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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sri Laxmiji Says:

Sai Ram! I am Sri Laxmi belonging to Mahaparayan Group MP-134.Thank you for considering all these mails with patience and posting them to enhance and boost our faith on Baba.
Today I would like to share the experience of Nav Guruvaar vrat.

Before, whenever I did this vrat, I either forgot the 9th Thursday, or didn’t have money to buy books to distribute. That time, I sent pdf files to a few of my friends who are Sai devotees. They didn’t even bother or show interest in it. Like this 2-3 times it was done. I used to think that next time, I’ll go to the temple and distribute there. Sometimes, I even felt bad thinking Baba didn’t accept my puja because I distributed pdf files and so my wish is not fulfilled. Even then I didn’t give up and continued doing the vrat continuously one after the other from 2016/2017 till today.

First, I did for job, then marriage and later with no wishes and by surrendering to Baba and telling Him to decide Himself what to give as I didn’t know what to ask and what I wanted. One of the reasons to do it continuously was that I felt like doing it all my life because I am thankful and grateful to Baba after I experienced His leelas on first vrat without asking for any wishes. But as a human being, I couldn’t control and my heart keeps asking for marriage.

Likewise, every Thursday I am doing Nav Guruvaar vrat.
So last Thursday, I actually decided to go to the temple and saved money also for prasad and books. While reading, I somehow remembered it was amavasya surya grahanam. As all shops were closed from morning, this book shop would
also be closed. So, I thought it’s better to send pdf files again this time also. I thought this time, I will send to Mahaparayan group members.

After puja, sitting in front of puja mandir and Baba, I asked Baba to please guide me to whom I should send the pdf and to help me. I chose my red house group, the first 5 roll numbers. I sent them. I got a reply from one person thanking me. I felt happy seeing how she is happy to get Baba’s related books. Next one replied who I was and other questions but when I stated my reason, she was also okay and not angry as it was Baba’s related puja. Another one replied saying she would definitely do the puja. The other replied “thank you Sairam.” It was just a mere reply but to me I didn’t feel disappointed like before as people were happy and grateful to get this pdf file. I felt happy by understanding this. One of them told me, just after doing her Baba’s puja she got my pdf file and she was feeling fortunate. She and I both felt like Baba wanted her to do Baba’s Nav Guruvaar vrat. I felt happier as I became useful and the medium for Baba to reach His devotees and spread Baba’s divinity.

Keeping aside the wish, I became happy as if my wish was fulfilled. And the answer from site, “YOU WILL GET HAPPINESS FROM SMALL SMALL THINGS”, came true! Thank You Baba. Thank You so much for giving me the satisfaction and happiness this time which I was missing from 2-3 vrats. His ways are His ways which cannot be imagined. He alone knows how to satisfy and make us happy. Thank you!

Om Sai Ram
Sri Laxmi

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Little drops of water make the mighty ocean likewise small small things lead to big things and so if we start finding joy in small things it would definitely make us happier each day. Baba loves and cares equally for all His devotees small or big. Our devotion or our definition of us being a devotee may be small or big (devotee) but to Baba all His devotees are alike. For He is our S(a)ai Baba (Aai (Mother) & Baba(Father)). Would parents ever discriminate between their children? Then how can Baba? He is the most merciful, benevolent and beyond our intellect! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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