Sai Baba’s Presence In All My Success

Sai Baba’s Presence In All My Success

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Dr Swaroopa From India Says:

My humble pranam at Your lotus feet Baba. With the blessings of Baba and my parents, I am narrating my experience. Baba, please help me to properly express Your leela, Your love and care. I am Dr. Swaroopa from Andhra Pradesh. I would like to share Baba’s presence in all my success. 

I got to clear my SET and NET exam for the very first time as Baba was with me. I was even able to complete a Doctorate degree with pure blessings from Baba. Recently in the month of November I came to know about the Global Mahaparayan group and joined that group. Just after 4 weeks of Global Mahaparayan and just 5 days back I suddenly got sick.  When I woke up in the morning I could not close one eye and one side of my mouth. I immediately started chanting Baba’s name to overcome my anxiety. I quickly called my uncle who could help me in getting medical help. Generally doctors come for our patient’s clinic after 10am. But with Baba’s true blessing, the doctor agreed to see me at 8 am in the morning. I sincerely convey my thanks to Baba as it all happened just because of Him. Doctor immediately gave the test and surprisingly Baba made us complete the test and we got reports all in less than an hour’s time. During my MRI test I could not tolerate the sounds and I felt like I could not complete the test. Then again I started chanting Baba’s name which made me overcome the fear. 

 Finally reports came good and doctors said it was Bell’s Palsy and it required treatment for 21 days to get back to normalcy. To get my mouth and eye to normalcy they started physiotherapy and with Baba’s blessings I feel I’m getting strength with everyday treatment.  I’m totally confident that I will regain all my energy back in no time with Baba’s blessings. I totally believe that Mahaparayan helped me in recognising the health complications earlier and Baba made doctor appointments, tests and treatment to start quickly which stopped my health from further deterioration. Thank You Baba for all Your blessings and Your presence with me in my tough times. 

Jai Baba.

Om Sri Sakshath Paramatma Sainath Maharaj ki jai

 Sai Devotee Dr Swaroopa

#MP-Experience 2053

Sai Baba Is My Constant Guide And A Companion Too

Sai Baba Is My Constant Guide And A Companion Too

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Om Sai Ram! Dear devotees, I wish to remain anonymous. I would like to share Baba’s leelas ( my MP experiences):

I joined Global Mahaparayan on 7th May this year Season 4 of MP( S4_MP  Ms. Pooja Rahul Garg’s group). A friend had asked me to join knowing that I am an ardent devotee of Baba and I joined. I became an MP member on 7th May. I could not do it on 14th May as I was out of bounds and was not supposed to read. 

After that from 21st May, 2020 till date, I have been able to do Mahaparayan continuously without interruption for almost 31 weeks( that is 31 Thursdays) as I will be able to do it day after tomorrow too. (on 24th Dec too.) I consider it as a blessing from Baba and I am thankful to Him.

Now coming to my Mahaparayan experiences: 

1. It has been 12 plus years since my husband stayed for a single day in my parents’ house although I have stayed with my children in my in- laws’ house umpteen number of days, in my husband’s absence too, in the last 20 years or so. 4 months back, he started visiting and staying at our house quite frequently. 

2. We have a small cottage in a hill station. Me, my husband and children stayed there for a few days, a few months ago. My husband was staying there this year after nearly 15 years.

3. He has chosen to live in an apartment where I  had been longing to stay for more than 15 years. This was my deepest wish and Baba has fulfilled the same without even praying to Him regarding the same.

4. I have done my duties to my in- laws like having them over abroad at our home thrice a year in the last 10 years, although my parents did not visit us even once during the last 10 years despite many favourable factors and me being a single child.

I had to attend so many get-togethers in my husband’s family and it was always one- sided. Now due to Covid 19, there were no get-togethers in their family for a  long time and I have been able to stay at my parents’ house. My husband also did not compel me to stay with my in- laws. 

5. I am involved in public speaking and by the grace of Baba alone, I got the highest distinction namely, DTM ( Distinguished toastmaster) on June 26, 2020. It was entirely due to Baba as it seemed just impossible for me at one stage to get it. 

6.I was doing a particular kundalini yoga meditation technique for a serious illness which the author (of that book) himself said was difficult.  I dreaded doing it. By the grace of Baba, I  happened to watch a video of one of Baba’s intimate devotees Aai maa who said that she was doing Kundalini yoga and later had stopped doing it and now does normal meditation on Baba. I felt that Baba was giving me this message through her and helping me to understand not to do that difficult technique any more.

7.My mother had vomiting and diarrhoea in August and I  feared that it could be Covid- 19. Neither she nor me had the strength to get her tested for Covid- 19. My maternal uncle told me that she need not get the test done and just asked her to be isolated.

Baba prevented us from going through the stress and ordeal. She was in isolation for 5 days or so and was fine. The vomiting and diarrhoea, ( 2 out of the 8 symptoms of Covid) in her case were either due to indigestion or infection.

8.We had relocated this year to India by the grace of Baba. Due to travel restrictions, my elder son could not go to our house one last time before my husband relocated. He was extremely disappointed and angry. He had got admission at a reputed college in India in the city where we live now, based on merit and I was very happy; but he told me that he was going to discontinue studying in this college and study abroad in the place where we lived. I cried to Baba many times and now my son does not say that any longer.

9. We were in financial difficulty as our tenant had not paid the rent for the last 6 months. But now, we are getting some money through other sources and our tenant has asked us to use some money from the advance they gave us.

10. I was worried about my parents’ health and prayed to Baba one night and the next morning received a whatsapp message from a Sai devotee with a picture of Baba blessing an old couple. I felt that it was Baba’s way of reassuring me. Same morning was my younger son’s exam and I had not prepared him well for that. I sat in a chair downstairs hugging Sai Satcharitra and prayed that he should not get less than 45 out of 50. Minutes later, he came down and said that he got 46 out of 50.

11. Two days later was his exam in our mother tongue and he was new to the language. He had to write the grade 6 exam paper with the other students when he could not even read the basic letters or alphabets like A, B, C, D in our mother tongue. When he received the question paper, he was in tears and called me over the phone and said that he could not even read the questions to answer them. I prayed to Baba and told him to just tick the multiple choice questions at random, attempt all of them as there were no negative markings. He had 25 questions (2 marks each) for a total of 50 marks. He did what I said. It was online and entirely computerised and as soon as the exam was over, he asked me to see the marks as he was very afraid.  His marks appeared on the screen and he had scored 24 out of 50. His teacher told me the same day that the pass mark was 20 and that he had passed.

Baba came to his rescue at the right time and helped him.

Baba also chose an extremely kind and patient teacher for his online tuition.

12. I was in constant fear that my family members should not get Covid- 19 as they went out frequently. By Baba’s grace, I happened to watch a video by Mr. Nikhil Kripalani interviewing Mr. Gowtham Sachdev (both of whom are Baba’s ardent devotees) in which Mr. Nikhil says that another ardent devotee of Baba, Hema Ma said that she got a message from Baba asking people to sprinkle water mixed with Udi outside the compound wall of people’s houses or the entrance door of apartments and play Gayatri mantra for a long time to keep away deadly diseases like Corona etc. I now do it everyday. Also, a message from Mr. Verramani Raju, another Baba devotee reassures that in houses where there is Sai Satcharitra,  no major illness or virus will affect its family members. I saw it on video( you tube).

So, Baba removed that fear too to a great extent. Lord Saturn is in the 8th house for me right now( inauspicious and extremely unfavourable). In the above video, Mr. Veeramani Raju says that devotees of Baba need not fear the ill effects of planetary malposition. I also have a fear about the evil eye. He says that devotees of Baba need not fear the evil eye too. Also a message that I saw online with a photo of Baba with the message, “Chant Raja Ram Rajaram; Allah Achcha karega to ward off the ill effects of planets”. So Baba addressed my fears and answered them through different sources.

13.My elder son had psychological problems due to recent disappointments. I took him to a psychiatrist who prescribed him tablets for a brief period. I was a little upset that he had to take medicines at this age. I keep praying to Baba, he is better now without taking a single tablet prescribed.

14. I suffered from excruciating pain due to heartburn frequently. I would get the pain every month. The last time I got the pain was on 2nd June, 2020. By the grace of Baba, I happened to see a video online that suggested a home remedy for heartburn. I tried it and have not been having the pain for the past 6 plus months, thanks to Baba.

15. After we returned from a hill station a few months back, my elder son developed a severe cough and pain ( in the chest) while coughing. We had visited many places of interest there( public places) as he was depressed and we all needed a change. 

I was hoping that it was not Covid. By the grace of Baba, the cough has settled down. (In fact he refused to come to the hill station due to his disappointment and being very upset, but I had prayed to Baba to change his mind and he agreed to come.)

On 25th October 2020 ( Dussehra) I went to a local Baba temple and offered food to the poor as suggested in the MP group.

16. I knew that some people were talking ill of me in my absence which hurt me. I prayed to Baba and received a message asking me to chant  Sai Baba’s Gayatri mantra every morning and that the problem would disappear completely. Even before I could start chanting the mantra, just by praying to Him, people realised that I was not at fault.

17. I told my mother on 23rd October, 2020, that we should not complain about our problems to others, but just pray to Baba. The very next day, I happened to watch a video on Baba by Ms. Sowmya Abishek Raj of Gopuram TV saying that it’s better we don’t discuss our problems with others as we have a super strength in the form of Baba within us. I was happy that Baba was supporting me and what I told my mother, just the previous day.

18. My father’s elder sister passed away last month. Our doctor had advised my father to avoid going to her funeral due to his age and other factors. But somehow, he went that day, the next day and for the 10th day ceremony where many relatives had gathered. I gave him Udi to be applied on his forehead when he left home. I prayed to Baba for the next 14 days (the incubation period for the Coronavirus) and by Baba’s grace, he did not get the Covid.

Usually when stray cats or dogs come to our house, I drive them away as I am scared of them. After coming to know that Baba may appear in any form, I stopped doing that. I also try not to kill mosquitoes when they sit on my body. I try to feed the crows in the afternoon before I have my lunch. I prayed to Baba to send us a particular cook who had worked with us last year. He answered my prayer and she returned this year after a gap of more than a year.

19. I happened to read another message posted by a Baba devotee on social media which was very apt for me addressing my number 1 fear that was killing me, reassuring me that; that fear would be taken care of and asking me to do some activity and not keep worrying about the same. Baba reassured me about it through similar messages (with different wordings), the next day and 3 days later.

20. Now, there is some interaction between my father and my husband which was absent in the past 2 decades or so. 

21. Once there was a power cut at night in our home, my younger son became restless and started complaining badly.  I prayed to Baba and the power came.

22. Two weeks ago, my elder son called me to a room saying that he wanted to talk to me alone. I was afraid as to what he would say and prayed to Baba. He didn’t say anything that I feared. (That evening, a few hours ago, I had shared a few Leelas of Baba on social media for the first time.)

23. Twelve days ago, we (my husband, children and I ) took a weekend break to a nearby place. Actually, I had prayed to Baba that I would go to Shirdi for a prayer answered and to another holy place to a temple, but could not go due to Covid, although I tried and took steps to go. So, I prayed to Baba asking Him to forgive me for going on a weekend trip with my family before undertaking my pilgrimage trips. Baba forgave me, we had a safe trip and returned. 

24.  Three days ago was my mother’s milestone birthday. Earlier this month, I didn’t know how to celebrate her birthday. I don’t have any siblings and due to the age difference between my parents, I asked Baba for guidance. A day later, a thought occurred to me and I started writing a small book about her. I started the work on 4th December and on 18th December, my final draft was ready by the grace of Baba. He made me recollect and write so many points about her. It was a fulfilling and rewarding experience for me, something which I had been wanting to do for a long time. 

My elder son this month wanted to go to the place where we lived abroad  all these years and I was upset, because I had never been with my parents for their milestone birthdays or anniversaries in almost last 25 years. But Baba changed his mind and we did not go there this month.

Sometime back, I came across  a message that read, ‘Think of the times when you badly prayed for something, which has been answered.’

It occured to me that I must thank Baba for all that He has done. I have the habit of writing diary entries and going through my diary I realised how many prayers had been answered and problems solved after joining the Global Mahaparayan as I had made a note of the same.

Although I had been craving to relocate to India and it happened, even when my mother sits right in front of me, I hardly speak to her . I spend maximum time in Baba’s company, reading Sai Satcharitra , taking Udi with water twice a day, chanting His name or mantra frequently and watching videos on Baba by His ardent devotees that includes Dr. Vinny Chitluri ma, Aai ma, masterji, mohanji, Devi Mohan, Di Jaan Jayawahi, Mrs. Meena Kapur, Mrs, Hema Teotia, Mrs. Veena Gupta, Mr. Baba Iyer , Mr. Gautham Sachdev, Mr. Nikhil Kripalani, Ms. Sowmya AbishekRej, Mr. Veeramani Raju etc. Many of my doubts have been cleared and questions answered through these videos which I had been watching a lot after joining the Mahaparayan. 

Thank You very much dear Baba for all that You have done and for having chosen us as Your devotees. We are indeed fortunate. Cannot imagine a life without You. Please continue to shower Your blessings and grace on us. 

Will continue doing my Mahaparayan which has happened by Your Will and will continue to pray to You for many important things and health issues. I must also have love for You and pray with loving devotion. Help me to have unshakeable faith in You and may my faith in You be greater than my fears.

Thank You dear Baba. Thank you Mahaparayan team for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences. Sorry it is very lengthy. God bless you all. Om Sai Ram!

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 2054

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With Sai nothing is Impossible. He can make bitter Neem leaves sweet along with healing and nectar-like properties. He turns our impurities into purities, our incapabilities into capabilities, hurdles into opportunities, curses into blessings and impossible into possible.Those who ever remember Baba, worship Him wholeheartedly and chant His name are blessed and need not worry about anything as Sai our Universal Father will take all the care. Don’t doubt and then He will really turn negatives into positives, nights into days and tears into tears of joy. Just Believe! 
Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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