Sai Baba Miraculously Healed My Child

Sai Baba Miraculously Healed My Child
Navratri Day 3 – September 28 – Color: Royal Blue – Goddess Worshipped: Devi Chandraghanta

Anonymous Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee  From India Says:

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above subject, kindly find the attached document where I have shared my experience that inspired me to join the Global Mahaparayan group and later had positive changes in my life. I request your goodself to keep my identity private; hope my experience brings positive change in people who read. 

Bow to Sri Sai Peace be to All

Dear Sai Daiva Kutumba,

I am an anonymous daughter of Samartha Sadguru Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. I had the fortune to visit Shirdi once in my late teens within a year of following Baba. There was this beautiful Sairam temple opposite my college. Every Thursday there used to be special Pooja and I used to visit the temple with my friends with some small wishes regarding my studies, classes, assignments and even some time for prasadam. Life was so simple then; slowly I started considering Baba as one in my family and used to share with Him everything. I underwent small wishes to complex problems from being a young girl to a responsible woman.

Sai is with me in every walk of my life as a caring father, protective brother, loving mother and guiding Samartha Sadguru. Years passed from a carefree young girl and I turned out to be an expecting mother. As all women dream about their little ones, even I was drenched in my dream world.  I was very conscious about what I ate because I wanted to give my little one complete nourishment. I read Garbha Sanskar to protect my child; recited Hanuman Chalisa to make him strong like Maruthi and undoubtedly prayed my Shiradisha for a boy baby (since we two were girls at home, my parents wished for a Boy Baby). I called my little one Golu and told him that I would take him to Shirdi where Ajja (Grand Father) lives. Spent a wonderful time in my pregnancy. Soon the date of delivery arrived and before leaving for the hospital I drank a glass of Udi mixed water. Soon I was admitted and to my surprise in the hospital ward I saw a small picture of Sai Ram which was such an auspicious sign for me. Wholeheartedly I chanted Sai Naam and within no time a small human resembling me came out and I cried in joy that Baba heard my prayer. What a splendid moment, my dear friends! I was a mother finally. 

Like all mothers do, I started preserving all my child’s stuff to create beautiful memories. My phone was filled with my darling son’s photo. Every time I saw him, fed him, sang for him, played with him I thanked Baba wholeheartedly. Soon a month passed. I was preparing for my son’s first month’s photo-shoot but the child started to be cranky for no reason. As a mother I could sense that the child was having some uncomfort and so I ran towards our paediatrician. Doctor after examining the child asked us to admit him. I was blank and within no time we had to take our little child in an ambulance with that oxygen mask, tubes, wires all over the body. My son was put in the ICU of a super specialty hospital. Specialist came out and told me that the baby’s heart was enlarged. We pity you by chance if you knew this in pregnancy then you could have terminated the foetus. I was shattered into bits and pieces. My whole life was changed in just one day.

Yesterday, for whom I was preparing for a photo-shoot, I was then suffering for his existence, where did my nourished food go; why Garba Sanskar did not protect my child. Hanuman Chalisa recitation did not work for me and more importantly my dearest Appaji. No, I screamed, I squirmed on the floor; cried helplessly and did not know what to do. One side my parents were crying for me, on the other side my little tiny feets and palms were compressed in an incubator. Time was so cruel. The entire faith was tested. But on a Thursday night, before going to bed in the hospital, I prayed to my Shiradisha for help. I had heard that Sai was called as Hakim i.e. Doctor in Shirdi; so I prayed to Him to visit the hospital after aarathi and treat my son. Late at night the child immediately turned out to be serious; heart beat increased rapidly and the child cried out loudly. I witnessed all this helplessly. Doctors told me that they couldn’t help and that the child was going out of control. With a heavy heart I runned out of the ICU, cried loudly for help; opened my phone, started seeing my son’s photo and was crying. At that moment my dear friends a miracle happened. Suddenly, like a current shock something struck my mind.

I prayed to Baba and called Him to the hospital to treat my son. So that means Baba was inside the ICU treating His grandson. Within a few seconds I ran inside the ICU. I was pleasantly surprised to see my little child sleeping peacefully. The heartbeat was normal; doctors were calm. It was as if the silence we got after a loud rain. Tears were the only gratitude I could give my Appaji. Next Morning we had his cardiac checkup and I never knew that I would be witnessing another thundering miracle.

After the night’s incident, I was pretty confident that my child was out of danger but it was to be confirmed by a checkup. The child was calm but the time I entered the lab, he again turned out to be cranky. I was directed to another room to calm the child. I had no clue regarding the child’s immediate change in behaviour so I randomly saw Sai seeing my child and looking straight and there I saw a big picture of Sai. It was as if He manifested. Oh my God what a splendid moment and after that all the checkups report came normal and the child was discharged but before discharging one of the the doctor suspected the child to have down syndrome again. I was shattered. Didn’t know what to do. I knew only but to cry. How can a mother digest this fact? I wanted my son to be a great achiever but what sort of misfortune is this?

I cried in agony, during that time I received my 3rd miracle i.e. one of my good friends who is Sai devotees too introduced me to the Global Mahaparayan group. Initially I was very sceptical about how I would read Sai Satcharitra having this small baby but here I found a motherly heart who consoled me, filled the strength in me and was very flexible. I used to receive Satcharitra chapters over my phone. I used to listen to them wholeheartedly and make my son also listen. And my dear friends miraculously I started growing strong, there was no doubt regarding my son and my dear son has started growing happily bringing a lot of happiness. My eyes filled with tears and I was then seeing joy. 

Of course I too have tears of satisfaction in my eyes that my son is safe in my Baba’s hand. I thank my Appaji for always being there for me. I have promised Him in fact to bring my child in His ways only. He shall be a kind hearted child serving mankind. Dreams are always beautiful. Thank You dear Sai for bringing spring into my life.

Soon me and Your grandson shall come to Shirdi with Your permission. Bless us forever.

Thank you my dear friend for introducing me to the Global Mahaparayan group and my Chitti who brought positive strength in me. And for the readers I would just like to say, “Believe in Sai because He is Our Mai.”


Anonymous Sai Devotee 

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Sai Baba Helped To Pass A Critical Exam Of Career  

Sai Baba Helped To Pass A Critical Exam Of Career

Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee Dipanwita From USA Says:

This is Dipanwita from the US, belonging to the Global MahaPrayan Group MP-555N1 US. I am so grateful to Baba for choosing me to participate in this blissful journey, I feel so blessed.  Today I am going to share an experience that will be motivating for many people like me. I have experienced many Baba’s miracles and also shared a few experiences. Each time I ask Baba for help, Baba somehow tells me what I should do , through Satcharitra or through Sai Baba’s experiences  shared on the blogs which I read mostly before going to bed.

Recently, this year I thought of focusing on my career. I am a software engineer, working in the same position for a long time. As you know, we have to look after kids too and their education as well, so I was not getting time to study by myself. Then our office encouraged all of us to get Cloud Certified ( a Microsoft Technology Certificate), and I thought “can I do this in my busy schedule?” While I was thinking of this,  I had the Satcharitra chapter 15 where we read about Mr. Cholkar prayed to Baba that He would visit Him if he would pass his Office exam, and he did pass. I thought Baba was encouraging me to go for this. The feeling was very strong.  In the  following few days , surprisingly I read in the blog about a lady how with Baba’s help she  cleared a very important exam and many such experiences. I knew Baba was telling me that He was there and to believe in Him and study.

I just studied about 4 weeks  seriously and thought of taking the exam this month and also prayed to  Baba to help me pick up a date. We picked up 16th February which was also the Saraswati Puja day. Being Bengali, we have always had Ma Saraswaty since childhood. 

I live in Texas. On 14th February, Texas had a huge snow storm and we lost electricity, internet. The city was in an emergency situation, and at 15h power and internet was on and off. I was so worried about how I would take the exam on the 16th ( which was today)  which I had already scheduled. Today morning, fortunately, I will say by Baba’s grace we had electricity and internet and I had finished  my exam with a great score which I did not expect and without any internet issues.

Then, yes we lost electricity again. I have no words to say or explain Baba’s leela. I am not a very strong person and Baba always gives me the mental strength whenever I am ready to give up.

I am fortunate as Baba is in my life as my Sadguru and my Bhagwan and my guide and I pray to Baba to keep me and my family always at His lotus feet. Om Sai Ram!

Thanks and regards to this great team,

Om Sai Ram

Sai Devotee Dipanwita

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Trust in Sai and He will never let you down. Call Him wholeheartedly and He would be right there behind you to help and support you. Chant His name and meditate on His form with utmost faith. He will manifest when most needed. His ways and benevolence are beyond our understanding. Jai Sairam!
Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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