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Baba Saved Me From The Most Difficult Situation

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Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Kaveri From India Says:

Om Sai Ram
I have been a Sai devotee since my childhood and have regularly participated in singing bhajans etc.

Recently I experienced a health problem which started in the 2nd week of February 2020. I am diabetic for the last 20 years and because of high sugar, one side of my nerve got affected. I was praying for a good doctor and right treatment but as you all know due to the current lockdown, it was getting impossible for me to get out of the house and take treatment.

I was quite worried as my back was giving a pricking pain and there was a lot of burning sensation on the side of my chest. I consulted with two doctors but the condition remained the same and to the worst. It was in the month of March 2020 (9th of March) my sister Usha from Kolkata called me and asked me to join Sai Global Mahaparayan. She said that I need to read two chapters every Thursday. I agreed and she made me Captain of the group without even asking me. My health was not okay but still I happily started reading the allotted chapters.

On 17th April, while I was getting up from bed, I had a terrible head spinning sensation and could not even get up. I got too scared as the moment I was trying to get up, the whole roof above me was rotating and I got too worried. Another huge obstacle was waiting. I got the shock of my life when my boss called me from Germany on the 23rd of April asking me if I had transferred a huge amount of money amounting to Crores from his German account to our Company’s Indian account. I told him that I never do any kind of transfer without his instruction. But he insisted that transfers had been made as per instructions that had gone from my email ID. This was so unexpected, but I asked him to send the email to me. I was shocked when he forwarded the email. Indeed, the transfer form instructing transfer from Deutsche Bank to our Company had been done from my email ID and that too asking for a transfer of USD 160000. I then got to know that my mail was hacked. Already I was facing health problems and on top of it I got so worried thinking about the amount. The hacker had just copied my transfer form, changed the amount and had given his account no. of HSBC Bank, UK for transferring.

I was totally shattered and worried and was having sleepless nights. I was just thinking why such things happened to me when I joined the Mahaparayan Group and read Satcharitra. On the night of May 8th 2020 around 8 PM or so I got a message from Sarlaji saying, “you are doing a good job as a Captain and do you want to take the responsibility of Class Teacher?” Without thinking I messaged her back saying that I was totally devastated as my account had been hacked and I do not think that I was in a position to take over the responsibility as of then. I explained to her what had happened as I did not know what to do.

Sarlaji replied back saying I understand and she said believe in Baba and He will take care. Around 10 PM Sarlaji called me and said one Mrs. Usha Ravi would call me from the US and speak to me. I got a call around 10.30 PM from Ushaji who guided me so well and asked me to keep Rs.1116/- amount in a yellow cloth before Baba and asked me to read Chapter 36 to get some relief. She said I owe some amount to Baba which I must have forgotten and I should go and keep this in front of Baba and whenever I would get time, I should put it in Baba’s hundi. I immediately did what I was told and read Chapter 36. Ushaji also told me that everything would get resolved by next Thursday. Ushaji’s guidance gave me a ray of hope as if the instruction was coming directly from Baba and Ushaji being a medium.

I am very close to my boss who is a very good natured and genuine person. He has a lot of trust in me being his secretary. That is why he has entrusted me with huge transfers etc. My email ID was blocked from April 23rd till May 8th for a police investigation by my boss. Ushaji spoke to me on May 7th night. I was not doing any work till that period and was only praying day and night that my boss should get back the money ASAP. In the meantime, I was told that the hacker had already escaped with the money. On 30th April my boss called me from Germany and said that he got back the entire amount as claim and asked me not to stress much. But at the same time, my boss was not communicating with me and I was not getting any office related work. This made me feel very upset.

My next worry was whether I should be able to gain the same amount of trust that my boss had on me before. It is very difficult to earn trust after all this happened. After having kept the money tied on yellow cloth I went to sleep and told Baba that He should really help me. The same night around 2 PM my boss messaged me saying that he had created a new email ID for me and asked me to start working. I asked him if he still has the same trust as before for which he replied that there was no question at all in his mind and he had full faith and trust in me. I am also praying for my health which I had completely neglected because of these office problems.

After the above incident, I started reading 1 Chapter each in the morning and evening daily. I sincerely thank Baba and all the members of the Mahaparayan Group who are always there with me giving hope and encouragement, special thanks to Usha Raviji.

I am totally surrendering to Baba’s feet and ask Him to accept me and bless me and my family.
Om Sai Ram Om Sai Nath.

Sai Devotee Kaveri

#MP-Experience 1681

Sai Baba’s Blessings

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Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Kanak From India Says:

Minal Sir,
I would like to share an experience that happened on 27 th August Thursday Mahaprayan day.

On 24th August, my mother-in-law got tested covid positive. As per Doctor’s advice she had to go for blood test and also CT scan of lungs as she is 77 years and diabetic and has high BP. Both the tests were done and as per the CT scan report, everything was normal but the doctor insisted that she needs to be hospitalised and then he would give the required medicines.

So my brother-in-law booked the hospital room for 27th Thursday and my mother- in- law was not ready to go as she was very scared and so we were but there was no other option but to go with the doctor’s suggestions. Then we came to know that the room was given to an emergency patient and there was no room available. This was also my Sai Baba’s leela. My mother- in- law stays with my brother- in- law. We came to know in the evening, the same evening I came to know about this other doctor who treated my friend’s father and he was completely cured at home. So I spoke to him and shared the reports and asked him whether she needs to get admitted. He said no, not at all as the reports were stable and it was very mild covid and said there was no need to worry. Finally, even my brother-in-law agreed to go with this doctor’s treatment and now she is doing perfectly fine by Sai’s grace.

This was Sai’s miracle. He knows what is right and wrong at the right time for His devotees. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Devotee Kanak  

 #MP-Experience 1682

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Along with Mahaparayan Baba has also blessed us with a beautiful global Mahaparayan family. Sometimes Baba speaks to us through them. Its a beautiful family tied by the Sai bond and which makes us all ‘Sai Siblings!’ It is only on account of Rinanubandh that we come across any being in this birth. So we should practice to understand that it’s His will and try our best to treat every being considerably. Baba the most merciful Guru, Deva ever will certainly guide us to sail through the relationships and thus help us cross this worldly ocean. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!
– Pooja Garg



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