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Shirdi Sai Devotee Radhaji Says:

I am Radha and I’m a Mahaparayan member. (MP- 3187, Kavin Sai, Roll no.10)
I would like to share my experience that happened on Sunday 23.2.2020.
For the last ten years, for everything I call Baba for help, He has never let me down. He is my Father, Mother, Friend, God and what not?

Friday 21.2.2020 was our 32nd wedding anniversary. Since it was Shivarathri, we went to Lord Shiva’s temple that day. For the past 4 days, I had severe cold and cough and that day also, I went to the temple with that only. Before going to the temple, we took one selfie. We had good darshan and came back and that day my sister-in-law and her husband visited us and we had a nice time. Next day as planned they left and at 9, I also went to a workshop with my sister. When we met at the station, she asked, “what happened to your nose?” I thought she was asking about the cold and I said, “Yes, I have a bad cold.” Evening at 4, we came back and after usual chores, I went to bed. Next day, I was feeling much better and went to brush my teeth. While washing my face suddenly, I noticed that my diamond nose ring was missing. I was shocked. That nose ring was given by my mother-in-law and I have been wearing that for the last 25 years. I started crying. Since I had severe cold, I had been blowing my nose every now and then. So, when it fell into the wash basin I don’t know?

Suddenly, I remembered the selfie and checked it. The nose ring was there.
Then I remembered my sister asking the next day. What happened to your nose?
So, I thought it was lost only on Friday. Then the searching began in bed, sofa, and every corner.
Then I went to Baba and prayed to Him. “Baba, You know how precious the nose ring is to me. I know two days have gone and a number of times I have blown my nose in the wash basin. If it had gone inside, it cannot be searched now. But please help me to get at least the nose ring.”

Then after searching everywhere, finally as a final try, I again started cleaning the kitchen with a broom. When I collected the dust to my surprise, I found my diamond nose ring. I was shell shocked. How can this happen? The previous day also, I had cleaned the kitchen and even if it was there, I would not have seen this. Mechanically, I would have thrown it. For some time, I could not control my emotions. I didn’t get the nose screw but I was least bothered. Baba knows what is right for us. Baba never lets you down. Only we should have “Shraddha and Saburi.”

Om Sai Ram

Radha Subramanan 

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When we human beings lost in illusions call Baba wholeheartedly, He immediately is there to help us find our happiness be it materialistic or of spiritual nature. He can help us find ourselves when lost in Maya then of what accord could be the nosepin? We just need to find the pure love for Him in our hearts. Feel the true love for Him and His grace will start shining upon you like diamonds! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊
-Pooja Garg 

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