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Shirdi Sai Devotee Lavina Agarwal From India Says: Sai Ram! I am Lavina from Pune, belonging to MP-14 Rekha Sai group since last two years, and feeling blessed to be a part of it. This is my second post where Baba came in my dream and asked me to call Him home. I am sorry but the post is a long one. (To read my first post one may click here Unbelievable Leela Of Shirdi Sai In Organising Kirtan On Ram Navami At My Place )

More than two years back I had a dream in which I was standing on a stool in my house and doing Baba’s abhishek. That time I took this just like a normal dream and that dream is still a live one in my eyes even today. After I joined MP I realized the meaning of “Baba coming in dreams”.
I used to tell my husband, “the day we get our own nice house we will get Baba’s big murti and I want a nice pooja room in new house.”
We saw many houses and first thing I checked was the pooja room. Time passed.

On this Guru poornima 16th July 2019; Poojaji wanted me to attend with her ‘Akhand Parayan’ at one of her relative’s home. When I went there with Pooja and I took darshan there was an inner voice that said, “Tu Mujhe leke aa me tere sare dukh harlunga!” (You get me home, I will take away all your sorrows!)

That was a striker! When I came home I said to my husband, “I want a murti of Baba, a big one in this house”. I searched a lot online. People in Jaipur came forward to make this. I got many people who could do this for me. I enquired but was not having trust from whom to book as it was not a small one but fortunately I got a person who has a showroom in Pune but the idols he had were mainly from Jaipur. I enquired and decided but somehow things again slipped out of my hands. Then one night I could not sleep at all. Somewhere just in 5 to 10 minutes nap I heard a voice, “kya karegi mujhe leke aane ka?” (What have you decided about bringing me home?)
I said Baba if You want me to get You, since Your sitting posture is like that of the number 4 formation, so I want You to complete my MP group 4 classes till Gokul Ashtami, which was just 5 days ahead from that day. I had the feeling that this will be done but somewhere I was dicey also as weeks had passed by and I could not complete a single class. I checked things with Varshaji and Geetaji and sent across a message in all my groups and believe me we could complete four classes by only and only His grace that too two days prior itself. I was very happy as till now we could not complete the 4 classes and it was just Baba and only Him who did this!With this I got confirmation for getting Baba home.

I was reassured and firm now. I spoke to my vastu consultant who is our family member stating that I wanted to get a big murti of Baba in marble. Oh he said, “No you can’t keep this heavy weight murti.” I knew I could not go against his words. Now I was like “Baba, You know I can’t go against his words, what should I do?” Then suddenly I got a message and it was a story where Baba guided me to change the material. He actually guided me! I was thinking then sagwan wood’s murti or something else to make?
Next day I got one pic of Baba of a nice big murti. I sent that pic to the person from Jaipur and asked him to check what material it was. He said it was of fibre. I asked him if he worked in that material and he said yes, he did. I asked him weight of it, he said approx. 150 kgs whereas marble one was 600 to 700 kgs. This was a big difference. Then I said to Baba if this material is ok I want You to confirm it by showing me same material pic 2 more times on that day itself. And again Baba signaled me to go ahead by showing 2 pics to reconfirm within 2 hours. MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

                                            Pic 1: Baba Confirming the Material to be Fibre MahaParayan Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba | Miracles of MahaParayan | Blessings of Shri Sai Satcharitra |

                                       Pic 2: Baba Confirming the Material to be Fibre

Now I spoke to my vastu consultant uncle. He asked me to go ahead and book one but half height murti. I said no uncle I am seeing big murtis only all this while. He said not allowed. After I spoke to him I left from my house for some work thinking Baba please guide me. The next day was Ganesh Chaturti so decorations were ongoing and just at the circle from no where that day unexpectedly I saw a big murti of Baba. I got a confirmation on getting a ‘Big Murti’!

I decided to ask Baba the next day morning in Brahma Muhurta to get answer of how big I should book. Next day in the morning after the pooja I picked chit right from size 1.5 feet to 5.5 feet. I made 7 chits and said,”Baba, I will pick chit 3 times, I want two times same answer amongst these 7 chits” and twice I got 5 feet answer. I was happy and wondering how Baba guides at all times! This way I got a confirmation on the Murti Size.

I told all this to my uncle too and he said ok but informed me as to what all I have to follow if I would be getting such a big murti. I booked it with him but after a day or two I realised I hadn’t booked Baba’s padukas. I asked that Jaipur person to give details of padukas and informed my vastu uncle about it. He said don’t make in marble we will make in wood may be saagwaan or seesam. I said ok. With all this I was thinking to renovate my temple fully as I wanted little big murtis of other Gods and Goddesses too. I went to enquire for idols in silver but didn’t get anything the way I wanted and was upset. From there I went to make padukas. I entered one shop where a person made temples and other holy things in sagwan and seesam. When I entered that shop I saw the owner and one old man. I asked the owner if he will make padukas for me in seesam. He said yes. Then that old man or you can say Baba Himself came and started conversing.

Old Kaka said : “very good you making this and doing all this”, I smiled at him.
He continued: “I am also a sevak of Baba. I had got sakshatkar darshan of Baba”
(I was just trying to listen to him closely and patiently as he was speaking in marathi which is a bit less understood by me and since he was old it was difficult for me to get his words.)
The old Kaka narrated to me his interaction with Laxmi Bai’s grand son and other incidents while I was nodding my head and listening to him in surprise.
The owner of shop smiled at us listening to our conversations and left the cabin leaving our conversation uninterrupted, who will do that?
Old Kaka : “do you know Baba’s story, where Baba tells snake and frog last birth’s story?”
me : “Yes, yes I do read Sai Satcharitra in which that story is there. Shared to Him about Mahaparayan and asked him if he will be a part of MP too.
Old Kaka : “yes, I will. Good good, I will give you one book, read just a page of that book as it is a big book.”
me: “Yes why not? I will read. ” and I asked him the name.
Old Kaka: “No, no i will get for you.”
Then he asked about murti size and all he asked me, “marble you took?”
me: “No its in fibre as marble one is heavy and I am in rented house so shifting this big murti is difficult”.
Kaka : “No, no that is very good. Don’t worry, You will get your own house soon.”
me: happy with Baba’s blessings, I joined my hands in front of him to thank Him for his blessings.
kaka: “You should have trust on God but see there are many fake people in this world, so don’t have blind faith!”
“Vishawas payeje pan andh vishawas nahi” he repeated his words. (FAith must be there but not blind faith)
He continued: “want to tell you one more thing give food to a real needy person who is starving on Thursday as said there are many who are starving but give to one who will actually bless you when you serve him.”
me: “yes sure I will.”
While leaving that place we got up from the stool. I touched his feet and said You are like Baba to me and I feel like I have spoken to Baba Himself.
Old Kaka: “smiled and said again remember you will find people who will take your advantage but take care as this world has fake people also.”
Me taking this as a warning by Baba was leaving out from that office.
Kaka turned back and said: “why don’t you make padukas in chandan?”
me: “why not, I will!” (unaware that is been banned and very costly )
kaka: “it is very costly but will you do?”
me: “who am I to do? It Is Baba Who does and He knows what I can do for Him and how much I can serve?”
kaka: “This is real bhakti, happy to see you so dedicated.”
He blessed me which meant , “You will get success”
Kaka spoke to the owner of the shop, will you get done chandan paduka? The owner said it is banned and he can make it if I provided the chandan wood.
Kaka to me: “don’t worry I will arrange for you, give me time” and he left.

I was on cloud 9!
Was telling everyone I met Baba…!

Then on the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi, we went to Shirdi and took darshan. I wanted to buy many things for Baba, so after darshan we went to book stall to order all books for people we were supposed to distribute to. There I asked that person where would I get Baba’s dress but didn’t get a proper answer. Then we asked one person who seemed to have a good hold in Shirdi. He guided us but said from there we would need to choose from clothes which Baba has worn from the smell. We requested him to come and help us. As we were walking with him people were saluting him which meant he was on good post there. We went to some buildings floor and it was an awesome feeling. While going there he took us to some room and there was all Baba’s used things kept. Just entering that room also could make me feel Baba’s presence.

He then opened one cupboard in which all Baba’s clothes were there. Person in charge said to me to take whatever I wanted. That was a totally wow feeling! Felt like taking away everything and brought almost all that Baba needs right from towel which they used to wipe Baba after His bath, shawl which Baba wore someday, took almost 3 pairs of them and then donated some amount in the donation box. That person gave us Vibhuti and asked if we wanted more. He gave another handful and then asked again and gave more. I said, “I will never say no; you keep giving!” He gave some more then. Isn’t it lovely? Sometimes they don’t even give 2 packets of Udi but now I had my hands filled with Udi packets!

Then we took all the stuff which we needed to buy for Baba. I wanted to go to Dwarkamai so we could present all that we had bought to get Baba’s holy touch to it. It was 7 pm Thursday which meant Chawadi procession time and Ganesh visarjan was also going on. Dwarkamai was over full, could not find a place to stand. But miraculously when we went there we could not only take darshan but also could get Baba’s holy touch to each and everything we had bought and kept it all at Baba’s feet.

The next big challenge was finding chandan for Baba’s paduka. I tried calling everyone, searched online but nothing worked. Laveena Janardhan was also trying her best. She contacted people in Shirdi also to help us. But they said they can make the same paduka in silver with golden polish but to ask me to drop the idea of chandan.
I was heartbroken. Then person I booked murti from called me and informed that Jaipur climate was bad and I won’t get murti till 12th Oct but my husband assured me and pacified me saying that I will get not only murti but paduka also on time!
I remember those words that built my confidence.
But that day I was feeling low and wanted to cry. I said to Baba “Why Baba are You testing me so much?”

Could not do any work that day and just went to bed early that night with disappointment and a heavy heart.

Om Sai Ram.
Lavina Agarwal

PS:- To know what happened next & whether Lavinaji was able to bring Baba home and to know more amazing Sai Leelas that occurred; do not forget to read post that shall be shared on 27th Oct, Diwali. It’s a beautiful journey to another dream of Lavinaji unfolding to reality! Please do not miss it and worth reading!To read part 2 please click here Baba Guides And Blesses Me To Bring Him Home – Part 2

Baba’s leelas are beyond our imagination. Mahaparayan team is blessed to have Lavinaji as a very dedicated and sincere sevak. Laveenaji you are truly blessed to be immensely blessed by Baba in every way. Today 15th Oct, 2019; Baba’s Samadhi completes 101 years (datewise) and again Baba has blessed you to have your experience published this special day. Yes Baba turns our dreams in reality provided we never stop following His guidance. When done so He is sure to bless us. His every word and every action is pregnant with meaning and never hollow! Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai. 😊

Those who wish to serve for global Mahaparayan may join this temporary group MP Sevaks and we will get in touch with you all very soon. Rise & Be Instrumental …!  

Pooja Garg

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  1. Bless to read only.
    What if we were in such an place just rolling tears in my eyes and goose bums on hand and leg baba bless us
    Om Sai Ram

  2. OM SAI RAM,

    So fascinating is your story & your experience.Waiting eagerly for the next episode.
    You are truly a BLESSED SOUL of our dear SAI MA,

  3. No words to express
    Eyes full of tears May Baba fullfill all yr wishes Lavina
    Thanks to Pooja who involved us in Bhakti

  4. Om Sairam!!
    What an amazing Sai leela! You are such a blessed person Lavina ji for that experience. Eagerly waiting for the next post. Blesses to be a part of Sai MP.

  5. Lavina ji you are blessed soul ….have goose bum's and tears in my eyes while reading …thank you so much for sharing

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    I was feeling so good reading your story about Baba's leela. U r truly a BLESSED n lucky person.

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  9. will there be a day that you come too for me baba?
    Everything is falling, i cant face this anymore baba i don't have any strength left thats Why all these years i keep on asking you to do something.. Nothing can be compared to what you gave me baba, but this i wish this will be soon over completely.bless my parents sai ma..
    At the end i know you will give only happiness to this mam based on your true love for her teekh hai na sai?

  10. You were blessed lavinaji… Baba's leela is always so special to feel and very admirable:)As that kaka said, We should have faith on the things we do or we adore..Then automatically happiness follows us!!If we truly do seva for the Baba and serve needy…Baba blessings will always be with us:) SAIRAM.. Om sai sri sai jai jai sai

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    After reading the story of murthi..paduakas iam touched, madam your dreams come true jaisairam

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