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Shirdi Sai Devotee Akhilaji From Germany Says:

Om Sairam!
I am Akhila (MP-131 Red Team) and my husband Naresh (MP-94 Green Team).

Both me and my husband are ardent devotees of Baba since 2013. Since then, we have experienced so many miracles and have felt His presence with us so many times.
Last year(2018), I posted some incidents that happened in our life.

Miracle 1 – Baba’s Visit:

First, let me explain my last year’s experience concisely. We had applied for our visa extension(USA H1B) through regular processing. While waiting for the results, I observed Nav Guruvar vrat, my husband did Siddha Mangala Stotra mandala and we even did deeksha mandala vrat. After 8 long months and inspite of doing so many poojas our extension result came as DENIED. We were so frustrated and angry with Baba as we had to sell off all our belongings within 10 days and return to India. We started posting all the things on buy and sell groups and tried to sell off things as much as we could. 3 days before our return, on a Thursday, a person who would be in his 60’s visited our home to buy the table fan from us. He started talking about Baba after seeing Baba’s pics in our home. We were able to connect with Him instantly and we realised it’s Baba in the form of an old man Who came to bless us. He consoled us and blessed us and said that we would return back WITHIN A YEAR (before next Ganesh chathurthi) if destiny permits. Here is link to my previous experience that got posted last year  

We returned back to India in October 2018.

Miracle 2 – Life’s turn!
Things were not easy after our return to India as we were staying at my brother-in- law’s home (they are in the USA). I and our 1.5 years old son were falling sick alternately. My husband’s work got affected as his work access took time to resume. In December 2018, we decided to visit Shirdi as it was pending for many years. We were thinking of joining the same client as a FTE (full time employee) so that they could sponsor our visa and we could go back easily. We put chits (join or not join) in front of Baba to take a decision. The answer was “NO-DO NOT JOIN”.

Inspite of Baba saying NO, we planned to go ahead and join as it was the easiest route for us to get back.
My husband spoke to the client asking them for an offer of FTE. But the client denied saying that their recruitments window had been closed and they no longer were taking new people. That was our only hope to go back easily. Then in February, my husband’s client decided to have someone at on-site itself and release my husband from the project he belonged to. We became so angry at Baba that He was not letting anything good happen. We felt like everything was going away from our hands and we didn’t know what to do next. Then we decided to apply for a Canada visa and my husband joined IELTS and made the first payment. Later, he was not even able to continue with it as they were not providing enough materials and taking proper classes. That as well came to a halt.
In the 2nd week of Feb 2019, he got an email saying that he would be released from his old project by the end of February. It would be safe if he found another project within 15 days (before getting released) else he had to be on bench and prepare a new technology and find a new project.

We totally lost all hopes of going out of India ever again. We felt like the doors on all sides had been closed permanently for us.
There was not a single day I slept without chiding Baba for what He did to us.
Mentally and physically my health was getting affected as I was not able to come out from the shock of visa rejection and selling all belongings that we built in 5years (2013 is when we got married with Baba’s blessings and I started my married life with my husband in the US).
Every day and night I was questioning Baba why He did this to us. Though I was angry with Him, I had faith in Baba that He would definitely keep up His words/promise (if destiny permits,we’ll come back to US by next Ganesh chathurthi) that He made while He visited us in the form of an old man.

My husband had been mentioning to a few of his old friends that he would be soon released from his project. So, one of his friends mentioned that there were openings/recruitments going on in his project and that he would speak to his seniors to see if he could arrange an interview and get back. Within a week, a senior manager from that project called my husband asking him to send his CV. And a few days after that, he again called back asking my husband to get prepared to apply for German visa. No interview, nothing, they just recruited my husband even before his release from his old project. We were extremely delighted and we were just not able to thank Baba enough!

We attended German visa interview and all 3 of us got our visas approved. And our dear Baba didn’t stop there.
My husband flew to Germany in April 2019. Getting an apartment for rent in Germany is not easy at all. And definitely not within 5 months of search.
In our case, Baba arranged that as well. Husband started doing 40 days Siddha Mangala stotra parayan and even before he completed it, he got a flat in “BUILDING NO 9 ”. 9 signifies Guru’s presence and we even got kindergarten admission for my son very close to our home, in school with building no 18, which also sums up to 9. I joined my husband with my son in August, 3 weeks before the Ganesh Chaturthi (Sep 3rd). Just can’t believe how Baba arranged all this (never dreamt of staying in Europe and here I am sitting in Germany and sharing this experience). As mentioned in Satcharitra, Baba’s promises never go unfulfilled.

My husband’s new project is good, he has a good team, we have a good home and we are a happy family with Baba’s over pouring blessings.

Baba again proved “Baba might not give what we ask for but
He gives what we cannot even imagine”.

Om Sai Ram

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Sai is not only our Baba but our most merciful mother too. This merciful mother cannot see anyone in pain but is always working towards our spiritual progress and washing our sins in the best possible way. Really blessed to be our Sai’s children. He knows all our circumstances, priorities and needs better than anyone. He is more concerned for our welfare than anyone.  Baba as our Saguru is due to our past merits. Why fear or worry for anything when Baba is there with us, behind us and ahead of us to take all care of us! He can just turn the situation in a moment. Nothing is impossible for our Sai! But is it possible for His children to have unwavering faith and patience no matter what? Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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  1. I really have goosebumps while reading your experience.You are really blessed to have his experience.i pray Sai baba to bless us all with his showers.

  2. Om Sai Ram, I am blessed to be in MP 9373 Mahaparayan Group. I share similar sentiments. Shradha can be managed but its the saburi which is the most challenging. I still maintain my faith and certainly Baba will bestow blessings. Om Sai Ram.

  3. Omsairam🙏 thanks for sharing ur experiences, infact we all are very lucky to be a part of mahaparayan which is under babas guidance & blessings.
    Love you deva😍

  4. Om Sai Ram. Happy to see the miracles of Sai in your life sis. Tears rolled my cheeks. We too waiting for a miracle in our life. Fingers crossed waiting with Faith and Patience Sai.

  5. It was a heart warming read, however did not much appreciate" we were angry with baba" sentence, if he does not give what you want , is that it about your faith? Om Sai Ram

    • Sai Ram ji.
      Thank you for reading my experience and expressing ur view.
      My heart totally knew that i was wrong I'm getting angry with him, but , it's just like how we sometimes get angry with our parents when they don't listen to us. We know what they do is good for us, but won't be ready to accept it right then.
      Also, Baba is the only person I completely share my happiness/sadness/anger/frustration and all emotions.
      I would kindly request you to read my previous experience to know what we had gone through earlier.

  6. Had many miracles by Sai Baba no words to you baba.Happy to read all wonderful experience of all devotees.Being patience and faith and love in Baba ,we will experience happiness more🙏🙏🙏

  7. It is very interesting to read abt your experience. You are reallly blessed by SAI BABA. We pray sai baba to bless each n everyone and full fill their wishes. "Om sai Ram.

  8. It is very interesting to read abt your experience. You are really blessed by SAI BABA. We pray SAI BABA to bless each and everyone n full fill all their wishes. OM SAI RAM'S.🙏🙏

  9. Very happy to read all the experiences every one has.please pray for my second son to get a good alliance and settle down. Sai Ram.

    • Om Sri Sairam. Baba will bless everyone whoever prays him wholeheartedly. We should wait with Saburi. May Baba fulfill ur wish soon.

  10. Om Sri Sairam. Congrats. Baba you are so kind enough to your devotees. He is always showing adbhut leelas whoever believes him. Sraddha and Saburi are your weapons. Pl bestow them on all of us also so that we can follow your path peacefully. 🙏

  11. Om Sri Sairam. Congrats. Baba you are so kind enough to your devotees. He is always showing adbhut leelas whoever believes him. Sraddha and Saburi are your weapons. Pl bestow them on all of us also so that we can follow your path peacefully. 🙏

  12. I asked baba to fulfill my dream…after reading ur experience…I believe in Sai Baba that for sure he fulfills my dream
    Om sri sai sarvahrudvasine namaha

  13. Yes Baba’s always loves us, Just hold his hand everything with be the best and what you have wished for will happens and he promises to fulfill our wishes and keeps very happy, contents and peaceful!

  14. Yes Baba’s always loves us, Just hold his hand everything with be the best and what you have wished for will happens and he promises to fulfill our wishes and keeps very happy, contents and peaceful!

  15. Yes Baba’s always loves us, Just hold his hand everything with be the best and what you have wished for will happens and he promises to fulfill our wishes and keeps very happy, contents and peaceful!

    • Aum Sai Ram,

      Siddha mangala stotra is set of 9 verses which describes about first incarnation of lord datta, sreepada sreevallabha. You can do this in front of swami sri pada vallabha,Lord Dattareya or Sai Baba photo.Like all other poojas put flowers, light diya, agarbatti and then just tell swamy for what purpose you are doing this parayana.Then chant the stotra for 11 times.After chanting you can put any thing like fruits,dry fruits,jaggery,sugar,rawa halwa etc as prashad. Swamy likes wheat rawa halwa.If you have wheat rawa you can make halwa and offer it.

      Do the above said pooja for 40 days.After completing 40 days do Annadanam for poor.Its good if you can offer food to atleast 11 people.You can make it by yourself and distribute or can donate money to temple or trust for annadanam.

      Start this parayana on Tuesday or thursday as these are the favourite days of Swamy.

      Below link has the Siddha Mangala Stotra

      Aum Sai Ram.

  16. Baba insists on saburi,all of us should learn from Mrs.Akilaji's experience that Saburi should be maintained and reveer the signs showed by Baba.i am upset about the word used" angry with Baba".
    He is our mother,who knows what is good for us.Jai Sairam.

  17. Thank you all for your kind comments. Baba keeps blessing everyone who has completely surrendered to his lotus feet. Just have total faith with lot of patience. Everyone is sure to experience miracles at some point in life.

  18. Om sai ram.. Baba blessed us in many ways. First he blessed us with visa approval without any hassle. Secondly my mom was very sick this time also baba blessed her to recover from illness. Whoever believes baba he never lets them go down. I m so blessed to be the part of this mahaparayana group. Om sai ram

  19. Baba's blessings are unimaginable and they come at right time for us. We have to hold on to Shraddha and Saburi. Om Sai Ram.👃

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