How Sai Baba Formed My Mahaparayan Team

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Sai Devotee Bhawna from India says: I am Bhawna from Bhawna Sai MP 123 group, First of all I would like to thank Poojai di, Hetalji and Pooja ji from Ludhiana for giving me an opportunity and platform to be a part of Mahaparayan, and last but not least to our Sai Baba Who showered His blessings and chosen me to be a part of this Mahaparayan.

I thought to pen down my experience many a times but failed to do so however today by Baba’s grace I am narrating my experience as below.This is related to Mahaparayan, when I first time read on facebook about Mahaparayan, I called up on the given number which was of Pooja di’s, saying that “I also want to volunteer for Mahaparayan and would also like to form a team by adding some people, but soon I realised it was not as easy a task as I had thought as when I talked to people I didn’t get much positive response. Hence I decided to register myself only online and drop the idea of forming any group. I expressed my decision to Pooja di of not forming any group. After some days Pooja di called me again and said she was trying to call me many times but the call didn’t connect. So today she told Baba that if it’s your wish then get the call connected with me, and immediately her call got connected with me that meant Baba wanted me to be a part of this divine project. This really made me feel delighted, Pooja Ji suggested me to maintain 1 group with 48 members and I agreed again for this saying “Ok I’ll try” to which she replied “don’t say I’ll try, say I’ll do it and by Baba’s grace it will be done successfully”.

I said ok as this is Baba’s wish so definitely I’ll do it. I prayed to Baba it’s Your wish so please guide me throughout because without You I cannot handle and manage all this. To my surprise Baba did listen to my prayers and gave me positive feedback this time when I started calling up devotees for joining MP. This positive response made me so happy, but it was short lived as after adding 14 to 15 people I again couldn’t find any more devotees to complete my group formation, so one day I shared this post on FB but from there too didn’t get any response. So in the morning sitting in front of Baba I decided to quit, I said “Baba ab aur logon ko main kahan se add karoon? mujse nahi hoga isliye main ab quit kar rahi hoon”. ( Baba from where shall I add more people. I won’t be able to do it. So I will quit now). Saying this in my mind I went to school as I am working as a teacher. Now see my Baba’s leela when I reached school one of my colleague asked me about the post on FB then I narrated everything to her after that she gave me 4 contacts to add. I was so happy that Baba didn’t want me to quit and He wanted me to be more persistent, now again after adding some more people I didn’t find any more and on the next day we had to send our excel sheet to Pooja di with 48 members. I was very tensed as to how I would be able to complete so again I decided to quit. I sent my excel sheet with some 25 -26 members to Pooja di and said I can’t work any more on this. I have no members to add now. And hence I want to drop the idea of group formation as I needed more than 20 devotees to complete the group of 48 members in such a short span.

Then in the evening I got one call from (Pooja Ji from Ludhiana her name is also pooja)she said that she has got my number from Pooja di the founder of MP to call me and to merge our groups to complete and form one group. Pooja Ji from Ludhiana gave me some more members and by Baba’s grace I completed my group with 48 members, I said “Baba Tussi Great Ho” Whenever I got weak and thought of quitting You got me out of that and helped me finally to form a group. I thanked Baba for holding my hand and sailing me through the challenges.I would like to conclude my experience with a request and a prayer to my Baba that “ Baba Bus aise hi apni kripa varsha apne sabhi bacchon pe karte rehna” (Baba keep showering Your blessings like this always on all Your children) and Baba I really want to talk to You and see You once, I wish You will fulfill my this wish soon during this period of Mahaparayan. Sorry for the long post and please forgive for if any mistakes
There is no “Impossible” in Sai Baba’s dictionary. It only means I’m possible when Sai holds your hands, so completely surrender all your tasks at His lotus feet.

Jay Sai Ram.

Every moment during the making of Mahaparayan has been a Goose Bump moment; along with so many testing times which were indeed to make our love and faith stronger and deeper for Baba by experiencing His leelas. Thank You Baba for giving us an opportunity to do our bit at Your service. Love You So much Baba. Jai Sai..!
 – Pooja Garg

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