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Sai Baba’s Miracle Saved My Husband’s Job

Sai Baba’s Miracle Saved My Husband’s Job

Anonymous Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Hi Pooja,

I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I want to share my experience about the Global Mahaparayan with all. This is the platform where I can share.

Kindly share this. I had promised Baba to share my experience with everyone. Do reach out to me if you need anything else.

Please do share.

My humble pranayam at Your divine feet, my Baba. With the blessings of Baba and my parents, I am narrating my experience. Baba, please be with me to express Your leela, Your love and care. This is the real incident which has happened to us recently and with Baba’s grace and love we are saved from this critical situation.

As you all know that it’s almost a year that we are dealing with this COVID pandemic and it’s really been a very tough time for all of us. But we are thankful that with Baba’s blessings and grace we are all safe. My husband is working in Multinational company and due to this COVID situation and the restructuring that took place in the organisation the higher authorities decided to cut down the employees. This activity was continuing for almost 4 months to undergo the entire process of restructuring. Then finally in

October 2020 they came up with the final list of the people for lay off. We were in a dilemma that my husband’s name should not be there in the list, but unfortunately his name was there in the layoff list.

We all were in real tension and could not know what to do. There was no prior intimation that he will be laid off. We were really in a lot of tension. Since the current market situation is also not so favourable to get the job quickly. He was given time for 2 months to search in another company or look for any internal opportunity in the same organisation. I really did not understand what to do since it all came suddenly and we really did not understand what to do. We only had 2 months’ time to take the action. Then I decided that in this tough time there is only one person Who can save us and that is only my Sai, my Baba. I started doing parayan on a daily basis and chanting the Gayatri mantra. Also doing jaap of “Om Sai Ram” 108 times. Daily I used to do the chanting and parayan because I have utter trust in my Baba. I knew that He would rescue us from this situation.

At the end of October we came to know that he had lost his job. Then in the first week of November there were multiple job openings that came in the same company. The option was given to the laid off employees that they could give an interview for these internal openings. A small hope emerged that my husband said that he would give an interview and if things go well, his job would be safe. He prepared for the interview in the first week of November and results were supposed to be announced in the second week of November. On the interview day I applied Baba’s Udi on his forehead and wished him best luck. I had firm faith in Baba and knew that Baba will bring some miracles in our life. His interview went all well and on 11 th November he came to know that he had been selected for that position and he would get an offer letter soon.

We were so happy and I really thanked Baba for saving us from this situation. I also had promised Baba, to share my experience after he got the offer letter. Who made this possible, Who did everything, Who was always with us is our Baba! I never felt that I was alone. He always stood by us in this situation and saved us.

Before concluding, I wanted to tell the whole world that Baba is there and if you have firm trust and love for Him, He will surely rescue us from all the problems. Keep chanting His name and do parayan. He is

always with us in all the situations. So have faith in Him and keep loving our Baba, our Sai.

 May Baba fill everyone’s life with a lot of happiness and contentment.

Ya Sai, Om Sai Ram!

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 3091

Sai Blessed For Admission  In A USA Dental School  

Sai Blessed For Admission  In A USA Dental School

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Global Mahaparayan Devotee From India Says:

Om Sai Ram! 

First, I would like to thank Sai Baba from the core of my heart for holding my hand and giving me refuge under the lotus feet. I would also like to thank the entire Mahaparayan team, Pooja Ji, volunteers and devotees. It is the grace of Baba that He allowed me to be part of the global Mahaparayan to burn my karmas.

I apologise to Baba for the delay in posting this experience. May Baba forgive us. 

Coming to my experience, this experience is a continuation of an earlier posted experience (Nov 26th, 2018) where Baba helped me share the leela of passing Dental entrance exams in the USA.  I live with my family in the Bay Area (Northern part) of California.

After passing two exams with Baba’s blessings, I started working hard on building my resume so that I can get an interview call from dental school. I didn’t have enough experience in the USA, also I had a long gap (more than 5 years) in my BDS in India. So I started looking for opportunities to learn. 

With Baba’s grace, I joined two dental clinics as a paid dental assistant. Everyone in the workplace treated me nicely and helped me to gain confidence and skills. It was a lot of hard work but everything went well with Baba’s blessings. I also got a short term research project in one of the reputed universities. The first cheque which I got from my job, I offered it in the lotus feet of Baba at the Sai Baba temple for the Annadaanam seva.

In 2018, I didn’t get any interviews. Next year, finally In late 2019, I got one interview invitation. The interview and practical tests were scheduled for March-May 2020. But due to COVID situation in the USA, the exam formats were changed in early 2020. I prepared hard for the interview but couldn’t crack the interview. Interview went really well and I was hoping to get the admission but somehow I was not selected. I first felt really dejected but I had full faith in Baba. I accepted it as Baba’s will. I continued praying daily to Baba and doing Mahaparayan which helped me to sail through this tough period.

With Baba’s guidance, this year we were able to significantly improve the application and also got a good long research project with another reputed university. All this helped with putting together a good application. There are thousands of candidates all with almost the same profile, sometimes I feel really dejected. But I was keeping myself strong considering that Baba will surely help me.  

Whenever I asked Baba on the Sai Baba Questions and Answers website whether I will get admission, I used to get answers “You will pass the examination. You will succeed by getting help from the Southern direction” and “Your work will be done with the help of people of other religion“.  As I live in the Northern part (Bay area) of California, I applied for some schools in Southern California (in/around Los Angeles). 

With Baba’s grace, I got interview calls in the later half of 2020. One of the schools had a practical exam and then followed up with an interview. Though COVID situation is really bad in California, I along with my family travelled to Southern California two times. First trip, I went for training to improve my practical skills. This course went very smoothly. We didn’t face any trouble during the entire trip and were safe and healthy. The first day my daughter complained of pain as she hurt herself playing in the house but with Baba’s Udi she became well. Thanks to Baba for His grace.  On the next trip, we travelled to the university to give a practical exam.  When I was giving the exam, my family was praying to Baba in the hotel room. I felt that the exam went really well. We travelled back to our home in the Bay Area.

After coming back to the Bay Area, my mother called me from India and told me that my grandmother passed away on the day I had a practical exam. She didn’t tell me on the same day as I am close to my grandmother. Few days, I spent time coping with the loss and praying for my grandmother. With Baba’s blessings, my family was able to complete all rituals in India for my grandmother without any difficulty despite COVID. I couldn’t travel to India due to COVID, upcoming exams and due to small kids. I accepted it as Baba’s will. 

After a few days, I got results for my practical exam. I scored 100% marks in the practical test and was invited for the interview. I felt it was all Baba’s blessings and my grandmother’s blessings from Sai Baba’s abode that helped me. I started preparing for the interview, meanwhile I also joined the volunteer group of the nearby Sai Baba temple for Madhyaan Aarti.  Every day my kids used to write a note in my home temple to Baba, Baba please help my mom win in her interview. With Baba’s blessings my interview went well. When I was volunteering for Madhyaan Aarti, I got a message that the interview results will be out today afternoon. I prayed to Baba and said, “You are the only saviour.” Finally, I got the phone call from the university that I had been selected in the interview on Monday Nov 9th 2020. 

Tears rolled out from my eyes and I bowed my head at the lotus feet. Now everything was clear why Baba told me that I will get help from the Southern direction and help from other religions. During this journey many people from other religions helped me and my dental college is in the Southern direction.

I will be starting my dental school in 2021. Without Baba’s help I could not have achieved this. Believe me it was totally His miracle and I am merely an instrument. Thanks Baba for helping me in all my exams. You are my ultimate saviour. 

Thanks to the Mahaparayan team and all volunteers for being part of this journey. Your hard work is helping many people like me across the continents.

Bow to Shri Sai , Peace to all. Om Sai Ram. 

Anonymous Sai Devotee 

#MP-Experience 3092

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Marriages, promotions, job, studies, finances, success, love, relationships, children, happiness and all our concerns are no big deals for our merciful Baba to grant us. But to deal with our Karmic account is the big and tough deal for us. If we seek Sai’s shelter and know Him as our Guru then He will surely guide us and our faith, surrender and devotion to Sai will definitely abate the force of past actions. If Baba would be pleased with our extraordinary surrender and devotion then He may even grant us what is not in our fate. So just believe and surrender in total. Everything will be taken care of by our Universal Father Sai! Jai Sairam! Thank You and Love You Deva. Jai Jai Ho Sai!😊 - Pooja Garg


Keep Doing MahaParayan, Good Things Would Surely Happen and have already started happening too !!!

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