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Sai Fulfilled My Wish

Sai Fulfilled My Wish

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Jai Sai Ram everyone,

I would like to keep myself anonymous. I am a part of the Global Mahaparayan group MP-3446N1 yellow house. I am also the house captain for the MP-3396N1 red house with Baba’s grace. I would like to extend a big thank you to a very dear friend of mine Aarti Berry who introduced me to the Global Mahaparayan group in June 2020.

I have been a staunch devotee of Baba since my childhood and have experienced His uncountable leelas. I have a loving family and my daughter is a gift from Sai Baba too. We moved to Australia in 2017 because of my husband’s job. The initial two years were a period of struggle as I had a difficult time finding a job. I used to keep praying to Baba and regularly read Sai Satcharitra

In December 2019, I got a contractual job with a prestigious government department. This was my dream come true job. I kept praying to Baba that it would be possible to get a permanent job in this department.

In June 2020 (when I started Mahaparayan), this department went through a complete realignment and my present manager encouraged me to apply for the upcoming permanent roles. Taking Baba’s name, I started applying for the roles but being a government department, the recruitment process was very slow. Daily I used to read other devotees’ experiences on Facebook and my faith kept strengthening. My interview was on 10th September which was a Thursday, got my verbal offer on 12th November which was a Thursday too, and finally got my written offer on 19th November 2020 (today) which is again a Thursday. I had vowed to Sai Baba that if I get a permanent post then I would share my experience.

Thank You so much, Sainath for all Your blessings. Please keep everyone under Your care. I just want to say to all the devotees that keep praying to Baba that good things will surely happen. Just remember that His timings are perfect and He knows when to give and how much to give.

Anonymous Sai Devotee

#MP-Experience 1951

Sai Appeared In My Dream

Sai Appeared In My Dream

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Kusum From India Says: 

Dear Sai Baba Devotees,

I am Kusum, from the Global Mahaparayan group MP-2366N1 Shweta Sai group, yellow house. I am overwhelmed with the experience that my Sai has given me in my dream.

Along with Mahaparayan, I am also doing seven days of reading of Sri Sai Satcharitra. I decided to take three readings and started on Thursday. This was my second reading and I requested Baba, “Baba, in order to confirm faith and devotion in the hearts of Your devotees; You give them experiences through vision either in their conscious state or in dream. Likewise, I please request You to come in any form either in my dream or in a waking state, and confirm to me that You are there with me.” After two days I got a vision in the morning while I was asleep. 

In my dream, I was in Shirdi and was traveling in tonga with Sai Baba. Baba was driving the tonga and I was sitting behind Him. In the olden days how Shirdi was like that was in my dream. It was a village and we were roaming the streets of Shirdi. I told Baba to take me to a hotel. He said that He didn’t know any place there. I told Him to stop for a while and I searched for hotels on my phone. But, Baba was taking me in the correct direction as I was checking my phone. 

He said, “Who believes me? I talk randomly and who understands me and trusts me?” 

For that I said, “I trust You! I know You are Sai Baba of Shirdi.” 

All this conversation happened in my mother tongue, Marathi. Then immediately I got up and I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I feel blessed and what else do I need in life when Sai Baba has completely pervaded me! 

There is one more important thing going on in my life right now and I have complete faith in my Sai Samartha that He will fulfill my wish. I am confident that very soon, I would be sharing this part of my experience also with all of you. 

I pray to Baba to keep blessing all of us like this and to safeguard His children by showing them the right path in life. 

Om Sai Ram!

Sai Devotee Kusum
#MP-Experience 1952

Those who wish to volunteer any service for Global Mahaparayan, may join temporary whatsapp group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you. Rise and Be Instrumental

Life is an echo as karma bounces back. What we give will come back to us. Let us not give any pain to any creature or being but give love to all and life would not be the same again. Realising other’s pain is consciousness and living and practising Baba’s teachings is following the Sai path. Believe in Baba and believe in His teachings and life would be like a beautiful dream in years to come. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg



Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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