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Baba In My Dreams On Thursday Ekadashi

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Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Sri Laxmi From India Says:

Hi Sairam,

Today I wanted to share a beautiful dream with you all. In my dream, I was with family, friends, movie actors and many unknown people. Having competition with all, trying to study and play. I don’t remember completely but only bits of me studying and playing with people around me. I remember the moments only with Baba.

It was like I was sitting in the corner outside. Two guys came and fought with me to move away from that place. I moved, suddenly there was a huge queue line behind those guys. They started moving in front of where I was sitting. I moved a lot but still people were walking on my dupatta and falling on me. I just got up and moved away from there. When I came to the open place and saw them, it was like a queue for aarti in Shirdi. I thought oh no how did I come out of the aarti line. Instead of sitting, if I stood then I would be the first one in queue and to stand in front of Baba. Fine, I will see Baba from this outside place only. I went and stood right in front of Baba’s statue at the closing bar gates, but then I couldn’t see Baba at all. All I could see was the hands of devotees joining together and doing namaskar for Baba.

I was jumping high to see Baba but I couldn’t. Then I saw a face. I was looking at which color He wore today. It was like yellow cloth wrapped around His head. All I could see was only yellow cloth. Then all of a sudden Baba’s face was right in front of me like how people talk to each other standing opposite. It is like, when I stood near the Samadhi entrance door trying to see Baba and later Baba’s face was just in front of me. I jumped with excitement telling my friends I see Baba, Baba, Baba’s. We all started to do something. After saying two or three words Baba’s statue laughed, sighing down, putting His head down, it was like Baba couldn’t control and outburst with laughter seeing me. Again He became normal, He straightened His face and looked at me. He was laughing. He was not smiling this time. As He was laughing looking at me, I jumped like a monkey from outside telling my friends that Baba is laughing, He is laughing. Then He kept His face normally again like a statue. I wondered what had happened. Then He teased me by putting tongue out. I was like, oh Baba what are You doing? You are teasing me, that too like this. I was overjoyed and clapped my hands. I told Baba, today You are playing with me like this. Then the statue became a TV screen displaying Baba’s photo. They displayed Happy Birthday at the bottom. I said, Happy Birthday Baba. Then Baba’s statue came again. He was smiling at my wishes. It was so soothing to see Baba smiling at me continuously. After that, I started seeing a TV screen outside the temple, talking about the programs for that day. They were displaying dates and the program timings. People sitting there commented on those programs. I wished I could also stay for more days in Shirdi here and participate in this program. I too can sing songs, do bhajans, read Satcharitra like others but I don’t have much time to do all these things. I have to study and prepare for my bank exam. Then I woke up. My dream ended.

I didn’t open my eyes. I was recollecting every bit of my dream. I was like, no no don’t open your eyes and try to remember everything. I could remember only Baba moments every bit by bit and not the moments of what happened before. I really don’t know why Baba gave this darshan? I didn’t ask Him to come in my dreams. I didn’t miss Him. Maybe Baba missed me like always and contacted me through my dreams. Of all the dreams, this was the best till date. In all the dreams, it used to be Baba’s statue, being Shirdi, seeing Baba in Dwarkamai distributing Udi and me standing in a queue for It, standing away from Baba at the last place to going and standing right infront of Baba’s statue, but this time, Baba was laughing, smiling, teasing me and playing with me through His expressions.

It was like Baba taking a photo and couldn’t control His laughter seeing His friends around making fun. For a moment He lost control and just laughed, then He came back to His pose for a photo. The first moment with Baba was like this. The statue turned into a real Baba wearing a long kafni dress like in the original picture of Baba’s. As soon as He saw me, He laughed putting His head down and laughing secretly trying to control His laughter for 1 minute. Then He became normal. Then He was laughing looking straight into my eyes. I too laughed with joy. Then Baba stopped laughing immediately and became a normal statue again. Then He teased me by putting His tongue outside and became a normal statue again. Oh my God! He was so cute doing that. Can never forget those teasing and sighing down laughing expressions. I was shocked for a moment to see Baba like that teasing me with lots of love and smile in that teasing only. It was such a beautiful memory.

He played with me, fooling me around this time in the dream. I am so happy that it is Thursday today. I feel blessed as it is Ekadashi also (16.7.2020). I don’t know why I feel like this is a blessing, a gift to me. I was so worried when they closed Shirdi and didn’t open till this July thinking about Baba. But Baba always assured me with His answers in the website, “you will visit Shirdi soon, you will be happy and visit holy places like Shirdi, very soon you will visit Shirdi.” Like this not once or twice, many times answers came that I will visit Shirdi and I used to feel relieved by thinking maybe after this lockdown I will visit Shirdi. Baba often came into my dreams. It’s like monthly once or twice if I remember. He makes me feel that I don’t miss Him at all. Last Ekadashi He made me start reading Stavana Manjari on a daily basis which I was trying to do for 1 year. I don’t know why something really good is happening on Ekadashi days from 1 year in my life and Baba will be present in that good thing every time.

It was only for a few moments. To say exactly Baba’s three expressions, may be for three minutes or less than that. I can never forget these beautiful funny playing expressions of Baba.

I have to accept and admit that Baba is telling me to study and not to waste time. I was actually preparing for bank exams. For one week, I have been watching dramas and movies continuously day and night thinking that tomorrow I will study. My last words in the dream were that I can’t participate because I have to study for my bank exam. Maybe I should study and prepare and take control over myself with movies and dramas. It was in February or March I guess, in that dream we were on the way to Shirdi and we stopped at Nasik Godavari river and went to Hanuman temple where Pandit tied dhaga to my hand and blessed me. My mother asked for one more dhaga to tie and bless. Pandit tied and blessed. One dhaga for marriage and one dhaga for job. While returning my mum gave a cover of books, when I saw it was all my bank books and scolded her why did she bring all those and why to carry all those books. I felt it was a sign or guidance for me to start preparing for bank exams. And today’s dream also indicated that I will study for a bank exam. Last year, someone unknown told and lectured me about studying for a bank exam in Shirdi. Many times Baba kept saying to study and not waste time. How come I forgot all the things that happened before seeing Baba in my dream and remember only the Baba moments and my last words exactly about bank exams? It is like Baba saying every time to study for bank exams and I kept ignoring.

As soon as I woke up and sat to write this experience thinking after some time I will forget so it’s better to write now only. While I was writing, my mother came to me saying that her cousin wanted to go to Shirdi and that he had called her in the morning asking when he should take her to Shirdi. Aaah it’s such a bliss to listen to those words while I am in the mood of being in Shirdi with Baba. I told my mother to tell them that after this corona we would go. Now it is like for sure I would visit Shirdi because of so many, so many indications that I would go to shirdi.

Thank You Baba for giving these beautiful expressions and playing with me today. Finally You played with me. Though it’s not a physical game like in the TV series where You play with the kids, You played with me mentally and it was fun. Haha, You fooled me by changing into Yourself from the statue. Sometimes statues, sometimes real You. You were changing from statue to real Yourself, from statue pose to laughter, then to statue pose, then to smiling, then statue pose and at last You teased me by putting tongue out (which we do when we do some naughty things). I was thinking about what celebrations were going on in the dream? After I woke up I found out it was Ekadashi day. That’s why there were so many things happening in that temple.

Well, let’s play Baba next time. I think it will be much more fun to play with You. If these two to three minutes of You in the dream is so much joy and fun then playing a game for a few minutes would be much more fun and exciting. I know this wish also You will fulfill one day. I will wait no matter how long but I am sure one day before I die we both will play in my dreams. Thank You for blessing me every time abundantly.

Sai Devotee Sri Laxmi

#MP-Experience 1520

Epic And Divine Yagna Of Mahaparayan

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Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Shekhar From Canada Says:

Om Sairam. Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi RajaYogi Raja Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Samasta Sai Bhakton ko mera Sashtang Namaskar.

Dear Devotees, today I just want to share my experience with the divine Yagna of Sai Satcharitra Mahaparayan. It is very normal for all Sai devotees to read Sai Satcharitra at least one time in their life journey. I am sure it is true for most of the devotees as they might have read Sai Satcharitra many times, maybe 100 times or more. I can say it’s like an entry ticket for all of us to enter into His divine kingdom. It is like beacon light in the darkness of worldly mundane existence.

One thing I can confidently say while parayan of Sri Sai Satcharitra anytime is different from parayan during the Baba’s Samadhi centenary year. Global Mahaparayan of Sai Satcharitra started by Pooja ji during Baba’s Samadhi centenary year has altogether different impact on Baba’s devotees as it has profound impact in terms of receiving Baba’s messages hidden in Sai Satcharitra and unfolding the mystic tales and references that Baba made. Why it is so, the answer is very clear, Baba Himself inspired and directed Pooja ji to embark on this MahaYagna of Mahaparayan. I would rather direct the devotees to read on Global Mahaparayan on how Baba came in her dream and guided her to be the instrument for the upliftment of scores of devotees and I won’t be able to do justice to narrate that divine interaction between Baba and her.

When Hemadpant wrote Sai Satcharitra, he might not have any idea how this holy Pothi would become a holy bible for Baba’s devotees as it was not even printed during his lifetime. He dedicated his efforts without expecting anything. He is a true Karmayogi. Similarly, Pooja ji might not have understood what Baba was trying to accomplish through her at that time. I am not sure whether she was aware at the start of this divine initiative that it could become a truly global Mahaparayan with so many classrooms all over the world! It set a new trend of reading the most Holy Sai Satcharitra every week by bringing many into the stream. He showered His blessings on all His devotees.

I joined the group as a Class Teacher for MP-104N1. It was an amazing experience, as it made me busy with His work for almost all days every week. As mentioned reading Sai Satcharitra was quite different as part of Mahaparayan. I had read this holy granth many times before but for some unknown reason the energy I felt during the Mahaparayan was blissful and ecstatic and incomparable. I felt Baba was giving the intricate details behind every leela with hidden philosophical significance. If one dives deep into His stories, they can realize Sai Satcharitra is a practical demonstration of essence in all holy scriptures including Bhagavad Gita and Vedas. Baba silently prompted me to expand the scope of a Class Teacher from mere following up with the participants to complete the parayan every week to extract best out of the parayan by posting 3 quiz questions every week. It evoked amazing interest in the participants as it developed competitive spirit in answering and also made them read and re-read Sai Satcharitra several times to answer some complex philosophical questions. They used to follow up with me for questions if it was delayed. Baba proved on many occasions that He was behind the initiative and went uninterruptedly for 2 seasons.

Thus at the end of the 2nd season, there were more than 400 questions in the quiz bank. Now, for the benefit of all Sai devotees and all class rooms, Baba prompted me to publish these quiz questions in a book format under the title of “Sri Sai Satcharitra – Prashna & Pariprashnena.” This is available on Amazon (globally) and Flipkart (in India) and Goya Publishers portal. Proceeds of the book are dedicated to charitable causes. This would not have been possible but for the Global Mahaparayan initiative.

I invoke His blessings for all His devotees. Jai Sairam.

Sai Devotee Shekhar  

 #MP-Experience 1521

Those who wish to volunteer any service for Global Mahaparayan, may join temporary whatsapp group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you. Rise and Be Instrumental

Mahaparayan is a Mahayagna which Baba Himself has started during the Preparations for the Centenary year celebrations to burn our vices and make us ffeel the warmth of His love and grace. Thank You to souls like Shekharji who came forward that time and gave their most valuable contribution of forming a MP classroom. Shekharji’s this book is another byproduct of this Mahayagna. Its an excellent book to help us reach the depths of Satcharitra. 
We are fortunate enough to have Baba as our Guru Who is most benevolent. He guides us, polishes us and ultimately leads us to the goal provided we surrender in total to Him. Sai dreams are in itself like a wish come true. Think of Sai while waking, dreaming and sleeping. Life will not be the same again. Life will be pure bliss! He will make it happen at His timing. Till then just chant Sai Sai…! Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊
– Pooja Garg



Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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  1. Om sai rakhayak sharanam
    I know to baba since 2009, really I have been change in my life, Baba almost present with me

  2. I had a similar dream some 12 years before wherein Baba was wearing yellow dress and literally playing with me , we both laughed our hearts out and after that I had complete bliss which I can't express in words, and till today if I see Baba with yellow dress I feel He is happy with me and I feel a complete satisfaction, thanks for sharing and reminding my own dream thereby. Love you Baba.

  3. I had also seen sakshat baba in my dream and he talked with me. It was 15 january 2010 (Friday) Amawashya. I went to the kali temple in dream . In my childhood i always visited that temple along my parents. That day i went alone in dream, i saw many people were standing in the queue. I asked someone where were they going? Some one told me that one fakir was sitting there and every body was going for darshan. I also stood in the queue. When i reached there i saw sakshat baba was sitting and i was astonished that why was nobody recognizing him. I bow down on his feet and he blessed me. He was sitting in a small room, he saw that somebody was standing outside, he asked me who was there? I told ,my husband was standing , he asked to me to call him inside. Baba's words were " Why is he standing outside, call him inside. " Just after 15-20 days i had completed my bliss. When i woke up i was profusely weeping, but the tears was of happiness. I can't express my feelings in words. From the day i leave everything on baba.
    Om sai namah 🙏🙏.

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