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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says:
Om Sai Ram. I am a very small devotee of Baba. Please do not disclose my name and email id. I have no words to thank Baba for choosing me as His devotee. l also thank everyone associated with this platform as it is a ray of hope to innumerable Sai devotees.

Coming to my experience, my son had some skin allergy on his neck.When he went to the doctor, the doctor noticed small lumps (about 3) behind his neck and he advised my husband to show it to the physician. The physician told that they were enlarged lymph nodes which might be due to some infection. Further, a blood test was recommended. The reports were normal. Even an ultrasound was done. Then, investigation was needed to rule out tb and a test dose was given. Even after 72 hours, there was no reaction. Hence, the doctor suggested for a minor surgery to remove the cyst and also a biopsy of the same.

All the while, l was tensed and when I heard this, l was scared to death. All sorts of negative thoughts were arising. The surgery went well and the surgeon came out of the OT and said that he didn’t find anything suspicious and told us to wait for the biopsy results which was a week later. While the operation was going on l read Sai ashtottara continuously on my mobile and prayed for his well-being. This was on a Tuesday. l told Baba, “Everyday, is Your day, please be with him and see that no danger comes near him.”

Believe me, everyday seemed like a year. All the while, l continuously kept praying to my Sai to ward off all dangers. l had sleepless nights. l began to look for answers in the QA site. l got positive answers every time. Whole day l asked for answers. But I felt that l needed to keep patience and l decided to ask only once. Everyday l got a positive answer. Now, l needed to have faith. I saved the answers which I got that day and looked at it whenever I felt scared. My Sai made me learn Shraddha and Saburi. Sometimes, l think, l call myself a Sai devotee then why so much of fear?

I have a daughter aged 15 years who is 4 years younger to my son. When I asked her whether she was worried and scared, she replied that she knew everything was fine and so she wasn’t scared. I, at once, felt this is what l need to have immense faith in Baba.
But me not being a strong personality found it very difficult. l caught on to Baba tightly and wept every time I got scared.
I had a chapter of Satcharitra in my mind where Baba grounds the wheat and sprinkled it on the village borders, but I forgot the chapter no. even though I had read it many times. The following Thursday for Mahaparayan, l had to read epilogue, aarti and chapter 1, which was the same chapter. l at once knew Baba had already grounded all dangers and thrown it off. But l being a mother, even then felt scared. l promised Baba that l will be sharing my experience once the report was normal and that l would tell my close friends about the greatness of my Baba. Here l am sharing my experience.

Today report has come and by Baba’s blessing everything is fine. The doctor told that everything was fine and absolutely no cause to worry. Further blood test to rule out TB 1 stage is recommended. And I know, Baba will take care of that too. A big danger is averted due to my Sai. No words can thank You Baba. You are the most loving mother.
Baba please bless us all with very good health, peace of mind, happiness and love for You always. Keep Your protective hand on all of us always.

Jai Sai Ram
Sai Devotee

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Surrender to the highest soul Who led the simplest of lives will really do the magic in our lives. Shraddha and Saburi though may sound two small and simple words but they hold a lot of depth and insight. Its not that very easy to completely lead a life following it without giving up but slowly and gradually it’s practice would make them an inseparable part of our lives and teach us to live life in true sense. They would surely bring our the miracles in our life that we are waiting for.
Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.
-Pooja Garg 

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  1. Om sai ram om sai ram.Sai is our ma,sai is our baba.There is nothing without baba.We can achieve everything because of baba.Baba is our strength,baba is our support.I am surebaba is always pouring all his blessings and is keeping us safe from everything.Personally I have experienced problems will cone and go but baba is always their to overcome and guide us.Baba we are helpless ,we actually have no power without you.Please guide us and keep all of us safe,blessed ,happy and in peace of mind.Om sai ram.

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