Miracle Happened After Reading A Chapter On Thursday

Miracle Happened After Reading A Chapter On Thursday

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Jai Sai Ram. I am a member of the Global Mahaparayan and my sister-in- law was instrumental in introducing me to the Global  Mahaparayan group. 

Earlier in 2008, while I was attending a training in BTC, Mumbai my roommate was one Mrs Kamala, a Sai devotee.  She wanted to go to Shirdi and also asked me to accompany her. But somehow I wasn’t keen then and she went alone to Shirdi and gifted me with Sai Satcharitra . Years passed and it was in 2019 that I was fortunate to be associated again with Baba through the Global Mahaparayan. Though I changed cities on account of my transferable job, the book that Kamala gave me travelled with me (though unintentionally) and this is the book I read now on the Mahaparayan Thursdays. 

One Thursday, after reading the chapter on Baba’s Udi, a miracle happened. A client had come to my office to meet me. After the meeting I went with him till the lift to see him off. When I came back to my cabin, I was so spellbound to see a packet of Udi on the chair where the client sat.  I believe that Baba had sent the Udi for me and the very thought brought me goosebumps. My happiness had no boundaries. 

My son graduated abroad during this Covid outbreak and was unable to find a job. Many job offers were frozen or cancelled because of the pandemic. I had to fund him for his living there for months and my financial condition too was getting strained. I prayed to Baba and one day I cried before Baba saying that I do not find a way forward. 

On that day , my son called up and told me that he has got an internship and he will be able to manage his expenses. My son had to face some or the other obstacles, but by the blessings of Baba, he could overcome all that. Baba has been so kind to us. My brother too got a child after 17 years of marriage and I strongly believe that it was Baba’s blessings. Baba continues His leelas and no words can explain His love for the devotees! Om Sai Ram. 


Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 1973

Amazing Miracles Of Sai Baba  

Amazing Miracles Of Sai Baba  

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Devaki From Germany Says: 

Sai Ram! My name is Devaki and I am from the Global  Mahaparayan Group MP-5084N1. I joined the Global MahaParayan 5 months back only but before that Sai showed me so many leelas in my life. I want to write one of them.

That was in the year 2017 my husband went to India alone from Germany as we have been living in Germany since 5 years. I stayed back with my daughter because of her school. After reaching India the next day my husband and my father had to travel to Vijayawada for a family function. While they were travelling by road they called and informed us that they started their journey and after one hour when I tried to call them I could not talk to them. My mother and my in-laws also couldn’t reach them through calls.

 We were so tense and I opened the Parayan book and started reading continuously. My husband and my father met with a major road accident where the car had 3 times rolled and hit one big tree and stopped. My father was unconscious and bleeding. He had injured his left shoulder and my husband was shouting for help as the car was upside down and he literally banged the car door and somehow came out. Meanwhile some other people came and called the ambulance. With their help my husband pulled my father out of the car and took him to a nearby hospital. Still my dad was unconscious.

Luckily by Baba’s grace my father got treatment and they checked my husband as well in case of any injuries. Back in Germany I was still tense and reading the Parayan book and calling everyone back home. After 3 hours we heard from my husband saying that they had problems with the car and they were getting repaired so it took some time as they didn’t want to reveal the incident as we were far from them. I was so relieved after hearing my husband’s voice. I strongly believe that this was just because of Sai Baba’s miracle that they both were safe and returned home. Thank You Sai Ram for being with me and blessing my family always. Om Sai Ram!

Sai  Devotee Devaki

#MP-Experience 1974

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Being calm in difficult times is one of the signs of great strength within. This calmness comes when we have invincible faith in Baba that He will get the things done at His best timing. Anger is just one letter away from danger. So when we get angry we should remind ourselves of this and be calm and focus on the energy within. Offering all the vices at Baba’s feet, Baba will definitely help us overcome them and blessings will follow in abundance. 
Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg



Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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