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Shirdi Sai Devotee Rekha Goyal from India says: Sairam everyone. I am Rekha Goyal from MP-1 Shwetha Sai Mahaparayan Group of first University. Baba has His own unique ways to show us His leelas and bless us with His presence each time, which will ever remain with us in our life as wonderful experiences. I would be very happy to share two such wonderful experiences which have happened with my sisters last year during Mahaparayan.

When we had started our Mahaparayan, I always used to tell Pooja that you are taking such a lot of efforts to conduct Mahaparayan at Global level, but what is the guarantee that devotees will do the parayan sincerely and report it honestly after completion? I always had this question in my mind but Pooja used to tell me “Don’t worry Mamiji, leave it to Baba and surely He will take care. We will do what we can do at our best. If anyone lies then Baba will see them and with a smile say that mamiji it is Baba’s headache. “. And to my surprise this came out true. Yes! Baba takes care of each and every little thing that we can’t even imagine. After all He is the Almighty. Starting from reading our allotted chapters till reporting and completion of parayan Baba takes care of it.

My elder sister Saroj Mahajan is from MP-14 Rekha Sai Mahaparayan group. She lives in Hubli and last year she had come to Pune in October to see my brother as he was in serious condition. She had come on Wednesday and that day itself she returned back and reached home. Next day being Thursday, a Mahaparayan day, she had to complete her allotted chapter. Actually her daughter-in-law would read her chapter and she would hear it. But that day as she was tired she didn’t hear and just asked her daughter-in-law to read her chapter and report on her behalf.

But just imagine what happened? That same night itself when she was deep in her sleep, Sai Baba came in her dream. Her dream goes like this. She saw that her room was fully packed up with lots of devotees along with Baba. Baba then told her that “Aaj Tumne Apna Chapter Suna Hee Nahi Hain, Isiliye Main Sunavunga Aur Tum Ab Suno. (then with a bang of his fist on other palm he continued) Main Nauwe (9th ) adhyaay ka path karwa ke hi rahunga” (which means “Today You Did Not Hear Your Chapter Itself, Hence I Will Make You To Hear And You Hear It. I will make sure that 9th chapter is read”). Her dream ended here.

The next day i.e Friday when she woke up she recalled what had happened. She was ashamed and asked Baba to forgive her and immediately read her same chapter again (the particular chapter which her daughter-in-law read for her on Thursday, which she did not hear it) and it was the same 9th chapter as per allocation list. After that she had pinged me and shared her experience. I was wonderstruck and through this experience I understood what Pooja always said that its not her but it is Baba Who is conducting this Global Mahaparayan. But still I had got the answer to my question which I had asked Pooja about false reporting.

The second experience which I wish to share is of my other elder sister Santosh Garg, who is also one of the member from MP-14 Rekha Sai Mahaparayan group. When we had just started our Mahaparayan last year from 30th September 2017 i.e from Dushera day, initially everyone was allotted with only one chapter to read. On Diwali day and also it was a Thursday being a Mahaparayan day, one chapter was allotted to everyone to do the parayan. As it is known that on Diwali day all would have lot of work so all are very busy due to which that day almost everyone were late in completing their allotted chapter reading.

In the same way my sister also dint give any confirmation till evening. So when I pinged her up in the evening, her daughter-in-law told me that mummy had already finished reading her allotted chapter and I will send her confirmation. But just see what had happened, Oh my God! actually my sister had lied out of fear of non completion. Please hold on to know now what Baba did.

That same day itself at night when my sister went to sleep, Baba came in her dream and told her that “Utho, Aur Apna Chapter Padho” (which means, “Get Up And Read Your Chapter”) as Baba knew that she had not read and had done false reporting. She was shocked, she immediately woke up and the time was 11:30 pm and still there was half an hour. She read her chapter within a span of half an hour and completed her reading within 12 a.m. The next day itself she told me and confessed about what had happened. I was amazed and told her never to do this again henceforth. Being the class teacher of our group and her younger sister too I also scolded her that is why I was not willing to take you for Mahaparayan. My niece and so many devotees globally are putting in so much efforts for its success. But later Baba too calmed me by making me understand the beautiful leela.

Baba once again had showed His miracle and this time I got my answer. We all know that we need to finish reading our allotted chapter within timeline i.e 7:30 p.m which is set for convenience of volunteers as they have to track thousands of devotees across the globe as sometimes people forget or even read wrong chapters, but at any cost we need to complete our parayan on Thursday itself that is before Thursday gets over to complete our that day’s Mahaparayan. Even if single chapter remains unread the parayan remains incomplete and we need to repeat the parayan of that particular classroom next day again. But Baba took care so skilfully that He came in my sister’s dream, woke her up and made her read her allotted one chapter and completed it before 12 night.

These two above experiences are the best instances which shows that “Baba is Himself looking after each and everything so skillfully and wonderfully taking care of Mahaparayan on Global Level”. Through these above couple of experiences Sai Baba gave answers to my question too. Although Pooja Garg is my niece but at first I was hesitating to tell about these couple of experiences as she may feel bad as she is putting lot of efforts for organizing this global Mahaparayan and I thought that such things may demotivate her but later I thought that these are unique and wonderful leelas of Baba, and Baba too made sure that I shared it with her which is really a great experience. Pooja was amazed and asked me to pen down so that all will understand its essence. Sorry for the delay in sharing these experiences.

All those who are in Mahaparayan are chosen by Baba Himself. Hence Mahaparayan is boon to all those who are part of it. Thank You Baba for blessing us with Mahaparayan which is a Blessing in true sense for the mankind. Om Sai Ram.

Om Sai Ram.
Rekha Goyal

What to speak of Baba’s inscrutable ways which are beyond our intellect?
Firstly thank you mamiji for all your service to Baba and also sharing one of the most amazing leelas of Mahaparayan. Truly speaking, I did not feel bad at all but extremely happy and more motivated as people too would be convinced that it is not any Pooja Garg or Rekha Goyal who are trying to conduct this Mahaparayan. I really thank your both sisters too as it takes lot of courage to confess. It was actually Baba’s way to answer your doubts through your sisters only, which you had asked when I was pushing you to be the class teacher and show that He is aware of every little thing. Really how blessed are your sisters that Baba chose them to show His leelas to the world. After all His ways are His ways! Love You loads Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai…!

-Pooja Garg

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  1. SAI…SAI…


  2. Hey deva please show me the right path.hey deva we need you always please be with us till last breath .maa we are very distrub help us to get a good job.shirdi vasaye vidhmahe sacchidanandaye dhimahe tanno sai prachodyat.sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai

  3. Om SaiRam.I leave it to you to take care of all of us the way you want.i trust you and you give us the best based on our merits.
    Om Sai Ram.

  4. Om Sai Ram.Baba please bless and guide me in completing my allotted chapters in Mahaparayan as per the schedule without any breaks or distractions

  5. Om Jai Sai Ram ji ki. I am so pleased and thankful to join TheGreat Mahaprayan.Feels so good when I read the chapters. God bless you all who is organizing this beautiful deed.Om Jai Shree Sai Ram ji ki

  6. I am really surprised to read this story today. Yesterday my neighbour asked me the question what if someone doesn't do and report falsely how will you know. I told them that Baba will take care of it and we don't have to worry about it, today I am seeing this message confirming my words. Baba is hearing each and everyword we are saying. Once we have faith in him he will take of of everything. Thankyou
    Sairam. ����

  7. Sai.. U are Ram roopaya namah.. It is not difficult for u to Change my Ram . I know time has not yet come.. I Hv shraddha n saburi…

    Wonderful Leela of Baba no doubt… Get goosebumps when I read it

  8. Baba is the doer. He monitor all our actions n thoughts. Specially when we surrender ourselves to his holy feet. My day starts with Baba's name and through out the day doing all my activities I am in constant communication with him….even though its one sided. But I know he's listening. I wanted to do parayan n told my friend. That same day Someone left n I got her roll number. I knew That's Baba's leela. My first reading was on makarshankrati day… a very bad. I did reading early morning but forgot to give confirmation in the group. Anyway our captain called n reminded me. After that day i told baba to remind me to complete n confirm the allotted chapter to me. Till today baba does that. Leading Life in sai conciusness is heaven on Earth. OM SAI OM������

  9. OM SAI RAM.i was introduced to Baba's bhakti by my mother's friend.i joined Bal vikas classes and got my priorities right and always thrived to be a good human being.i was 11yrs old when I joined the classes and now I am 61yrs old ,and from then not a single day has passed where baba was not with me.he was always there with me and helped me in all the situations.i am very dependent on him and would like to remember him till my last breath.i pray and am sure he will help me exit this world peacefully.OMSAIRAM.

  10. OM SAI RAM.i was introduced to Baba's bhakti by my mother's friend.i joined Bal vikas classes and got my priorities right and always thrived to be a good human being.i was 11yrs old when I joined the classes and now I am 61yrs old ,and from then not a single day has passed where baba was not with me.he was always there with me and helped me in all the situations.i am very dependent on him and would like to remember him till my last breath.i pray and am sure he will help me exit this world peacefully.OMSAIRAM.

  11. Om sai ram 🙏my pranams to every one …actually frankly speaking I am not a devotee of baba ..but one of my frd asked if I am interested in reading the chapters , at once I said yes I ll read , but was scared whether I ll b able to read but I am successful in reading d chapters on Thursdays ,plz pray for me n my family to b successful in our life especially for my daughter to b successful in her every aspect of her life. Thanks a lot from U people …may baba shower his blessings on us 🙏🙏

  12. Om Sai Ram ji
    Baba please show me the right way of life.
    Baba give me peace of mind so I take your name every breath
    Om Sai shree Sai
    Jai Jai Sai Ram ji

  13. Jai Sai Ram.I am very pleased to join the Great Mahaparayan and sincerely convey my thanks to all the concerned for extending their  support and guidance in this regard.

    I strongly believe that Sai Baba will  also bless me and my other family members like what he has done to all others, for successful completion of  the allotted chapters  in Mahaparayan as per the schedule .

    Feels so good while reading the two cited very good experiences and thanks for the organizers.

  14. Om Sai Ram Baba always with us he does lot of miracles l really very blessed to be the part in this mahaparayan OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI

  15. Dear Pooja..This is one more confession for this day,.when any of my group members says any excuses for not doing that weeks Parayan I used to convince them for doing by themselves….Since i believe the chapters are chosen by Baba to convey His message to His beloved devotees.. Thus i got answered my questions several times…Last week when a devotee said she won't be able to do parayPa on Thursday I asked her to complete it on the previous day and myself will post the report on right time..thus we completed our group paraPar successfully…i thought instead of asking someone else on a hurryburry to complete the class at the eleventh hour.. doing on the previous day wont be a problem at all…but Babaji didn't accept this..He is very particular about the Parayan should be completed on that day only… because after getting the allocation list yesterday i posted the message which is a regular one to request the members to be ready for the Parayan next-day which mistakenly understood by the members as Wednesday .. so they started asking the proper day of paraPar..and i had to ask sorry and replied them to do only on Thursday…as i was doing so..sudde sud realised it is Baba's game to follow the discipline…Jai Sai Deva.,

    • Today my daughter also askede the same question ,she would read her chapters yesterday ,as Wednesday l didn't agree ,she read it today and ,now l see this experience it is Baba's Leela only.we two are the members of Mahaparayan ,she is in Bangalore and lam in kerala.sai ram.

  16. Om Sai Ram, He proved that, he is all pervasive. Very fortunate to be chosen by Him to this Mahaparayan group. 🙏🙏

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