udi water to our both children every day without fail). Now almost 3 weeks have passed and my daughter, including my other family members (parents, wife, son) are fit and fine till date. Although my wife and son showed minor symptoms (not sure of Covid or not) but we managed them with Udi water and routine basic medicines.

This is all because of Baba’s blessing on my family.

Now, suffering two major issues and hope Baba will give us the solution for the same ASAP. Eager to write the experience about the same very soon to build up the Faith and Patience in other devotees too. Om Sai Ram!

Anonymous Sai Devotee       

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Baba always cares for His children and He is the most merciful and benevolent. His grace will protect us like a shield from the calamities and storms that try to hit us. Let us lock our ego, bad thoughts and negativity and open the doors that lead to love, peace, care and devotion.The more we devote ourselves to His feet the more love, care and grace from Baba surrounds us. Blessed are we to have Baba as our Sadguru! Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 
 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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