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Shirdi Sai Mahaparayan Devotee Mukesh From India Says:

Sai Ram to All,

I hereby wish to share two experiences. Please find below two instances which reinforced my faith in Sai.

First One- When Sai Baba Came In My Dream:
I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I failed 11 times in CA-Final exam and it took me 6.5 years to pass it and yes it was a nerve-wracking experience. CA Course comprises a syllabus as wide and deep as infinite ocean and that’s the reason only 15 to 20% of the students pass.

For each exam, I would ask Baba’s help and make promises to Him such as will do Sai Sandhya, come to Shirdi etc. In these long 6.5 years, read Sai Satcharitra, chanted Baba’s name, and asked Baba’s help a million times. Due to continuous failure, confidence in myself and faith in Baba both had gone. Though I had lost faith, I carried on chanting Baba’s name, with no hope of gaining help from Baba and surrendering to my fate, but still remembering Baba’s name pacified my mind.

While being a member of Mahaparayan 108 group, I read other members’ experiences that Baba comes in their vision, so I wished it too, but Baba never gave me darshan during that long 1 year when we would read Sai Satcharitra on every Thursday. I wondered if I am not even asking Baba to pass me, just asking for His darshan and still He is not honouring my prayers. At last, I gave up that wish too.

To my amazement, almost 2 years after the completion of Mahaparayan 108, Baba came in my dream just approximately 3 days before the CA result declaration day. Please note that my second wish of having Baba’s vision by the time had got fulfilled. I wasn’t expecting much from the result since exams went very bad. I left 3 questions owing to timing constraints, honestly I didn’t even prepare for the exam wholeheartedly. On judgement day, I was wonderstruck again, I had passed this time. Aisa laga jaise Baba kehne aaye the sapne me ki ab dukh ke din khatam ho gye hai (I felt as if Baba had come in my dreams to say that now the sad days had come to an end).

Second one- When Baba Saved My Niece:
My niece was born with difficulty in breathing. On the very first day of her birth doctors referred her to PGI Chandigarh hospital. In PGI emergencies there was a high risk of infection due to poor sanitation and hygiene. I was carrying Baba’s Udi and so remembering Baba’s name applied Udi on her forehead and fed her a bit.

At 2:00 am late at night, her condition deteriorated and pulse rate began falling. As it was midnight, no expert or senior doctor was available in the emergency ward. Suddenly one doctor came into our room and directly approached my niece’s ventilator and gave her the required treatment. The doctor explained that her condition worsened because of infection. I wondered what made the doctor check up on my niece so late at 2 am and moreover he came straight up to my niece without looking into other patients. I tried to enquire about the doctor’s name and to my surprise, his name was Sai and something. I was again overwhelmed with Baba’s graciousness. Baba apne bacho ka hamesh khyal rakhte hai (Baba always takes care of His children). My niece is healthy and sound.

Poojaji feel free to edit if required. Kindly provide a link in case it is posted.

Sai Devotee Mukesh

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Wonderful leelas of our wonderful and affectionate Baba! I truly felt goosebumps reading the niece story. The doctor was either Sai sent or He was Sai Himself disguised as Doctor. He is the greatest doctor of doctors and the most merciful. His ways are beyond our intellect so please don’t give up on your faith or patience. Sometimes it may take longer than what one may expect. Have faith in having patience. His Will will be done owing to our Karmic account. 

Baba is not only our Guru but the greatest and the most Perfect Accountant ever. His accounting of our Karmas is ‘Zero Defect.’ All will get the fruits as per our karmas. But sometimes Baba suffers on part of His devotees and gives us the things which are not in our fate. Just as CA has a very low percentage of passing result so is attaining Mosksha as very few people realise it and thus try to strive for it or study and practice for the life’s toughest examination of crossing this worldly ocean. But if we rely on our Guru or chant just ‘Sai Sai…’ with love and faith then we will surely pass this life’s examination for which we have come here, with flying colors. Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai.  😊
-Pooja Garg

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Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too. . . !


    • Om Sairam Jai Sairam 🙏Beautiful miracle similar to this recently happened to me
      June 2012 to June 2020 I had BCA MCA integrated program
      Bca I cleared many years back but MCA I couldn’t clear till June 2020

      June 2020 was the last and final chance for me to clear MCA But it didn’t happen I was broken into pieces
      I am Sai devote from Schools days n from 2011 I am reading Sai Satcharitra everyday and chant Sai name , I did vrata and multiple Parayana inspite I didn’t clear

      I did Complete Parayana In just 1 and half day I completed entire book reading non stop

      I had promised god if god really exist prove me else throughout life time I don’t believe n trust god

      Miracle Happened after Parayana : University announced valid is extended due to covid and it was only me from this 2012 batch who appeared and my roll number in notice board was highlighted

      I cleared my MCA successfully
      Saibaba made University to change rules and extend validity for me
      Sai’s magic and Leela is unbelievable

      Sai is just magic 💕❤️💕

      Ur miracle story gave me tears and I can co relate with me

      Ya Sai ❤️❤️💕💕❤️

  1. Omsairam ��. Please bless my parents my husband son myself grandma in-laws and those two souls. Please bless them and protect them. They are facing unnecessary bullying and hatred. They should overcome this and shine brightly as stars. Please protect them from evil eyes. The boy has struggled a lot. Please bless him with great career and personal life Baba. Omsairam ��.

    • Dear sister, don't worry. Surely Saibaba will help you and your family members. Have faith in Him. Everything will be alright soon. Please say Sairam's name and put your worries and burdens under his feet. He will take care of all. Om Sairam

  2. Amazing, miracles of Sri Saibaba. God is there for us always .He who knows very well about each one of us and he knows when and how to rescue us in times of need. I really cried when I read about your niece and how Baba helped you. Om Sairam

  3. Even I’m still stuck with my medical licensing exam of my country since 4.5 years .
    Due to some or the other reason I get caught up and enveloped with overwhelming emotions that really makes me hard to put effort into studies and stay determined to do it . I pray to Baba and even enrolled in the Mahaparayan group 2222. Just feels like giving up on faith and patience.
    I do have dreams of Sai’s photographs but it’s just for some seconds and I keep wondering wether it’s baba or my subconscious calling .
    So many things that I read leaves me logically coNfused.

    I really don’t understand which to do next because it’s literally feels like my career is at stake and I’m bringing my parents embarrassment all these years and unable to give my my laziness which I got used to for the things I faced emotionally!!

    Feels really helpless. I Pray to Sai Baba to bless me and keep my parents safe and give me the guidance That I badly seek.

    Just felt like sharing .
    Om Sai Ram����

  4. It's really a wonderful experience and kudos to Mukesh ji as he never gave up trying CA examination even after failing 10times !!!
    It's really all Sai Leela whatever happens it will be for our good .
    Om Sai Ram

  5. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai. Bless us all Sai and be with us always. Bless us that we will always chant your name and be happy

  6. Omm Sri Sri ananta koti brmhanda nayaka raja dhi raja yogi raja Parambramha Sri sacchidananda sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jay🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Baba you are my morning my day my night my everything baba… without you I m just nothing…I love you so much baba bless all your sai devotees nd bless to all those who are in pain bless my family nd my loved one to get a better job baba plzzzz..I hv full faith upon you baba ❤️ ommsairam 🌹

  7. Same is my case,have been waiting patiently for 11yrs for my land to be sold which I had taken along withy friends,and bcos of which have been in big debt and till date m paying interest for the loan taken which ultimately has spoiled my mental peace.Please Saibaba🙏help me to get out of this debt🙏Thats all I m asking.Om Sairam🙏 Have started doing Parayan since last year 1 year ,which gives me immence peace.

  8. 🕉️Om sri sri ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka raja dhi raja Yogi raja parabrhma sri sachithanandha Saduguru sai natha maharaj ki jai 🙏🏻🙏🏻🕉️ Please bless us deva ..Love you so much sai 🙏🙏Please Save us from this virus swamy .. Jagath ni kapadu sai baba 🙏🙏om sai ram..

  9. Om sai ram,
    Myself vengateshan, my lyf is totally stucked baba, 2yrs before I was met with an accident and got spinal cord injury baba & after that I was not able to walk till now baba, even undergoing treatment regularly still. I was hopefully & deeply praying you whole heartedly baba to make miracle in my recovery & in my lyf, soon expecting your presence baba ji, thank you baba

  10. Mysterious are the ways of Baba, All prayers should be supported by shraddha and saburi.For everything there is a season(time) and a reason.Total surrender to the will of Baba is the best course of action for us.OM SAI RAM

  11. Om Sai Ram. Recently started parayanam….I'm facing many problems in my life….baba please come to my dreams…Baba I'm losing Hope on my life .ee problem s eppudu nanu vadultayee. ,I want to die baba 😭

  12. Om Sri Sairam. Hearty congrats to Mr Mukesh for completing CA exam with Baba's grace and also for His kind Darshan. Baba, you are so great to save his niece. Poojaji, thank you very much for sharing your inspiring views on our dearest Baba which are encouraging us to be more loyal and faithful to Him. May Baba bless you so much.

  13. Sai maharaj 🙏🙏🙏
    Please bless Varsha to get married and settled soon woth good boy please baba
    Give us hope and increase our trust and faith in you
    Thank you for Pooja greeting good GPA and thank you for giving motivation to be healthy
    Please bless the world
    Thank you baba

  14. Baba from my child hood I pray &believe you. One wonder is I got married to lovely husband on Thursday.
    Still many problems are there to be solved. Waiting for your blessings &help.

  15. Baba please please protect my brother and my mother from the negative people around them. These peoples make their life so pathetic.. Every thing confined to my late father snatched by them.. Please baba help them guide them and blessed them with all happiness … Baba reham karo

  16. Om Sairam,
    Baba please help me. I am still waiting for permanent job in Sri Satyanarayana swamy's temple.
    Sai devotees please, please pray for my job.

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