Blessed By Sainath Maharaj To Share My Experience

Blessed By Sainath Maharaj To Share My Experience

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Sonali From India Says:

Om Sai Ram!

I am Sonali from the Global Mahaparayan group MP-3539N1 Madhi Sai. I would first seek blessings from my Guru and Shree Sai Nath to bless me to share my experiences with all of you.

I had been following an Instagram page of Sai Baba and then around July 2019 one of the admins of the page messaged me and said that he would help me join the Global Mahaparayan. My heartfelt gratitude to that kind sir who introduced me to the Global Mahaparayan. He briefly explained to me that it would help me burn my sins and help me get my wishes fulfilled. It fascinated me that very moment and so I read everything else about it and at once decided to be a part of it.

I soon got added to the group and knew that devotees were going to be divided into four different  houses (Red, blue, green, and yellow)

I prayed in my mind to Shri Sai Baba and said to Him that I want to get married and if He is really going to choose a life partner for me during this Mahaparayan then I should be put in the Red❤️ house as a sign that my wish will be fulfilled! I only thought about it for a moment and then forgot about it.

Finally, after a week or so everybody was allotted a roll number and a house and to my surprise, Baba chose the red ❤️ house for me!

He listens to the tiniest of prayers and wishes and though we may forget about it, He doesn’t. He is truly our merciful Father.

Baba did keep up His promise, He found me the best life partner. In March 2020, I got engaged and I’m about to get married in a month. It’s all Baba’s grace. Thank You, Sai.

Another leela of our Beloved Baba – A month back, there was a spread of Chicken Guinea around the area we live in. It involves pain in the joints all over the body. I also got affected by it. With Baba’s grace, it wasn’t so severe but my arms and fingers were numb and I felt no strength in them. I took the medicines given and after a few days, it so happened that my medicines were over and I had to go visit the doctor again so that I could continue the treatment that day happened to be a Thursday the MahaParayan day.

I reached there and found the clinic crowded and I realized I would have to wait for quite a while and so I just sat there looking around and passing time on the phone. Then I suddenly realized that I could read the Parayan chapters as I had a lot of time and so I started. I finished just in time and my turn came to get the check-up. The doctor examined me and said that I was perfectly fine and didn’t need any medicine! I was so surprised to hear it. I thanked him and left but kept thinking what if the pain starts again. But the moment I reached home, I realized that it was Baba’s miracle, His blessings, He helped me complete the Mahaparayan before I visited the doctor and He cured me. Since that day I haven’t had any pain and numbness in my fingers. It’s all God’s grace. He is so kind and so affectionate.

Thank You Sai for all Your blessings. Sai bless us all. Glory be unto God. Bow to Shree Sai, Peace be to all.

Sai Devotee Madhu

#MP-Experience 2003

Sai Baba Miracles 

Sai Miracles

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Chaitra From India Says: 

Om Sairam!

Hi team,

Please publish my Mahaparayan experience on the blog soon.

Om Sai Ram I would like to share my Mahaparayan experience in brief.

I have been a devotee to Sai since 2005 and since then am not believing in any other God, pooja, or rituals. For me, only Sai Baba is in my every breath. Even if I get hurt or when I am happy then too ‘Sai’ name dances on my tongue. Have come through many troubles, obstacles, and sufferings to date but in every suffering, at the last minute, my Sai has done a miracle and saved me. Job, career, promotions, marriage, children, parent’s health; I have undergone hard and bitter situations but at the end my Sai has held my hand and said, “I’m there for you always.”

As I need to narrate only Mahaparayan experience, let me draft those leelas here. I joined the Global Mahaparayan in 2018 December. I was searching for a job at that time for a better salary to cope with my commitments. I got an interview call and attended as per the procedure. When I was returning home, I was praying to Sai to let me get this job and to please shower His blessings upon me. I got a call from the Global Mahaparayan team stating that they were going to join me in one group to start reading Sai Satcharitra on the coming Thursday. I was overwhelmed with joy as I was waiting for that call for three weeks and see I got a call on exactly my interview day. It’s just Baba’s call to show His blessings on me. Later I got through the job without any issues. 

I am having a physically handicapped 10-year-old kid who is completely dependent on us. All my relatives, parents, and spouse forced me to have a second child to feel the essence of motherhood. So decided to have a second child but my past karma was not permitted to have a child. For that five years, we struggled a lot to get conceived followed by a few abortions, ectopic pregnancy, gall stone surgery, etc.  All these things made me weak and blocked. I gave up consoling myself that I am not fit to enjoy motherhood, I can’t give birth to a normal child in this life. My tears reached a peak level when I saw small kids around me.

I used to ask only one question to Baba: When will You burn my past life karma and grant me happiness? After six months of the Mahaparayan journey where I had completed all the chapters that are one round of Sai Satcharitra; to my surprise, I got conceived. I always had a fear that something bad would happen to this fetus, would I deliver a normal baby but Baba blessed me. With Sai’s blessings, I delivered a baby girl in April 2020 without any obstacles during Covid 19 pandemic situation. I thank my friend, Narendra sir, and captain of greenhouse MP-416N1 Mahaparayan group for introducing me to the MP world and serving more to Baba.

Sai Devotee Chaitra

#MP-Experience 2004

Those who wish to volunteer any service for Global Mahaparayan, may join temporary whatsapp group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you. Rise and Be Instrumental

May we seek a place in God’s abode, may we keep singing His praises and dance in devotion with the name Sai ever on our tongue. We all, including God, have to suffer for karmas. There is no escape. Still with God’s grace the intensity is minimised. With Baba everything and anything is possible. Baba is really the most merciful and loving God. What is best and good for us would surely be granted by Baba; so have no worry. When we unite with Baba, blessings and miracles too unite with us. Believe and He will take all care. Our Sai Maa is always there for us, so don't fear and have faith. 
Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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