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Shirdi Sai Devotee Badriji From Australia Says:
Om Shri Sai! I am Badri, part of Mahaparayan group MP-836 Shraddha Sai group. Our family has been devotees of Baba ever since I have known. I constantly believe that Baba is always with us and being the Sadguru He always is constantly teaching us through practical life experiences. I would like to share the below two experiences wherein Sai Satcharitra acts as a life guide to all of us.

Experience 1 :
I had an amazing job and very comfortable living in Dubai. To give my twins (A story for another time on how we conceived them through Baba’s grace) good quality education with focus on sports we decided to immigrate to Australia. Although most of my well-wishers were asking me to move only after I managed to secure a job, me and my family truly believed in Baba’s promise of taking care of us by providing us with food and shelter throughout our lives. Upon arrival in Melbourne, I was reading at least one chapter daily from Satcharitra (on top of my MP commitment) while looking for some work. After completing one round, my sister (Madhura, who is very active in some MP groups) asked me to finish the Satcharitra in a week and vowed that she will also read within a week as soon as I get a job. After completing the holy book under a week and bringing my family to Melbourne (another week or so), Baba arranged multiple interviews (3 to be precise) and in one week and I received a job in a field that I wanted to work in.

Coming to the main learning on how Baba takes care of His devotees:
After coming to Melbourne, me and my friend were discussing the right salary I need to ask to have enough to survive and at the same time give my kids enough access to facilities. Somehow that amount stuck to my head and after weeks of trying, I started lowering my expectation during subsequent interviews. When Baba gave me the job that I really wanted to do, He gave me 5000 dollars per annum more than the amount that both me and my friend had discussed previously (Similar to Chapter 29 in Satcharitra where the pension was given more than what was expected to the Tendulkar family).

Experience 2 :
We recently travelled to one of the most secluded, uninhabited and scenic places near Melbourne called Hare Krishna Valley. It’s a place managed by ISKCON and they had organized a Cow Puja festival there. When travelling from the Goshala to the main temple premises, me and my wife had to split up and go in two cars. Which meant, my 3-year old son started crying in the middle inconsolably to go to his mother. During the confusion I lost my mobile phone. I realized this after a while when I was standing in the line of food distribution. Thankfully, the lady who dropped us did mention that she will be going to the Ashram close by after dropping us before helping with the food distribution. I immediately left the line and started looking for the vehicle. After finding the vehicle I peeked into it and could not see my phone. Being worried, I decided on tracking the phone back to Goshala when my friend asked me to eat first and then look. That was an inspirational moment for me and reminded me of Appasaheb Kulkarni in Chapter 33 when he started looking for a saint to give dakshina on an empty stomach. I quickly had my lunch and when I was going to wash my hands, I saw the lady who dropped us. We then looked in the car again and found my phone lying on the floor. In short, it was Baba teaching me again to respect food and telling me that He is always by my side looking after me.

My only advice to devotees is that no matter how difficult the situation is, Baba will ensure you are well taken care of. Have trust in Him and learn all the straight-forward and subtle messages Baba gives through His life’s teachings.

Om Sai Ram!
Badri Narayanan

If we study this one book Sai Satcharitra carefully and with reverence Baba will fulfill all our desires and teach us the art of living and leading our life towards self realization. Sai Satcharitra is Baba Himself and if one hugs the book as id telling all our worries to Baba and randomly opens it Baba speaks and guides us through It – The Magical Red Book! Just believe and experience it yourself. Thank You Baba for living with us in form of Sai Satcharitra! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too...!

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    Om Shri Sai Sarvabharabhrute Namah!
    (The One Who Bears the Burden of Protecting His Devotees)

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