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Shirdi Sai Devotee Priyaji Says:
Sai Ram to all in our Sai family. I’ve been blessed to be in Sai’s care and have many experiences. But I would love to share the experiences regarding this Mahaparayan. I’m a retired person and I’ve read the Sai Satcharitra a few times. In October 2018, a friend of mine who was already in the Mahaparayan group introduced me to it.

I was put in Pooja Garg’s group and the first reading was about Baba’s passing away and His samadhi. I asked Baba why these chapters?
This was on Thursday. My husband was browsing the net on Saturday and got online tickets for Monday Kakad arti. We had a glorious Samadhi darshan.
There I prayed that my son be blessed with a child. Exactly after a month the news was confirmed that my daughter- in- law was in the family way.

I thanked Baba but He had a few more tests for me. The doctors said that there was a small hole in the baby’s heart. At about the same time there was a request for more people to join the reading. I asked my husband to join (he’s more actively involved than me now) and prayed to Baba to set the things right.

After 3 months during the next scan the doctors didn’t find any hole at all. All this happened when my grandson was still in the womb. Baba the greatest Doctor had saved him and established His presence without a doubt.

Jai Sai Ram
Priya Ganesan

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Baba is the greatest doctor Who can heal everything in our lives. When love and devotion will overflow in our heart for Baba, He will close all the holes (obstacles) in our lives.So let us light the wick of devotion in our hearts with never failing love for Baba and thus destroy the darkness within so that the name Sai shines bright there every moment where no wind of laziness, doubts etc. try to blow it off. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Pooja Garg 
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