Positive Vibes Around Me After I Joined Mahaparayan

Positive Vibes Around Me After I Joined Mahaparayan


Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Shwetha From India Says:

Hi all Sai Bandhus,

I have been a great devotee of Baba for 8 years. After I joined the Global Mahaparayan I strongly feel that all positive vibes have been around us. Thank you to the whole Global Mahaparayan team. You are doing a great job globally. I have posted so many miracles on this blog.

I am very much blessed to have Baba in my life. Baba fulfilled all my wishes. I don’t know how to thank Him. Thanks is a very small word to say to Baba, so please all of you trust Baba wholeheartedly.  He will definitely fulfil all your wishes. Baba needs only Shraddha and Saburi. 

All our wishes will be fulfilled by Baba but not at our time but at His timing as it is better than ours, keep that in mind. I personally experienced many miracles in my day to day life after I joined the Global Mahaparayan. Once again thank you so much Baba for fulfilling all my wishes.

Sai Devotee Shwetha  

#MP-Experience 1761

Sai Baba’s Love On Me  

Sai Baba’s Love On Me  

 Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Vaidehi From India Says: 

Hello Mahaparayan team,

Please find below my experience about Mahaparayan and share this with the devotees. 

Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!! 

Om Sairam! I am Vaidehi and have been a part of the Global Mahaparayan from Feb 2019. Forgive me Baba for writing down experiences this late. I would like to give my gratitude to Baba for showering His blessings on me. 

Coming to my experiences, I have joined Mahaparayan to get a job in campus placement. My first Parayan started on 14th Feb 2019 and I received an opportunity to give interview in my desired industry and job profile on the same day. My interview was scheduled on Mahashivaratri and there was a Parayan on the same day. I attended my interview after reading chapters for the day. With the blessings of Baba, I got selected and received a job offer.

My second experience: I planned to visit one of the temples with my family. Flight bookings were made in advance, so we got a better deal. As we approached the date of journey, COVID prevailed and we had to cancel/postpone the tickets. I spoke with the airline company to refund the money / give credit in my account considering the situation, but they refused to do so and said that they couldn’t do anything. I prayed to Baba to show His leelas and didn’t stop believing that I would get my money back. After a couple of days, I received an email from an airline company stating that they had given money as a credit shell and it could be utilised in a year. I was completely convinced that this could happen only because of Baba. Thank You, Baba.

My 3rd & Covid Experience: My mother is a doctor and have been attending covid duties. Unfortunately, we all tested positive for Covid. That was the same time I gave my name to do Saptaha for Guru Purnima. I had got a high temperature of 103 F and organisers even asked me to take a rest and take part in Saptaha some other time. But I was determined to do Baba’s Saptaha as I had already given my name. As organisers suggested, I applied the ashes of Agarbatti as sacred Baba’s Udi on my forehead and kept my complete faith in Him that Baba will take care of everything and I would be fine soon. I am happy to share that my fever subsided in 3 days and all my family members had minimal symptoms and we are all doing well now.

Thank You Sainatha for showering Your blessings on me and my family. Praying Baba to shower His blessings always! Jai Ho Sainatha !! Sairam!! 


Sai Devotee Vaidehi. S      

#MP-Experience 1762

Those who wish to volunteer any service for Global Mahaparayan, may join temporary whatsapp group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you. Rise and Be Instrumental

Mahaparayan is nothing but a Global Mass Prayer where lakhs of devotees on the same day virtually connect globally and read the 2 allocated chapters from the Satcharitra. This completes the parayan with combined efforts. Each of our positive vibrations generated also combine and connect to surround us. We are all somehow connected by an invisible thread called Sai. Baba too makes sure that those who do it wholeheartedly without any doubts surely feel and experience His presence! Mahaparayan will yield us blessings that we can’t even imagine. So do it, feel it, enjoy it and thus you won’t be far from experiencing it too! Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg



Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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