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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Swati Ghosh Says: My name is Swati and am a part of “MPE-140 Ankita Sai” team. My humble obeisances to all of You who are toiling hard day and night to make this Mahaparayan happen, may Sai bless you always, please find my experience mentioned below.

I am a humble devotee of our beloved Lord Sainath and I earnestly feel that it’s my great fortune that I have been able to become a part of our Mahaparayan Yagnya. I call it a Yagnya, since it is a sadhana for all of us, we who have pledged ourselves at the feet of our Guru Sainath, giving an oblation of all our vices in this sacrificial fire. I really feel Sai gets in contact with us in various forms and this time He has come to us in the form of Pooja and her team. I really cannot imagine how she must have felt after getting those visions of Sainath asking her to conduct Mahaparayan at a global scale. She is definitely a much blessed soul.

Sai Satcharitra speaks about Rinanubandha, i.e relations spanning across many births. I am sure that Pooja, Hetal and their team must have done tapasya from several past births and that is why Sai has graced them with such opportunities to serve Him. My Sai, I offer this write up at Your Holy Feet and it is only by your grace that an incapable person like me has been able to pen this down.

Now coming to my experiences, though I had filled up the P-form well in time, yet I did not get any intimation about the same via Whatsapp or any other means. Dussehra holidays had started and my family and I went on a trip to Gokarna.The Mahaparayan thing was at the back of my mind and I always thought that any intimation regarding the same would be via Whatsapp. But I did not get any confirmation. We came back the day before Dussehra and yet I had not found any luck. Various doubts assailed my mind and I was really confused. I thought probably Sai doesn’t think me fit enough to be a part of this journey. I was trying to console myself. I got Pooja’s number through the website and tried to reach out to her. I also voiced my concern via the FB page. Luckily, Pooja responded but her first response caused me more despair. She replied that her team must have tried to reach out to me for confirmation, and I may not have picked up the calls. That was it. I knew I had missed some calls during the trip and my bad luck; I had missed out on this opportunity as well. But Pooja had also added that I will be added as a reserve/backup and that was my only hope. I took this all as Sai’s wish. What can we foolish mortals do, if He himself doesn’t will, to my great happiness, after couple of hours, Pooja again messaged me asking me to contact Ankita.

Ankita was forming a new group for this Mahaparayan. Without losing any time I contacted Ankita and thus I became part of the 140th team. The benevolent Sai had showered His mercy on me and had forgiven my carelessness. Thanks to my Sai, Pooja and Ankita for letting me become a part of this Mahaparayan. Ankita asked for fresh registrations for this newly formed team and I asked my younger sister Shilpa for the same and she too agreed. This time we got our confirmation calls and thus, started our Mahaparayan journey.

Coming to another experience, on the 4th Mahaparayan day, our neighbor aunty suddenly fell sick. She was alone in her house and her son had left for his office which was far off. She had a sudden attack of breathlessness. We had got this information in the morning from another neighbour, but we could not meet her as her flat doors seemed to be closed. So we thought of finishing our Thursday Puja first and then try to meet her.

So at around 11:30 AM we saw her doors open and we went to her house. She was in a very pitiable state. The first look felt like it was a bout of asthma and she was really struggling. Some lady from our apartment who was attending to her also left and my mother-in- law and I sat near her. Obviously, we could not leave her alone. We tried to take her to hospital but her son who was already informed and was on his way back to home asked us to wait for him. So we did as asked.

Meanwhile I felt that I should give her some amount of Sai’s Udi, but I was not sure if she would take it. As if Sai also commanded me the same, I heard her chanting Sai’s name. Getting Sai’s nod, I rushed back home, got some Udi, mixed it with some water and fed her. She asked me what it was and I told it was Baba’s udi. I prayed to our Saviour, to help her and cure her of her ailment; just the way as mentioned in Satcharitra. I vowed that if Udi cured her, then I would post this experience in Mahaparayan website. It was also a test of my faith on my Sai. As if He heard me, aunty slept off after this. We sat and waited on her and after sometime her son reached home. Aunty cried seeing her son and they left for the hospital. My in-laws accompanied them and later on she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

I felt bad for her, but I was happy that she was relieved from the hospital within 3 days and she seemed to be recovering fast. Hearing about pneumonia, I was dejected and had not expected her to be up on her legs in such a small frame of time. But here she was, all smiling and hale and hearty; and seeing all this I could really feel the wonder that Sai’s Udi had played. Thanks Sainath; Your ways are inexplicable. You heard my prayers and showered Your mercy on the poor aunty.

We ignorant children of Yours commit follies every moment of our lives. Not only that but also our faith and devotion flickers with every gust of wind. Hey Gurudev, You are our All Pervading and Ever Compassionate Father, Friend and Guide.

Oh Sai Nath please grant us place at Your ever Auspicious Feet. Bless us with steady faith and devotion so that we do not forget Your teachings and do not go astray in our day to day lives. Groom us to become Your able Children who live up to Your expectations. You are the Doer and we are Your instruments. Hence reside in us and make us Your Light in this dark world. Sri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

“Udi” A Magical Sanjeevani Buti For All Sai Baba Devotees

Swati Ghosh
(MPE-140 Ankita Sai)

<b> Very Rightly said Swati ji, Mahaparayan is not less than any Holy Yagna as we all have vowed for it and also making our offerings in form of our readings with faith, love and devotion to destroy our karmas. It is Baba Who has blessed us by selecting us for This Yagna and we all are really blessed to be a part of It. Proud to be Your Devotee Baba. Love You So Much Sai. Jai Sai…! 

– Pooja Garg

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  1. Very nice experience . As per my understanding of Runanubandha. Not only our organizers, but all the devotees who are part of this mahaparayan definately has a relationship with Sai Baba in some or other previous births. Sai Baba himself has choosen us to be a part of Mahaparayan.

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