Power Of Mahaparayan Group Reading Is Beyond Words – Miracles Started Happening

Power Of Mahaparayan Group Reading Is Beyond Words - Miracles Started Happening

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Om Sai Ram. Please keep me anonymous. It gives me immense pleasure to share the wonderful experience of our beloved Sai Ram. I would like to thank all the devotees and initiators who are volunteering for this wonderful divine path. 

After I started reading the ‘’Magic Book – Sri Sai Sacharithra’’ in Mahaparayan so many miracles started taking place in my life. I used to read the book before joining the Global Mahaparayan too but the power of group reading is beyond words. 

One of my relatives suggested me regarding in the Global Mahaparayan in September 2020 and I was added to the group. In February 2020 I had a marriage proposal, so I had to meet the guy. In our first meeting itself I could feel the connection and we liked each other but due to some miscommunication that didn’t go ahead. Then the pandemic started and my mind always used to wander about that. I was always questioning Baba why this happened to me. I started doing 9 Guruvar Vrat and prayed for my wish to be fulfilled. After some days I used to get another marriage proposal which I had no interest in looking for or proceeding further.

 Chocolate is my favourite food so I thought of not having chocolate unless and until Sai Baba fulfilled my wish. Whenever I used to think about that guy I could see Baba’s pictures as a sign of positive vibes. One Thursday with Baba’s blessings and green signals, I contacted the same guy. I was happy to know that even he had the same feeling towards me. To my surprise he got me the chocolates and what can I say it was all our Sai’s Leela. So now both of our families are happy with the marriage proposal and soon we will be getting hitched with Baba’s Blessings. I have confidence that our life will be happy together with Sai Baba’s blessing and He will give us the strength to do some social service.

From the above incidents all I can say is that we should never lose faith and patience on Baba and He very well knows what and when to give to His devotees when it is asked with pure heart and prayers. I had promised Baba that I will share my experience in the blog when my wish gets fulfilled. I am waiting for another miracle to share and I know it will happen during Sai’s perfectly perfect time. 

Thank You Baba for accepting me as Your devotee and making life more meaningful and glorifying with Your presence.

Sai Baba please bless Your children to always walk in the right path. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

 Om Sai Ram, 

 Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 2057

Sai’s Amazing Presence After Starting The Mahaparayan   

Sai’s Amazing Presence After Starting The Mahaparayan

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Sravanthi From Brussels Says:

Hello Team, 

Om Jai Sairam!

First of all my humble Pranam to Baba for choosing me as His devotee. He is everything to me in my life. I always feel like He is my dad Who can take care of His daughter. Really I don’t know what I should give Him in return also as that much help He always does for me like a parent to His child with unconditional love. 

My Experience: Baba has been helping me from day one since I started praying to Him. But I want to tell you about my experience after I have started the Global Mahaparayan.

In February of 2019,  I got married and my husband works in Brussels, so I had to shift to Brussels. I had taken some loans for marriage and I had to repay them. So I told my husband that I would stay in India till they were repaid. But due to other reasons in 2019 September, I have applied for a visa though my loan repayment had not yet finished and we expected to get the visa within 2 months. I thought about searching for a job in Brussels and gave resignation to my job and left the job on 31-Oct, 2019. But unfortunately the visa got delayed and it was approved in January 2020.

 I thought it would start in February but due to some other reasons travel had been postponed to April first week. It had been a long time without a job and I left my job to stay with my husband, but it also did not happen. I felt very sad. Every month I was paying interest on my loans by borrowing from someone. Because of Covid 19 in March, my travel got cancelled in April too. Then I had been struggling to rejoin the job.  I did not get anything due to covid 19 situation till May end. 

My friend, also an anonymous Sai devotee, told me about the Global Mahaparayan and I joined in June first week. I got a job and joined on 22-Jun-20. I felt very happy and thanked Baba a lot for His blessings. I started to repay my loan and gave back the borrowed amount to friends. Really Baba helps me a lot whenever I need anything. But I faced some problems at mom’s home too as my visa had expired. So I asked Baba a lot, “Why are You making me stay here?” and I thought about moving to my in-law’s place. With Baba’s help I shifted to in-law’s home during that tough situation. Everyone knows how painful it would be to stay without a husband at my in-law’s home though they treated me nicely. 

Suddenly we received a call from my husband’s office to resubmit all my documents for my visa. I submitted and prayed to Baba a lot to make it happen. It was approved immediately without any delay and I thought about moving to Brussels immediately. So I decided to do some things like my home inauguration and all. With Baba’s help I completed it all. He was with me during tough situations and my company gave me WFH. My husband booked tickets to Brussels. But Air-India asked us to take the RTPCR-covid19 test and it should be negative. With Baba’s blessings I went for a test before the travel date and it came negative and I moved to Brussels on Dec-2-2020. 

During my journey from India to Brussels I could feel Baba’s presence. It was wonderful without any delay, all flights on time and no one stopped anywhere for anything due to covid19 situation. I safely travelled only because of Baba. Now I am doing a job from Brussels and I will repay my loans. I hope Baba will definitely help me to get rid of all my loans.

Thanks to Jaya, Sundarmoorthy sir for helping me to join the Mahanarayana. Now I am a class teacher for the MP-10512N1-Venkatesh Sai group. Really Baba You are the one Who will take care of my whole family.

Om Sri Sai Rakshaka Saranam!

Sai Devotee Sravanthi Gundala

#MP-Experience 2058

Those who wish to volunteer any service for Global Mahaparayan, may join temporary whatsapp group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you. Rise and Be Instrumental

Yes, Baba will definitely bless us for the good acts and as Baba Himself is getting the Mahaparayan executed globally; so there is no doubt about it. Just as with night the darkness follows, with sun the brightness follows, with sandalwood the fragrance follows, with peacock the beauty follows, with honey the sweetness follows and with God the truth follows likewise with Mahaparayan Baba's blessings follow. Baba help us to ever follow You and Your teachings of Shraddha(faith) and Saburi(patience) with a lot of faith and patience. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg



Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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