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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Saibhu From India Says:

Sai Sarvantharyami! This being my very first post is a gratitude to my Baba. I have always adored and looked up to Baba as my Guru and Great Father. Thank You Baba for always protecting us.

One of the Thursdays when I attended the temple, it was very crowded and I could not attend the evening aarti from the beginning. So I thought of sitting for some more time after the aarti got over and then leave. After seeing me sitting for a while the temple priest called me near Baba and asked, “How are you child? How come you are late today?” 

I replied, “Yes Guruji I came late for the aarti.”
He then gave me Udi and flower and asked “So you will sit for the night aarti right?” 
And without thinking at all I said yes and turned to come back and sit. It did not even strike me that I had not eaten anything except fruits from morning and I only eat prasad after attending the temple on Thursday and shej aarti was going to happen after two hours.

My mom was not at home too and so I decided to let me spend time at Baba’s darbar. Just then within seconds the priest again called me. I turned back to him and he took a besan ladoo from Baba’s feet and gave it to me. Only Baba knows that I was fasting that day and He also knows I like besan ladoo. I always get flowers and Udi from the priest but that was the first time ever I got prasad straight from Baba’s feet and the same day one of the devotees just arrived from Shirdi and I luckily happened to get Shirdi prasad too.

Our beloved Sai Baba knows everything. He is always watching and looking after our wellbeing. He is my strength and my courage. Looking upto Baba all the time. My life is in Your hands. Love You Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Devotee Saibhu

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Love and gratitude should be the inseparable part of our attitude. Baba is omniscient and cares for us more than anyone. Let Him take the charge of our life completely and our life won’t be the same again. Our new life would not be less than any prasad from Baba and it would be sweeter than the ladoos. It is never too late to make a fresh start with God. Let us chant Rajaram Rajaram which will help us attain peace, bliss and thereby benefit us immensely as assured by Baba. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !

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  1. Omsairam ��. Baba please bless and protect my mom and dad with good health and long life. Please bless and protect my son husband myself parents grandma in-laws and those two souls too. They are just starting their career. Please bless them with great opportunities and they should shine well.

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