Merciful Sai Baba Provided For Our Requirements

Merciful Sai Baba Provided For Our Requirements

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Smt Anita From India Says:

My obeisance to all Sai devotees.

I am a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. I have experienced Baba’s miracles a number of times in my life. I am narrating one crucial experience here:

Due to the lock down, my husband sustained heavy losses in his business. We were then located in Delhi. For three months, without a job or income we struggled hard for sustenance. We were even unable to pay the rent for our house. But fortunately by Baba’s grace the owner of the house did not pester us for payment of the rent.  

My parents were in Hyderabad. They used to send some money for our  expenses. We could not return to Hyderabad due to non availability of train services. However, after undergoing 3 months of hardship and misery at Delhi, the train services finally resumed and we could all return to Hyderabad to my mother’s place. 

I am a regular reader of Sai Satcharitra  every Thursday. But unfortunately I forgot the Sai Satcharitra book, while returning from Delhi. 

Soon after coming to Hyderabad, my husband started searching for jobs. He attended a number of interviews, although he came up to the final level but none of the jobs materialised. It was a really very painful and distressing feeling. Right then, I was thinking of how to read the Sai Satcharitra since I had no book at that time, just then my sister called me and explained to me about the Global Sai MahaParayan group. She said she would arrange for me to be added to one of the MahaParayan groups. I consented. Then I was added to one of the Sai Parayan groups. Now for four weeks I have been reading the Sai Satcharitra on Thursdays. 

Merciful Baba has ultimately fulfilled our requirement and graced my husband with a job in Hyderabad only. We are all very happy. 

Thank You very much Sai for Your grace. O ! My Lord! O! Merciful Father! I thank thee a million times. 

Sai Devotee Smt Anita

#MP-Experience 1797

Sai Baba’s Immense Help During Covid  

Sai Baba’s Immense Help During Covid

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From USA Says: 

Hi Pooja Ji,

Om Sai Ram! I am anonymous devotee of Sai Baba belonging to the Sai Global Mahaparayan group MP- 410N1 from USA. Firstly let me thank Pooja ji and the team behind this who have taken initiative to bring us all together under one platform. I joined MP in Nov 2018. I have no words to thank Baba for choosing me as His devotee.

I have been His devotee for more than 20 years doing regular or saptah parayan whenever I feel like doing so. Many times I have experienced His presence in my life. But I never had the opportunity to attend satsangs or any. One of my friends called me one day and told me about this Sai Global Mahaparayan, which I hadn’t heard until she told me if I was interested as I do Sai pooja a lot. After I started reading chapters every week I was feeling some positive vibes in my life.


My mother is 74 years old and lives in India. From May 2020 she was feeling a little weak at the time of lockdown in India. I was feeling something was going wrong with her but because of the lockdown no doctor appointments were available. I was thinking of travelling to India if I could get evacuation flights from the USA to India. 

After the lockdown lifted we did her master check up and she was diagnosed with blood cancer in June 2020, which I didn’t want her to know until I reached India and told her about some infection and started on medication. We took a second opinion with doctor friends in the USA and India. They said that it was in the initial stage so she didn’t have any immediate threat to life. In 2 weeks after my mother started medication she was feeling a little better and feeling active and healthy. I felt relieved that I had time to go take care of her and stay with her. After I reached India, I had to go to a hotel quarantine and so on. All this time I was praying to Sai that I don’t want to see my mother suffering with any chemo or hospitalised or bed ridden. 

All of a sudden after one month of being diagnosed she was feeling sick and my relative took her to the doctor. She walked on her own normally and all of a sudden at the doctor ‘s office she was sweating and the doctor called an ambulance to join her in the hospital. On the way to the hospital she expired in the ambulance before she reached the hospital. Always she used to say I never want to join the hospital and my mother without knowing what she was suffering from, she left this world. Since it was a sudden tragedy we didn’t have immediate flights to go and due to covid in India it was difficult to keep the body in hospital until we got flights and reached there. If we reach after a few days we cannot do any rituals as we have to be in quarantine. 

So there was no other option except my uncle (mom’s brother) had to do her last rites. Most painful thing is not being able to attend her last rites. Just in a week my mother’s sister who lives in the same apartment building all of a sudden was worrying about my mother’s loss, passed away before reaching the hospital in the same week and same time of the week. That was another big shock for our family as few of my family members got stuck in the USA due to covid. Most of our family members couldn’t attend the last rites for both of them. 

Just after a week  my mother’s side family members became sick because of 2 deaths in a week and doing rituals without inviting many relatives. My first uncle suddenly felt sick and there was no one to take care of him or to take him to the doctor or no hospital was taking any admissions of patients. I had to request my nephew to go and check if possible and join my uncle in hospital, which was not possible. He got one doctor who came home and checked and did tests at home to make sure if he doesn’t have any covid or other symptoms to give fluids to him. I was just praying Baba to help me in finding some treatment for him. Doctor checked and said maybe out of anxiety of losing his sisters in a week he might be in depression. We had to find some nurse to help him until he recovered. Next day all his reports came good and there was nothing to worry by Sai’s grace. All our relatives and cousins in the USA were in so much stress that we didn’t want to hear any more bad news. We were just praying Sai all the time to help us in such a bad time and my life’s worst situations which we never faced in our lifetime. 

By Sai’s grace we got a male nurse to take care of him. That day was Thursday. We all were worried and prayed to Baba to help him recover. Literally I was in so much pain and anxiety of losing my mother and my aunt in a week and seeing my younger sister, uncle being sick couldn’t help each other there. I was crying in front of Sai to help them recover. I prayed to Baba that if my family recovered from all this then I will write about my experience on the MP blog and visit Shirdi. This is the first time I am writing about my experience. All of a sudden Thursday evening USA time and early hours around 4 am India my uncle left a message that suddenly he got up and he was feeling much  better and very fresh than the last 3 days. That was the moment I felt Sai Baba did a miracle in helping him and all of us far away.

Just the next week my sister in India was also recovering from stress and sickness. My younger uncle got covid and he got hospitalised. After him on my dad’s side, some of the family members got covid positive. One after the other we had been going through so much stress related to my relatives to see all of them suffering one at a time and they not being able to help each other being closeby and we being stuck couldn’t go to help them. After my mother expired, our life was like a roller coaster ride, everyday situations were changing and we tried our best to help in arranging food and checkups and follow ups for 5 weeks. Finally with Sai Baba’s grace and blessing everyone recovered from covid and from home quarantine.  Now all my relatives are feeling better because of Sai’s blessings.

Sorry for the long post as I couldn’t explain from how worse to better we went just about in a few weeks of span. I was under a lot of stress from the loss of my mother and aunt and went through a lot of pain in those days but still had hope that whatever was happening I needed to have shraddha and saburi and in no time Sai will take  care of everything. Sai is helping me to recover from the pain of my mother’s loss. Each day was like He was testing my patience and with full faith and devotion I was praying for Him. Each and every situation I can see how Sai helped me to handle situations from here. When I am writing this I am not able to stop my tears at how bad situations we had to face then.

Finally I want to say never lose hope in the toughest situations in life when you believe in Sai. He will take care if you show shraddha and saburi. Om Sairam.

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 1798

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One need not ever lose hope as Baba is always guiding and helping His children as a Father. To every problem Baba can provide a solution. So the biggest solution to the world’s greatest problem is to surrender to Baba completely with faith and belief that no matter what Baba is there to take care. Why fear when Baba our Universal Mother and Father is there to take care of all the events of His children’s lives? All that happens has a reason and a season which is nothing but Sai’s perfectly perfect timings. Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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