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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sahithyaji From US Says:

Om Sri Sai Ram! I am a Shirdi Sai devotee Sahithya from the USA. I am from the Mahaparayan MP-561 group, Red house. Baba was always with me everytime. Recently, I went to India for vacation with my infant baby girl. When we were about to come to the USA our daughter got sick because of congestion. With Baba’s grace she was cured properly.

Udi Miracle:
Our daughter had a fever since 2 days so I went to the doctor and he said that it was normal fever but I was worried and prayed to Baba, “please Baba I have heard Udi miracles, so I am taking vow if Udi cures her fever, then I will write in Mahaparayan Experiences.” Then I applied Udi on my baby’s head and prayed to cure the fever. It was really a miracle that till now she didn’t get a fever since I took the vow. Baba always listens to my prayer.

And one more – I started to travel from India to the US with my baby (My husband is already in the USA). I was worried about how to travel. Then started from my hometown to the airport in my mind thinking, “Baba You always show that You are with me in some form or the other. This time, I have already started but till now, I haven’t got any signal from You.” This was running in my mind and I closed my eyes. thinking Baba please show something. I opened my eyes and right in front of me there was a yellow bus with Baba’s sticker on it.
Also, my sister’s marriage got fixed by Baba’s grace!
I am extremely happy that He showed His blessings on me and my family.

Everybody, please have faith in Baba. Would like to thank everyone who are a part of Mahaparayan and also my friend Samatha who told me about Mahaparayan.Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayak, Rajadhi Raja, Yogi Raja, Parabramha, Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!!

Thanks and Regards,

Baba is the great magician Who can make the impossible as possible. He is there in form of His Udi with His devotees. The more we fall in surrender at His feet the more we rise in our life and so also our happiness. He takes our complete charge when given to. He will never defy His devotees but only do all good. Even if  He gives some pain then it is for our own karmic cleansing. Who else knows our welfare better than our Sadguru? Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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