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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Says:
My humble pranam at Your lotus feet Baba. With the blessings of Baba and my parents, I am narrating my experience. Baba, please help me to express properly Your leela, Your love, and care. Please keep me anonymous.

This is about my son’s upanayana or thread ceremony. Because of some issues in our family, my in-laws were least interested in performing the ceremony. My husband was not ready to do anything without his parents’ wishes. So, this ritual was pending and I was worried about how everything will happen. I lost hope on everyone, but not on Baba. One day while reading Sai Satcharitra I came across the lines “When devotees surrender themselves completely to their Sadguru, He sees that the religious ceremonies in their houses are duly executed and completed with all the necessary formalities.” [Chapter 40]. These words are really true, if we leave anything to Him, then we don’t need to bother, He will see to it.
I left everything at His lotus feet, told Him that it is Your responsibility. You know when to do, how to do and where to do. Then I almost forgot about that. Suddenly one day, my in-laws on their own accord fixed the date and talked about the ceremony with my husband. My husband readily agreed to it and the date was after around 20 days, which is a short duration and so many arrangements had to be done within a short span of time. I was surprised like how all agreed to it, for which no one was taking interest from the past 3 years. I was very happy and thanked Baba from the bottom of my heart and visited a nearby Sai temple. I went to invite Baba for the function, but after reaching the temple I felt Baba is not the guest, rather He is the host because He is the One Who will take care of the event, starting from very minor things to major arrangements, everything He has to do. I offered a coconut to the priest and prayed in my heart that Baba if You will accept the whole coconut, I will feel like You are accepting the entire responsibility of the ceremony. And surprisingly the priest who usually breaks the coconut, keeps half at Baba’s feet and returns the other half to the devotee; kept the whole coconut at Baba’s feet. I was super delighted, and it was Baba’s way of telling that, “I am accepting the complete responsibility of the function by accepting your whole coconut.”

We booked the tickets for our native, started all the preparation, shopping, etc. At that time one more news came, that the priest, who will do the puja, told to prepone the function by 2 days, as that was the more auspicious day. We got a little irritated with this last moment change, but then I consoled myself that it is all Baba Who is deciding the time, place, etc. So, I need not worry, rather I should accept it as Baba’s wish. We landed at our native and with Baba’s grace, all the preparations took place smoothly. My parents’ side relatives were also invited for the function and I was praying that they should be treated well by my in-laws and husband as there is always a difference in the mentality between 2 families. They are not compatible with each other, their thought process and lifestyle are very different, even though individually both are good people and good families.

So, I was apprehensive about that, but to my shock and surprise both the families greeted each other very nicely and more surprisingly my husband was a different person altogether. He talked to my family members very nicely which I had never seen before. Really Baba had done some magic as throughout our stay my husband was very cool. He never shouted at me or ill-treated me in front of others, which was nothing but Baba’s leela only. I found a remarkable change in my husband as if he became more mature, more responsible, more sensible and more caring.

With Baba’s presence and with His blessings, the ceremony took place with all the rituals and formalities. I was also worried whether my son will sit at the puja for a long duration or not, will enjoy all the events or not, but with Baba’s grace, he also followed all the instructions of the puja, without creating any trouble. The reception party also went well. We felt very happy by meeting with all our relatives after a long time. Just after 2 days of the ceremony, I got my periods on the same day which was previously decided for the ceremony. If the date would n’t have been preponed, then I couldn’t have participated in puja or any rituals and it would have been a great problem. So, Baba’s timing is perfect, there is no doubt in it. He knows everything about our past, present, and future and if we surrender to His will, then He will give us the best and most suitable.

During our stay at our native, my son got cold and his face and neck were covered with rashes. I was scared to see that and felt that maybe he got some infection and may get a fever also, so I prayed to Baba and applied Udi, also gave Udi mixed in water. I prayed that nothing should happen to him, otherwise our trip would be spoiled. With Baba’s grace nothing happened and after 2-3 days, the rashes disappeared. After spending some nice time with our families, for a few days, we left our native happily.

I also had promised to Baba, to share my experience after the function gets over. I am feeling that it is Baba, Who made this possible, Who did everything, took care of everything. His presence, His guidance, I could feel every moment. After reaching my in-laws’ place, I was missing Baba very badly, as they are devotees of some other Guru and only a small photo of Baba is there in the puja room, which I got during my marriage time. One day we visited someone’s house nearby, and there I saw the house was full of Satya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba photos, which was unexpected. I felt so happy as if Baba was telling, “See I am ahead of you here to welcome you.”

Before concluding I would like to tell all my Sai brothers and sisters, Mahaparayan is very powerful. I could see so many positive changes in my life after joining Mahaparayan, wishes are getting fulfilled in a magical and unexpected way and I believe many more happy moments are yet to come. Baba will surely fulfill everyone’s wishes who are a part of this group prayer. Also, if possible, chant Gayatri mantra, make your kids chant Gayatri Mantra. This is also very helpful and beneficial.
May Baba fill everyone’s life with a lot of happiness and contentment.

Om Sai Ram

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

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We all Baba’s children are connected through a thread and that thread is our Sai and our faith in Him. When our relation with Baba is strong enough then all our other relations, concerns and worries are automatically taken care of just as when the thread that strings the beads together in a necklace is strong then all the beads are taken care of. But if this thread breaks then all the beads get scattered and makes it difficult for others. So Baba is that strong thread Who can ward off calamities from our life provided we surrender or handover all our beads(concerns) to Him. Baba knows all and He will make the right things happen at the right time that is nothing but Sai time! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 
-Pooja Garg 

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  1. Wow! Such great leelas by baba. om sai ram! I reckon your story as I am going through similar phase. I am happy to see the outcome. Best wishes.

  2. When I was reading this BABA leela tears came on my eyes feeling that. I should hold BABA's feet throughout my life. Omsairam.

  3. It's really great to know such Sai leelas. Reading them I had goosebumps. You are really blessed. All the best for your future achievements.

  4. I had a strange experience during my first trip to Shirdi. I have been reading about Baba and there arose in me a great desire to go to Shiridi. Since my husband was reluctant due to there being no direct approach, I did not pressurise him.
    One morning he read about the direct flight to Shiridi he booked our tickets. Excited, I booked ourselves into a hotel. On reaching the temple he arranged for a wheelchair since I have a back problem which makes standing for some time or sitting on the floor very painful.
    On entering the premises we appeared lost and wondered which way to go.
    Suddenly a man came and helped us to get a few stamps on our ticket from the office. He then led us to the back of the ladies section, asking my husband to sit on a table behind me since I needed assistance.
    We sat through the Arati in a daze.. the Arati over, I was in tears. As Babas face was a blur since I had severe cataract in both my eyes.
    We sat there while the others got into a queue.
    The gentleman appeared and wheeled me to the center aisle which was chained. He explained my condition to the watchman who let is in. As I looked up, I was face to face with Baba on his splendid throne. I placed my head at the foot of his Samadhi, I burst into tears – why I did not know. The priest took some flowers from the samadhi, touched my head and placed it in my outstretched hands.
    Once we emerged out of the temple, my husband left me with our anonymous gentle man. The man then put his hand into his pocket and handed me a handful of udhi packets. 'Keep it 'he said.
    My husband returned and we felt we should show some gratitude to the stranger. He fished out a note from his purse and turned around. To our amazement, the man was nowhere to be seen. On asking the boy who manoeuvred my wheelchair, the reply we got had us surprised. He did not know who the man was and had not seen him go.
    Failing to locate him, we deposited the same at the office as donation.
    Even on our way out of Shiridi, we kept wondering at the incident. Finally we concluded that man would be none other than Baba himself. Tears of joy rolled down my face as we offered our salutation and thanks to Him. How simple and easy He had made our darshan possible.
    Om Sai Ram.

  5. Om Sai Ram,save this world from the calamities of the new strain of the existing virus. You can only take it away.

  6. Sai blessings to all… I felt as if I was reading my own experience.. .except for the upanayana part I could relate myself to everything… Our family also has another guru and all are non believers of sai. .. And even I've a very small idol of sai in my pooja. .. But small or large idol. .. The blessings of our sai is large.. .stay blessed..

  7. Sai blessings to all… I felt as if I was reading my own experience.. .except for the upanayana part I could relate myself to everything… Our family also has another guru and all are non believers of sai. .. And even I've a very small idol of sai in my pooja. .. But small or large idol. .. The blessings of our sai is large.. .stay blessed..

  8. Omsairam🙏 wonderful, mind blowing, goose bumps experiences, blessed we all are under mahaparayan roof with Babas blessings. Love you deva sai🥰😍🙏🙏thanks for sharing beautiful experience of urs.

  9. Yes, Baba will surely help us if we really pray wholeheartedly and with complete belief. The more we believe, the more we feel His presence. I also have many experiences which I can not express as neatly as you did.

  10. Really very surprising,happy&most
    thrilling experiance of Smt.Hemaji
    of Bhagawan Sri Saibaba and I felt
    very surprising and most happy how
    Swamy comes to rescue of his devotees.Ome namo Sri Sairam!

  11. Om said ram iam also involved in this mp and with baba blessing v have started a small business of mobile accessories n I have many finicial problems also I pray baba pl help us and develop our business and solve our problems if anybody will help us I think it is baba who send that person to help us om sai ram

  12. Amazing experience and so timely for me. I am moved to tears as my mind was very disturbed due to some tensions I'm my family. Unable to sleep I was feeling restless. I was feeling helpless and I'm so thankful to read your experience, many things you said we're a strong guidance from Baba to me. Why worry when you can surrender your troubles to him. Ask and you shall receive. Om Sai Ram! Very Happy for you sister. Blessed are you and blessed is your faith.

  13. sairam..perfectly matching to my current status..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼He blessed me to read it.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  14. i have such experience too like many frim my child hoid he has helped on differnt like he came to me and treated my goiter when i was fifteen

  15. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

  16. You are indeed blessed and thanks for sharing such heart touching experiences so beautifully narrated by u…may sairam bless you… Jai Sai ath maharaj🙏🙏🙏

  17. Om Sai Ram
    What a wonderful experience. He knows everything what to do, when to do and how to do. His timing is always perfect. We should fully submit ourselves to him and he will look after. I have had many Sai Leela experiences since after starting my Mahaparayan chapters. It's really powerful. I am waiting for my experience to narrate as early as possible. Baba is everything. Om Sai Ram

  18. It's been great to a part of mahaprayan…may sai bless everyone to continue this mahaprayan…forever..only shraddha and saburi..are two flowers we need to have.. baba is there to guide us continue the task..
    Belief and faith is means of reaching baba..
    With the blessing of sai..this pandemic..must end
    Everything must be as before i.e become normal..Jai sairam

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