Sai Baba In My Life

Sai Baba In My Life

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Latha From India Says: Sai Baba has been playing in every step, every breath, every word, every penny in my life.

I have been a Sai devotee since my childhood and since then I am experiencing His presence in my life. I am an engineering college professor now. When I was doing engineering, there used to be practical exams. In that we had to pick one chit out of 15 chits each meant for an experiment. There were eight semesters each having two such practical exams. Believe me, for all the exams the previous day at home I would pick a chit and the same experiment I would get in the examination the next day. Not once or twice all 16 exams its true. 

 Next, I went for PG to NITK Suratkal. As you all know it’s all a project based there. I was working in the computer lab at 10 pm and was stuck in some important coding. One student in the same lab just came and helped me. I simply thought in my mind, He has come as Sai Baba and His name should be Sai. I was surprised when I learnt that His name was Sai Bhaskar.

Two years back my ex-colleague introduced me to the Global Mahaparayan group which is continuing uninterrupted. Thanks to that ex-colleague. I had a wish for my son’s MS (gen. surgery ) government seat. That came true. Although my salary is at stake, in this pandemic with my son’s admission it was an easy path, because I sold two sites last year for no reason and that money helped me for these economic crisis. I can’t imagine if I had not sold the sites and did not have money now for my son’s admission, to pay hefty EMI and the daily chaos.

I have been suffering from a cough since the end of January 2020. I did all the house remedies, allopathy, homoeopathy and ayurvedic possible.  During these times, I was scared to go to the doctor for cough. Very recently I saw one doctor devotee seeking Baba’s help for the same reason  and got cured with the help of Udi. I thought let me give it a try. I feel bad about myself in spite of so many such experiences my mind always thinks let me try. so I applied Udi and prayed, “Baba let me come out of this problem.” It’s been a week and I have not got that cough.

 I wish and pray Baba will save all of us from the ill effects, give good health and come out of problems. Let all be happy on this Earth.Jai Sai Ram.

With wishes,

Sai Devotee Latha  

#MP-Experience 1757

Life Became Easier After Joining  Mahaparayan  

Life Became Easier After Joining  Mahaparayan  

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Lekshmi From UAE Says: 

I am a devotee from Kerala based now in UAE and have posted some experiences before. I am fortunate to be part of the Global Mahaparayan too from October 2019 (MP-5406N1) and I am so happy to say that once Mahaparayan started, life is somewhat easier. This one is about my husband’s health. 

From March, 2020 due to the Covid issues, we were slightly frightened as my husband has gone through a second kidney transplant. He had to go to India once in two months for a check up and suddenly we had to stop it. By Baba’s grace, we both got the facility to work from home which eased a big problem. He used to have online consultations with doctors to update health condition. We always used to pray to Swami to take care of us at this time, as it was very difficult to travel to India if any trouble came.

Things were going smoothly and along with Mahaparayan, both of us were doing Satcharitra Saptah Parayan in between. For the past 6 months he didn’t go anywhere outside other than a few blood check-ups. In the second week of August, one day his BP shot up and even after taking medicine it was not getting lowered. I was not feeling that anxious as I had a firm belief that Swamy will take care of it. But even by night, the situation remained the same and then we started to get worried. I prayed to Swami to please keep everything back to normal by the next morning. I also felt bad thinking I was not praying to Him the way I used to do earlier and now when the trouble came, I was praying Him wholeheartedly. But still I was thinking that being part of Mahaparayan, nothing will happen to my family. And, yes! Our ever-loving Baba always takes care of us – by next day BP was back to normal and was stable for the coming days. 

2. Almost on the same time, there was another piece of good news too. I was worried about going back to my work place again in September as the covid cases were rising. By Baba’s grace we got one more month extension to work from home and I am sure Swamy will take care of us in the coming days as well. 

It was a reminder again to keep my faith in Sai and be patient, leaving everything to Him. Not asking anything more Swami, just be like this to us and bless us to be like this always. May Swamy bless you all in abundance!

Sai Devotee Lekshmi      

#MP-Experience 1758

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With Baba life becomes easier as like our loving Mother and guiding Father He takes all the care. Baba’s blessings come as an equal response to our surrender and faith. He will never do any wrong but only good to His children. He is the most merciful, living  and loving Sadguru. Love Him and live with Him through thoughts and deeds. He will carry you in His arms. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing Parayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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