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Shirdi Sai devotee Himatejaji Says:

Baba, You are the only reason for what I am today and for how I live a beautiful life that I have.
I am blessed with two beautiful kids, one girl and a boy. Fortunately, my girl is born on October 16th, the day after on which Baba has taken Mahasamadhi (as per Satcharitra dates). I always feel she is a gift from Baba.

When I started Mahaparayan, I felt so blessed to be part of it. Normally also every Thursday I pray to Baba without fail and I pick a page randomly from the Sai Satcharithra to read it out during my pooja. Always Baba gave me answers through this process.

It was that auspicious day, Vinayaka Chaturthi on 2019. We did the pooja and my sister and family also joined us in the celebrations. We took some pictures of our lovely kids where they were full of joy and smiles.
Next day we shared these pictures to our family back in India.
Looking at our little girl pictures, my brother- in- law raised a question to us in suspicion asking “Why does her neck look so swollen? Is she fine?”. And, he also suggested that it looks so abnormal and to preferably consult a doctor immediately. With that suspicion raised, the entire family felt the same and immediately next day we took her to our family doctor. He also felt it was abnormal and suspected a minor surgery might have to be done for her neck. He referred us to an emergency for a neck X-ray and to get an expert’s advice.

The moment when he said those words, I was devastated. I was never ready for that day and I believe no Mom would be really ready to face such a situation.
That moment, I started praying to Baba and continued to pray till my daughter’s reports came out.
It’s our Baba Who is always there for us. He once again proved His words. “The one who prays and believes in me, for those I will take care even from my Samadhi”.
Miraculously, the expert doctor took a look at the report and diagnosed it’s her lymph node on the right side of her neck that is swollen by 2cm. And for now, no surgery is required and with antibiotics it should be fine.

After hearing those words, I immediately thought of only and only Baba and thanked Him from all my heart.
Only He can save us and take care of us in any and all situations.
All this happened during my parayan days.
I will not and never forget this in my life.
Thanks to Nirmala ji and to those who started this Mahayagnam. Blessed to be a part of this Satkarma.
With Baba’s grace, in the past, I have done many 1 week parayans and I will continue to do this Mahaparayan as long as Baba permits me to do.

Himateja Mikkilineni

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Himateja ji so aptly said that we are blessed to be a part of this Satkarma. Yes as Baba had helped Sajal ji to decode it as Mahaparayan Amrit Kaam (equivalent to Nectar); Mahaparayan is indeed a Global Mahayagna and a Baba’s blessing which is no doubt a Satkarma added to our life the moment when we decided to be a part of it(Mahaparayan). It will carry it’s effect and impact on us birth after birth and our generations too.

 Mahaparayan is so easy and effective too and no matter where we go in the world we remain connected to Baba as our commitment to read atleast on Thursday – the sacred day for His children. It is helping us grow and helping others too grow. Infact we all are helping each other with our reading to complete Parayan with combined efforts and thus helping to add Satkarmas to each other’s lives. It’s so beautiful to be globally connected in a virtual Global Mahaparayan Hall which is expanding everyday and yet will always give the feeling of stronger vibes and increased strength rather than suffocation or being overcrowded as after all Mahaparayan is a Global Mass Prayer started by Baba Himself and. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

-Pooja Garg 
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