Udi Is Sai Baba’s Divine Grace And Blessings

Udi Is Sai Baba’s Divine Grace And Blessings

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Anindita Sengupta From India Says:

I’m Anindita Sengupta. I reside in New Delhi, India. I’ve been a devotee of Sai Baba since 2008. Baba has blessed me amply,  performed several miracles in my life,  put me through the toughest tests imaginable but has never left me alone even for a moment. 

I’m a part of the Global Mahaparayan group MP-3666N1 Bharati Sai. I had the good fortune of joining the Global Mahaparayan on Sai Baba’s Punyatithi that is on Thursday, October 15, 2020. I had left the Mahaparayan earlier in June 2020 due to non fulfilment of my wish but rejoined on a whim in October considering it to be Baba’s will. 

I am an animal lover and consider animals to be a true likeness of God, that is Sai Baba. The tragic demise of my previous dogs due to old age made me swear not to keep a dog ever again. On Thursday November 5, 2020, Muffin my 50 days old male Shih Tzu puppy came home after months of contemplation. A friend told me not to overthink about the vacuum their deaths created but to surrender to Baba. I prayed to Baba, completely leaving the decision to Him. Muffin strutted into our hearts on a Thursday and a mother was born, yet again. I call him my little Sai Baba. 

He’s 2 and a half months old and a bundle of joy. Extremely naughty and he has kept us on our toes. I’ve been super vigilant and he follows me like a shadow. A week after coming home, Muffin, who is also the apple of my niece’s eye, was playing with her (Tyrah) as usual. Tyrah was wearing a hand made friendship band consisting of around 40 rubber bands looped together and held in place by a plastic clasp. In front of us, as quick as a flash Muffin pulled out the friendship band from Tyrah’s wrist and just as I caught hold of him, he swallowed the entire friendship band. He was 50 days old then and we all hoped it would come out of his stool as he continued to play.

Over the next 2 weeks since Muffin was super active and ate well I was under the impression that the friendship band had come out of his stool though I didn’t see it. My sister and others were worried. Just as the weather changed and there was a nip in the air Muffin started scratching and caught a cold. The vet said it was normal as it was his first winter. I was worried as Delhi winters are brutal and he stated wheezing for a couple of seconds twice a day. The vet dismissed it as normal saying it was reverse sneezing which is very common in small dogs especially puppies. However the vet gave him injections for his skin condition stating it was a mild allergy and he didn’t want it to aggravate. 

Muffin’s wheezing suddenly became very pronounced in the middle of that night after coming back from the vet’s. The vet in concern has been known to us since the past 25 years and is very skilled. I still took a second opinion and that vet also said the same thing. It was a mild cold and since it had become nippy most dogs were catching a cold. That night suddenly Muffin’s eyes protruded and it seemed as if he was choking. He could barely breathe. I was distraught and gave him Cetirizine. He fell asleep but was listless. I prayed fervently to Baba asking Him to save His child Muffin’s life. I asked Baba through the Sai Satcharitra if Muffin would live. I opened it to the chapter where Sai Baba had saved His devotees from the jaws of death! That gave me relief. To divert my attention I read the Shirdi Sai Baba devotees’ experiences blog and came across a devotee’s experience where Baba had saved a baby bird’s life when she administered Udi to it. In the wee hours of the morning like always I put Udi in Muffin’s food, this time with complete faith on the efficacy of Udi, begging Baba to completely cure little Muffin and that I would write this experience as a token of gratitude.

Within 5 minutes of consuming Udi Muffin passed stool. To my horror I saw the friendship band replete with the plastic clasp come out of his stool after 17 days. I thanked Baba profusely.  When I showed the pictures of Muffin’s stool to the Vets they said it was a miracle and it could have been fatal. They were dumbfounded how Muffin had survived. I certainly wasn’t.


Muffin is absolutely fine now by Baba’s grace and blessings. I continue to give him Udi and pray to Baba to protect His child always.

Sai Devotee Anindita Sengupta

#MP-Experience 2013

Miracle Of Mahaparayan 

Miracle Of Mahaparayan

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Dhiraj From India Says:

I am Dhiraj Pardeshi, student of Global Mahaparayan class MP-3511N1 Rupa Sai and class teacher of MP-7214N1 Dhiraj. I would like to share the miracle that happened with me this Diwali. I was cleaning my ears after bath and my mother told me to get it checked by the doctor as it was giving me trouble for 3 to 4 months. So I visited the ENT doctor. 

They told me to get operated ASAP as the eardrum was damaged. They asked me to do all the necessary tests and get admitted next week after Diwali. Just after stepping out of the hospital, I told Baba that I don’t want to get operated on as I have already been operated on 2 to 3 times (hip fracture, appendix, etc.). Just after a week when I went to the doctor, after checking my reports and examining me again the doctor said that there was no need for the operation as there was no issue. I was surprised to hear that. I knew it was Baba behind this miracle. 

I knew Baba is and always will be with me.

Om Sai Ram!

Sai Devotee Dhiraj

#MP-Experience 2014

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Let’s turn all our ears to listen to what Baba is trying to teach and make us follow the path of Shraddha and Saburi.
 With Baba Who is the Doctor of doctors and His Udi which is ‘The Panacea’ ; we need not fear anything in life. Udi Maa like our mother takes the various forms as per the devotee’s faith; be it a Doctor, a Guide, a Saviour, a Chef, a Healer and what not as we have seen past so many innumerable experiences. We can never thank You enough Baba for Your priceless gifts of Udi, Sai Satcharitra, MahaParayan and above all to be Your devotee which in itself is a blessing full of bliss. Baba ever keep Your merciful eyes on Your children and ever protect us as You have been always doing. 
Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg



Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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